Chapter 1460 - Chu Feng’s Return

MGA: Chapter 1460 - Chu Feng’s Return


Speechless. Everyone was speechless. No one had ever thought that someone who cared about face as much as Lin Yezhou would actually apologize to Chu Feng and request reconciliation.

Furthermore, he did not do so with a voice transmission. Instead, he had publicly apologized to Chu Feng in front of everyone. This was truly too much of a surprise, so much so that the crowd found it unbelievable.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, if you’re unwilling to forgive me, then please forget about all this and consider it like I never said anything.”

Seeing that Chu Feng did not respond, Lin Yezhou found it a bit awkward, and was even a bit disappointed. After he finished saying these words, he prepared to turn around and return to his seat.

“Senior brother Lin,” However, right at the moment when Lin Yezhou was about to leave, Chu Feng suddenly spoke out.

As Lin Yezhou turned his gaze back to Chu Feng, he discovered that not only was Chu Feng looked at him with a smile on his face, he had also extended his hand toward him.

“Senior brother Lin, I believe that we will be able to interact with one another pleasantly in the future,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Chu Feng was not an unreasonable person. Although Lin Yezhou had indeed made things difficult for him many times in the past, he had not done him enormous harm.

And now, Lin Yezhou had let go of his arrogance and publicly apologized. Thus, Chu Feng would naturally give him another chance.

After all, as they say, one more friend means one less enemy.

“Definitely,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to the reconciliation, Lin Yezhou was overjoyed. He extended his hand and firmly shook Chu Feng’s.

Although everyone felt this scene to be inconceivable, they all displayed smiles of joy. They were all feeling happy for the reconciliation between Lin Yezhou and Chu Feng.

After this brief interlude, the interactions between the disciples of the of the World Spiritist Alliance began to be even more harmonious. As Chu Feng was someone who enjoyed speaking and laughing, everyone’s relationship soon grew even closer. At the very least, from their previous relationship of being enemies, they were now fellow apprentices united against a common enemy.

After a rather long journey, the group from the World Spiritist Alliance finally arrived at the Cyanwood Domain. Furthermore, they had also arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain.

At this moment, Chu Feng was standing on the deck of the warship. He looked to the familiar people and scenery around him and started to feel his heart moving up and down.

If this sort of sensation had to be described, then it would be feeling fired up.

Back then, Chu Feng had not left the Cyanwood Mountain in splendor. It would not even be excessive to say that he had fled the Cyanwood Mountain in crisis. Chu Feng would never forget the humiliation that he had received at that time.

However, he had known at that time that he, Chu Feng, would one day return to the Cyanwood Mountain.

He was going to make all those who looked down on him gain a whole new level of respect for him. He was going to return all the humiliation that he had suffered from those who bullied and humiliated him in double.

And now, Chu Feng was only thinking about about a single sentence, ‘I, Chu Feng… have returned.’

“This is the Cyanwood Mountain? It’s so beautiful.”

It was the first time that Su Mei had been to the Cyanwood Mountain. She knew that this place was the power that Chu Feng belonged to. However, she did not know about the torments that he had received in this place. Thus, the impression that she had of the Cyanwood Mountain was very good.

After all, when compared to the World Spiritist Alliance, that independent world-like space in the depths of the underground, the beauty of the Cyanwood Mountain was a product of nature, the work of the Gods.

“Scumbags of the Cyanwood Mountain, I, Sima Ying, have returned. I shall see who among you all dare to bully me this time around,” Compared to Su Mei, Sima Ying was filled with anger. She was already gnashing her teeth angrily. After all, she had also received a lot of humiliation from this place.

“Junior sister Ying’er, rest assured, this Nine Powers Hunt is precisely the opportunity to avenge you. We will definitely make those trash who have bullied you pay the price. We will let them know that we, the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance, are not people who are easily bullied,” Fu Feiteng said. Following that, the other disciples also nodded in agreement.

They had all heard about the humiliation that Sima Ying had received in the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, before they came here, they had already made the preparations to avenge Sima Ying.

“Although the Nine Powers Hunt never restricts conflicts between disciples, it remains that our World Spiritist Alliance is a power that is allied with the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Let alone the fact that junior brother Chu Feng is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. It is best that we do not act too excessively. Otherwise, we’ll only make things difficult for junior brother Chu Feng.”

At this moment, the person who was the most calm was Lin Yezhou. It was not that he did not wish to avenge Sima Ying. Rather, he did not wish to ruin the friendly relationship that he just established with Chu Feng.

“Senior brother Lin, although I am a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, I am not related to them at all. I, Chu Feng… stand on the same side as junior sister Sima. This time around, even if you all did not stand up for her and avenge her, I would still do so myself,” Chu Feng said.

“Got it. Since that’s the case, it will be much easier to deal with now,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Lin Yezhou was overjoyed. He now knew that Chu Feng would not interfere with them teaching the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples a lesson.

“Junior sisters and brothers, listen carefully. This time, we must make those pieces of shit pay!” Lin Yezhou said with excitement.

“Yeahh!!” Fu Feiteng, Sima Ying and the other disciples shouted in unison.

At this moment, everyone present was extremely happy. When the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance thought about how they would soon be avenging Sima Ying, they became both nervous and excited.

In this sort of fired up state, Chu Feng and the others entered the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region.

At this moment, a lot of people were gathered on top of a vast plaza. They were all here to welcome the World Spiritist Alliance.

Other than the people from the Cyanwood Mountain, there were also some other people who did not belong to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Those people were naturally the people from the Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall, Cursed Soil Sect, Golden Armor City, Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges, Sword Crafting Villa and Ten Thousand Flowers Garden.

Although the majority of them were elders, there were also disciples present. While they might appear to have come to greet the World Spiritist Alliance out of etiquette, they had actually come to probe the World Spiritist Alliance.

Mainly, they had come to check out the quality of the disciples the World Spiritist Alliance had brought with them for the Nine Powers Hunt this time around.

At the moment when the various powers had their gazes on the World Spiritist Alliance’s warship that was descending from the sky, the people on top of the warship were also examining the people on the plaza. As for Chu Feng, he was doing the same.

Chu Feng discovered that the Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall, Cursed Soil Sect, Golden Armor City, Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges, Sword Crafting Villa and the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden all had their unique and distinguishing styles of dressing.

The people from the Jadewater Temple were dressed in a rather unadorned manner like Daoist priests. They were rather similar to the people from the Cyanwood Mountain. Merely, their outfits were not as extravagant as the ones from the Cyanwood Mountain.

As for the Firerain Hall, they wore yellow clothes filled with flame designs. They were extremely eye-catching. Chu Feng felt that they dressed like the members of a evil cult. At the very least, he was not fond of their clothing.

Other than the Jadewater Temple and the Firerain Hall, the other powers’ uniforms were also very distinctive. However, compared to the characteristics of their clothing, Chu Feng was more interested in their strength. [1. Bee, why did you spend so much time talking about clothing then? Why not finish describing all of their clothing?] [Xima: Spoiler alert, it's called adding fluff writing that does nothing to help the storyline, but it greatly helps make the 3500 characters Bee needs per chapter. SO this chapter is dedicated to talking about clothes…]

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng discovered that the strength of both the elders and the disciples were pretty much similar. It was indeed extremely difficult for there to be a clear distinction between the strengths of the Nine Powers.

However, one thing worthy of being mentioned was that the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden was only composed of female elders and disciples. Furthermore, they were all extremely flowery in appearance and graceful in manner. Especially the young female disciples, they were beautiful like fairies.

Without even thinking much, Chu Feng knew right away that the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden had to be a power that only accepted females. Else, it would be impossible for there to not be a single man among them.

Although they were all beautiful women, their strength could not be looked down on. They were not at all weaker than the other powers.

Among the powers that appeared before Chu Feng, the one he was most interested in was the Cursed Soil Sect.

Chu Feng would never forget that the strongest enemies that they had encountered in the Eastern Sea Region back then had not been the seniors that could call upon the wind and summon the rain.

Instead, they had been several extremely young yet monster-like powerful youngsters led by Jiang Qisha. Furthermore… they were not only from the Holy Land of Martialism, they were all from a single power. As for that power, it was the Cursed Soil Sect.

“All the enemies gathered together. Well, that’s fine too. New debts and old debts can be placed together and settled at the same time,” After he saw the people from the Cursed Soil Sect, a slight smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

Although the crimes that Jiang Qisha and the others had committed were actually not that deeply related to the people from the Cursed Soil Sect, Chu Feng had already made the firm resolution back in the Eastern Sea Region that he would never co-exist with the Cursed Soil Sect.

And now, Chu Feng finally encountered people from the Cursed Soil Sect. Naturally, he would have to uphold his promise and properly entertain these disciples from the Cursed Soil Sect.