Chapter 1462 - Unnecessary Worry

MGA: Chapter 1462 - Unnecessary Worry

“You…” Bai Yunxiao was so enraged that his face turned green. After all, it was true that he had been defeated by Chu Feng. However, that defeat had also become his eternal pain.

It was that defeat that had made him lose the status of the fourth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List.

It was that defeat that had given him the title of being inferior to Chu Feng, and caused him to become the object of ridicule in the eyes of many people.

Thus, he was filled with hatred. He hated himself and hated Chu Feng even more. In this period of time, he had been pouring his all into training to increase his strength so that he could disgrace Chu Feng when they met again.

However, when he finally encountered Chu Feng again, he no longer had the courage to challenge him.

He was afraid. Not only was he afraid of losing, he was more afraid of Chu Feng. It turned out that from his defeat at Chu Feng’s hand, Bai Yunxiao had a deep impression of fear for Chu Feng. Merely, Bai Yunxiao would never admit to it.

“Humph, let’s wait and see,” Bai Yunxiao said these words and left right after. Apart from this, there was nothing else that he could do.

“Chu Feng, you’re amazing. With a single word, you’ve made them speechless,” Seeing Chu Feng forcing Bai Yunxiao and the others to leave, Sima Ying clapped her hands to applaud.

She was feeling extremely good after she saw the ugly expressions of Bai Yunxiao and the others as they left. As for all of this, it was thanks to Chu Feng.

“Little friends, we have already prepared top-notch guest rooms for you all. Please follow us.” After Bai Yunxiao and the others left, a couple of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders walked over. They were in charge of situating Lin Yezhou and the others, and had been waiting here for a long time already.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, are you certain you’ll be able to receive the invitation letter for the Nine Powers Hunt?” At the moment when they were about to separate from one another, Fu Feiteng asked in a worried manner.

Each and every power invited to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt only received twenty invitation letters. According to the rules, the Cyanwood Mountain was only allowed to dispatch twenty disciples to participate too.

Chu Feng had not returned to the Cyanwood Mountain for a very long time now. No one was certain whether Chu Feng would be able to receive an invitation letter. If he was unable to receive one, he would not be able to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, if you cannot participate, wouldn’t it become very dull for us too?” Su Mei displayed an expression of worry. She was not interested in the Nine Powers Hunt or whatever. She only wished to have more time to be with Chu Feng.

“Everyone, please rest assured. As far as I know, if there are any disciples who did not receive an invitation letter and are unconvinced with any disciple who did receive an invitation letter, they can issue a challenge to that disciple.”

“As long as the challenge is successful, the winner will be able to obtain the rights to the invitation letter.”

“If the Cyanwood Mountain has not leave an invitation letter for me, I will still be able to obtain an invitation letter. After all, there are truly too many disciples that I am unconvinced with here,” Chu Feng smiled lightly with a hinted meaning.

“Haha, I understand now. In that case, junior brother Chu Feng, we shall take our leave first. We’ll come and pay you a visit at your residence later,” said the World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples.

“You must do so,” Chu Feng had already invited them to visit his residence on their way here. After all, the Cyanwood Mountain could also be considered to be his territory. Thus, he must naturally do what a host should when guests arrived.

“Rest assured, we will, definitely,” Lin Yezhou and the others nodded in succession. Then, they all followed the elders and left.

After Chu Feng returned to his own residence, he closed his eyes and began to rest. When the afternoon arrived, Lin Yezhou and the others all arrived at his palace, being guided by elders. Like this, the gathering of friends began.

Although Bai Ruochen was no longer here and the Asura Division had been dissolved, the loyal and devoted subordinates that Chu Feng had had back during the time of the Asura Division were all Chu Feng’s friends in the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, with Chu Feng’s return, Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others were all invited over.

When Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others saw that Chu Feng had returned safely, they were all extremely excited.

Furthermore, they had actually all heard about Chu Feng becoming a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance, and were all overjoyed and feeling proud for Chu Feng.

After all, in their hearts, Chu Feng had always been their head. For ordinary disciples like them, to be able to have a head as amazing as Chu Feng was truly a matter that they could be proud of.

As for Chu Feng, other than smiling lightly, he had no choice but to sigh. The speed at which the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain spread information around had become even faster.

He believed that soon the entire Cyanwood Mountain would know that he was not only a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, he had also become a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance.

Chu Feng did not know how those people would view him after this matter had been spread. However, this was not something that concerned him, as he did not care about how others saw him. All he cared about was his own business.

At the gathering, other than eating delicacies and drinking good wine, the most important matter was most naturally chatter to increase one’s friendship.

As for Su Mei, she even used the pretext of drinking to deliberately pretend to be drunk so that she could be extremely intimate with Chu Feng, refusing to let him go.

This sort of scene caused all of the men present to be filled with envy. After all, Su Mei was a beauty that all men found attractive. Furthermore, she was also the goddess of the World Spiritist Alliance.

However, although they were envious, no one displayed any trace of displeasure. That was because they all knew in their hearts that only Chu Feng could be worthy of someone like Su Mei.

However, perhaps it might be because everyone present were top disciples like Su Mei, Lin Yezhou, Fu Feiteng, Sima Ying and the others, Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others appeared to not dare to speak.

“Did they try to make things difficult for you all during the period that I was away?” As they did not dare to speak, this made it so that Chu Feng had to take the initiative to speak. Actually, when Chu Feng had left, the people that he was most worried about were his old subordinates. After all, they had been extremely loyal and devoted to him.

“They haven’t. With Elder White Ape present, they did not dare to do anything to us,” Wang Wei said.

“That’s good,” Chu Feng nodded his head. As long as Wang Wei and the others were fine, he would feel relieved. However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng would still never let those who had humiliated him before get away with their actions.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, now that you’ve returned, should we reorganize our Asura Division? Many brothers and sisters are all waiting for that,” Fang Tuohai said. When he mentioned this matter, he had an expression of excitement.

“Yes, we’ll reorganize. However, it is still not time yet,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“When are you going to reorganize the Asura Division? You must inform this old man when you do so, so that this old man can send a congratulatory gift,” Suddenly loud laughter sounded from outside the palace hall.

Due to the fact that the entrance of the palace hall was not closed, everyone was able to see an elderly man walking toward them from the outside of the palace hall when they turned toward the source of the voice.

“This disciple pays his respects to Elder White Ape.” Seeing this, Chu Feng and the other disciples hurriedly got up and greeted him.

Even Lin Yezhou and the other disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance got up from their seats to greet Half Martial Emperor White Ape. Although Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s cultivation was not that of a peak Half Martial Emperor, he had a very good reputation and was loved and respected by all.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. It’s very rare for you all to get together. Go, return to your seats,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape said with a smile on his face. He did not display the attitude of an elder and actually sat down at the dining table alongside Chu Feng and the other disciples. Then, he also started to partake in the eating and drinking.

“Chu Feng, I have actually come over today to verify one thing with you. Have you really joined the World Spiritist Alliance?” Half Martial Emperor White Ape asked.

“Mn, Chu Feng is indeed a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance now,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Oh, haha, that’s good too,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape chuckled. However, his laughter was a bit forced.

“Elder White Ape, could it be that Lord Headmaster is dissatisfied with me joining the World Spiritist Alliance?”

Chu Feng was extremely keen. Thus, he had naturally noticed the unnatural expression on Dugu Xingfeng’s face when he had learned that Chu Feng had joined the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Haha…” Half Martial Emperor White Ape laughed again. He did not respond to Chu Feng’s question. However, he had also given Chu Feng an answer by his reaction.

“This is truly disappointing. I’ve heard that Daoist Dugu is a legend. However, never would I have thought that he would be so narrow-minded.”

“Our World Spiritist Alliance has long since established this rule with the other Eight Powers, that if there are expert world spiritists among their disciples, they could become our World Spiritist Alliance’s nominal disciples. This is something that everyone knows. Furthermore, the Eight Powers also felt proud when their disciples became our World Spiritist Alliance’s nominal disciples. After all, this meant that they had the ability to nurture outstanding disciples.”

“Yet, the grand Daoist Dugu was actually this narrow-minded of a person?” Sima Ying said with an expression of displeasure.

“Hah… Miss Sima, oh you do not understand. The more fond of a disciple we are, the more we would want to monopolize that disciple. While other disciples would be one thing, Chu Feng is special.”

“As for what’s special about Chu Feng, I believe you all know very well too. Else, your World Spiritist Alliance would not try to invite him repeatedly, no?” Half Martial Emperor White Ape explained.

“This…” Hearing those words, Sima Ying and the others did not know how to respond.

It was true, Chu Feng was truly too excellent. If Chu Feng were a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance to begin with, their World Spiritist Alliance would most definitely not want Chu Feng to be associated with any other power either.

Thus, when thinking about it this way, they were able to understand why Dugu Xingfeng would react like that. After all, everyone possessed selfish motives. Especially toward those things that they were fond of, people would always want to monopolize them.

“However, Chu Feng, Lord Headmaster does not blame you for your actions either. Although I have been asked to come here by him today, it is actually not to question you about this matter.”

“Instead, Lord Headmaster told me to deliver this to you,” As Half Martial Emperor White Ape spoke, he handed an invitation letter to Chu Feng. It was the invitation letter for the Nine Powers Hunt.

At this moment, Lin Yezhou, Su Mei and the others all revealed a smile of relief. They had been worried that Chu Feng would not be qualified to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt earlier. However, their worry had now become unnecessary. [1. Xima: Bah, I wanted to see Feng’er beat people up to earn his invitation. ]