Chapter 1459 - Reconcile

MGA: Chapter 1459 - Reconcile

“So it’s actually a misunderstanding. Since it’s a misunderstanding, it is better to resolve it. Everyone, let’s not bother looking into this matter anymore.”

“Come, today is a day of joy. Let’s not talk about these sorts of unpleasant things. Today, everyone from our World Spiritist Alliance, regardless of whether they are elders or disciples, cannot leave until they’re drunk.”

Right at this moment, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master suddenly held up his wine cup and said those words. It was clear that he was trying to quickly shift the crowd’s focus away from this matter so that things would not be too difficult for Old Village Chief Ma.

“No leaving until we’re drunk!!!” When even their Alliance Master held his wine cup high up to toast, how could anyone present dare to not toast with him? In an instant, the sea of people started to shout in unison. Once again, the atmosphere of joy filled the air.

However, at the moment when everyone was feeling joyous, Lin Kuxing had an extremely ugly expression on his face as if he had stepped in dog shit. Feeling helpless, he waved his sleeve, coldly snorted and then angrily left.

This scene was seen by many people. However, no one tried to urge him to stay. Furthermore, all of the people with high statuses present knew that Lin Kuxing disliked Chu Feng. If he were to stay, he would only be a problem. His leaving would instead allow this place to be much more peaceful.

As for that Feng Chu that had defeated Dongfang Zexuan, although everyone was guessing as to why he had not shown up, due to the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master not mentioning anything about him, no one dared to ask about him either.

Furthermore, many people felt that Feng Chu was a low-profile genius. Thus, even if he were to not show up on this sort of occasion, it would also be reasonable and normal to do so.

However, regardless of whether that Feng Chu had shown himself or not, it did not stop the crowd from discussing him spiritedly. Feng Chu and Chu Feng, these two names that sounded so very similar had become the heated topics of discussion for this banquet.

“Truly a dual happiness. Not only did such a powerful genius like Feng Chu appear in our World Spiritist Alliance, even the legendary Asura World Spiritist, Chu Feng, has joined our World Spiritist Alliance.”

“That’s right, they are truly two happy occasions. Merely, I wonder, who among Chu Feng and Feng Chu is stronger than the other?”

“If the two of them were to compete, it would be truly difficult to determine. However, with the two of them and junior sister Su Mei, I’m afraid our World Spiritist Alliance will sweep the floor with the other Eight Powers in the Nine Powers Hunt this time around.”

“That’s not for certain. After all, even though Chu Feng has joined our World Spiritist Alliance, he is only a nominal disciple. In an extremely distinct competition like the Nine Powers Hunt, he would still have to stand on the side of the Cyanwood Mountain and represent the Cyanwood Mountain, no?”

“That’s no issue. Even if Chu Feng were to represent the Cyanwood Mountain, our World Spiritist Alliance still has Feng Chu and Su Mei.”

“Hey, don’t you all think that Chu Feng’s name and that Feng Chu’s name are extremely similar? Other than the fact that one was surnamed Chu and the other was surnamed Feng, there’s simply no difference between their names.” [1. GNE:]

“I noticed that long ago. Merely, that’s a trivial matter. With how enormous this world is, there are an innumerable amount of people who possess the same surname and given name. As for the two of them, they have different surnames.”

“Right, right right. It’s merely a name. That’s not a major concern at all. The most important matter is that the two of them are both extremely powerful. Just that is enough.”

“That’s right. That is the most important aspect. Haha. Come, let’s celebrate junior brother Chu Feng joining our World Spiritist Alliance. Cheers!!!”

As the crowd was drinking happily, they were all discussing Chu Feng and Feng Chu. Occasionally, they would also mention Su Mei. However, no one bothered to mention their number one disciple, Lin Yezhou.

As Lin Yezhou heard the conversations of the crowd that did not mention his name once, his complexion turned from green to pale and his expression became extremely ugly.

That was because, compared to those people who were spiritedly discussing Chu Feng and Feng Chu, Lin Yezhou knew that the two people that were being praised to the skies were actually the same person.

When he thought about how Chu Feng had become a hero in the minds of the crowd, become someone that countless people worshipped, Lin Yezhou felt a deep pain in his heart. It was as if his heart was being sliced apart by a knife. In the end, he also secretly left the banquet. That was because he was truly unable to continue to stay there anymore.

This banquet lasted two two entire days and nights. Everybody was joyfully drinking and chatting with one another. However, no matter how good a banquet might be, it must eventually come to an end. At the moment when this banquet ended, Chu Feng and the others finally began their journey to the Cyanwood Mountain.

This time around, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master was personally leading the group. Even Miao Renlong had set out together with them. Other than the two of them, as well as two grand peak Half Martial Emperor-level characters, the World Spiritist Alliance had also dispatched a hundred and thirty-eight elders. These hundred and thirty-eight elders could all be said to be the elites of the World Spiritist Alliance. Thus, the battle formation of the World Spiritist Alliance was extremely powerful.

However, other than the elder level experts, not a lot of disciples were dispatched. Including Su Mei, Sima Ying, Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng, there were only twenty disciples. Furthermore, this number also included Chu Feng.

The reason why so few disciples were being dispatched, whereas so many elders were being dispatched, was because the Nine Powers Hunt was first and foremost a display of strength. If few elders were to go, how could they display the strength of the World Spiritist Alliance?

Although the disciples were said to be the main characters of the Nine Powers Hunt, the Cyanwood Mountain had only sent twenty invitation letters to each and every power.

Although the powers were free to allocate the twenty invitation letters to their disciples, where they’d be allowed to select any twenty disciples, they were still only allowed to select twenty disciples.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the other disciples were on the same warship. Due to the fact that this warship was being powered by the elders, Chu Feng and the other disciples were free to do whatever they wanted.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, I was in the wrong before. I hope that you, as a grand person of great moral stature, will forget the offenses committed by me.”

Suddenly, a voice transmission sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. Although it could not be determined who this voice transmission had been sent from, Chu Feng was able to tell from the voice itself that it was the World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple Zhao Kai.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, I was mistaken before. I hope that you will forgive me.” Following that voice transmission, another voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears. This was Chen Mu’s voice.

Both Zhao Kai and Chen Mu were the World Spiritist Alliance’s genius disciples. They both possessed the strength of rank eight Martial Kings and extremely powerful world spirit techniques. They could be said to be geniuses that were only below Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng in the World Spiritist Alliance.

Back then, when Chu Feng had just arrived in the World Spiritist Alliance, they had, along with many other disciples, challenged Chu Feng. However, both of them had been defeated and utterly humiliated by Chu Feng.

This matter could be said to have created an enormous hatred between them and Chu Feng. Truth be told, both of them had thought about retaliation against Chu Feng.

However, after Chu Feng had become even more powerful, defeated even the number one disciple Lin Yezhou and then joined the World Spiritist Alliance, the two of them had had a change in their views of Chu Feng.

After careful consideration, they both decided that they wanted to reconcile with Chu Feng. However, due to face, they found it very difficult to publicly acknowledge their wrongs to Chu Feng. Thus, they had no choice but to apologize through voice transmissions.

Chu Feng did not respond to their apologies. However, he turned to them and nodded with a smile on his face. His intention was clear; he was not a narrow-minded person, and would not consider them as his enemies since they had apologized to him.

This was the sort of person that Chu Feng was. As long as others didn’t bully him, he would not bully others. Moreover, Chu Feng was able to sense that the two of them were sincere in their apologies.

After Zhao Kai and Chen Mu, Chu Feng continued to receive apologies from other disciples. They were all people who had previously tried to make things difficult for Chu Feng. To their apologies, Chu Feng gave the same sort of smile and nod as he had given Zhao Kai and Chen Mu.

Although none of them apologized to him publicly, everyone was able to tell that Chu Feng had reconciled with those people.

Upon thinking that the peak geniuses of the World Spiritist Alliance were finally able to get along with one another, Sima Ying and the others started to smile happily.

No matter how much they competed with each other, they were, after all, of the same family. Right now, they had to unite to fight against foreign enemies. For Chu Feng to be able to reconcile with them, this was naturally a good thing.

“Chu Feng,” Right at this time, Lin Yezhou suddenly stood forward. With a serious gaze, he looked to Chu Feng.

His action shattered the harmonious atmosphere. Other than Chu Feng, everyone else became tense.

They all knew Lin Yezhou’s character very well. That know that not only was Lin Yezhou a very conceited person, he was also someone who would hold a real, deep and lasting grudge.

They had been worried the entire time that Lin Yezhou would refuse to accept his defeat at Chu Feng’s hand and create trouble for him. And now, the thing that they were worried about had finally occurred.

“Yezhou, we are all family, let’s talk properly,” Seeing that, Fu Feiteng immediately stood forward and offered kind words of advice. He did not wish for there to be internal strife in the World Spiritist Alliance’s members before the Nine Powers Hunt.

“I do not need you to concern yourself with my matters,” However, Lin Yezhou coldly took a glance at him and spoke with a very vile attitude.

“Lin Yezhou, are you still unconvinced?” Su Mei also stood up and stepped before Chu Feng. She had found Lin Yezhou to be very displeasing since a long time ago. Yet, he actually still dared to cause trouble for them. This time around, she was not going to just let him slip by.

“Junior sister Su Mei, this is something between me and Chu Feng, I hope that you will not interfere with this,” Compared to when he spoke to Fu Feiteng, Lin Yezhou displayed a very good attitude toward Su Mei. However, he still continued to walk toward Chu Feng.

“Lil Mei,” At this moment, Chu Feng stood forward and stepped in front of Su Mei. As a man, he would not allow himself to stand behind his woman. Furthermore, he was not afraid of Lin Yezhou.

However, after Lin Yezhou arrived before Chu Feng, he did something that stunned everyone.

He actually stood extremely straight and then bent his back forward. He bowed deeply to Chu Feng. Furthermore, with a very humble yet stiff tone, he said, “Junior brother Chu Feng, I deliberately made things difficult for you time and time again. I apologize for that. Regardless of whether you’ll be willing to forgive me or not, I must still say this. Please give me another chance. Let us reconcile this matter.”