Chapter 1453 - Presumptuous Request

MGA: Chapter 1453 - Presumptuous Request

Although Chu Feng might not know about the origins of this King Royal Cloak, he knew very well just how precious this King Royal Cloak was.

There were a lot of Ancient Era’s Remnants in the Holy Land of Martialism. Back in those days, the Nine Powers had joined hands to open one such remnant.

As for this King Royal Cloak, it was one of the most precious treasures from that remnant. In order to obtain this King Royal Cloak, the Left Reverend had killed countless people and monstrous beasts that had wanted to fight with him over this item.

In the end, he had ended up in a very intense battle against a Martial Emperor from the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges. That battle could be said to have been extremely terrifying. The Ancient Era’s Remnant ended up being completely destroyed by the two of them.

In the end, the Left Reverend managed to win with a slight amount of superiority over his opponent. Only then did he manage to obtain this treasure.

After all these years, countless people had tried to put forth a very high price to purchase this King Royal Cloak from the Left Reverend. Yet, the Left Reverend had refused all of them. In fact, he was unwilling to even wear the King Royal Cloak himself.

Yet, at this time, the Left Reverend had taken out the King Royal Cloak, a priceless treasure, as a reward to gift to Chu Feng. This came as an enormous surprise to everyone.

After a moment of shock, Lin Kuxing spoke. “Lord Reverend, you’re really planning to gift that thing to Chu Feng? You must know that that that is the King Royal Cloak.”

Back then, countless people had put forth priceless treasures to purchase this King Royal Cloak from the Left Reverend, only to be refused by him. As for Lin Kuxing, he had been one of those people.

Even though he had followed the Left Reverend for so many years, even though he had been loyal and devoted to him for so long, even though the Left Reverend had treated him extremely well and would give him whatever he wanted, the Left Reverend had refused to give him the King Royal Cloak repeatedly.

At that time, he had thought that the Left Reverend would never give the King Royal Cloak to anyone, that he was planning to keep it with him the entire time.

Yet, at this time, the Left Reverend actually took out the King Royal Cloak as a reward for Chu Feng. To Lin Kuxing, this was truly not something that he could accept.

“I can give my things to whoever I wish. Since when did it become necessary for you to concern yourself with my things?” The Left Reverend snorted coldly. His tone was one filled with annoyance.

“I…” To be publicly reprimanded by the Left Reverend again caused Lin Kuxing’s face that was already ashen to become extremely ugly. He found himself in a really awkward situation.

“You, what about you? What, do you have a complaint?” However, who would’ve thought that the Left Reverend was still as ruthless as before. Using his chilly gaze, he stared down at Lin Kuxing.

“No, I don’t dare, this subordinate does not dare,” Regardless of how displeased Lin Kuxing might be feeling, regardless of how depressed he might be feeling, he would still not dare to talk back to the Left Reverend. Thus, he could only endure it. Even if his face were to be slapped before all these people, he still had to endure.

Merely, he did not understand. The Left Reverend was someone who had treated him extremely well. So why would he, for the sake of a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain, treat him in this sort of manner? He was truly confused and felt unreconciled.

“Senior Left Reverend, I…” Chu Feng spoke. Even though he felt very pleased for the Left Reverend to lash out at Lin Yezhou’s grandfather, as a world spiritist, he was able to tell that this King Royal Cloak was no small matter. He simply could not accept such a serious gift.

After all, he had not acted purely for the sake of the World Spiritist Alliance. The most important reason why he had acted was Su Mei. Chu Feng had been sticking out for his own woman.

“Little friend Chu Feng, do not refuse. Listen to me...” However, before Chu Feng could finish what he wanted to say, the Left Reverend interrupted him.

“While it is true that this King Royal Cloak possesses an extraordinary origin and is something that I managed to obtain from an Ancient Era’s Remnant, something that was left behind by an Ancient Era’s world spiritist, something that I exhausted quite some strength to obtain back then, I did not obtain it for the sake of using it myself. Merely, I did not wish for it to enter the hands of those who are incompetent.”

“The true purpose of why I obtained it was so that I could find a suitable master for it.”

“Truth be told, even I feel that I am unworthy of it. However, little friend Chu Feng, after I met you, I became aware that I have not waited all these years in vain. I have finally managed to help this King Royal Cloak find a suitable master.”

“Thus, you must by all means not refuse. Regardless of what you say, this King Royal Cloak will be yours.”

“I’m not joking around. Today, regardless of whether or not you want this King Royal Cloak, you must still take it,” The Left Reverend had a smile on his face as he said those words in a very tyrannical manner.

At this moment, Lin Kuxing, Lin Yezhou and the others from the Lin Family all felt extremely dizzy; it was as if they had been smashed with dogshit. That sort of sensation was extremely difficult to bear.

This was especially true for Lin Kuxing. The item that he had wanted to obtain even in his dreams was forcibly given to someone else by the Left Reverend. Furthermore, that person was a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. That alone was truly enough to drive him mad, not to mention that it was happening right before his eyes.

For the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong and the others, they all sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Then, the gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng with became even more marvelous.

After all all, the last sentence that the Left Reverend had spoken had truly been a bit too tyrannical; the words he had spoken before that, especially that that the King Royal Cloak would be Chu Feng’s regardless of what he felt. That sort of evaluation was truly extremely high.

However, as they had seen Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques themselves, they all felt that Chu Feng was worthy of that extremely high evaluation.

Chu Feng was definitely a genius world spiritist. In fact, he was a genius that seemingly no one in the current Holy Land of Martialism could compare to.

“Chu Feng, this is the first time that the Lord Reverend has thought so highly of someone. With how he has declared it, you should stop refusing it and accept the King Royal Cloak. After all, sooner or later, we will be of the same family,” Right at this moment, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

He was indirectly implying things in his words. While urging Chu Feng to accept the gift, he was also telling him to join their World Spiritist Alliance sooner.

“Since that’s the case, then this junior will accept senior’s gift. Since this junior has accepted the King Royal Cloak, he will definitely not disappoint senior Left Reverend,” Chu Feng said with a face full of confidence.

“I trust you,” The Left Reverend nodded with a smile. He did not feel that Chu Feng was being overly arrogant. Instead, he felt a great amount of appreciation and admiration for Chu Feng.

“However senior, this junior is still too weak right now. I do not possess the strength and ability to safeguard the King Royal Cloak. Thus, senior Left Reverend, I hope that you can help me safeguard this King Royal Cloak.”

“When this junior has the strength to protect this King Royal Cloak, I will return to receive it from you,” Chu Feng said in a serious manner.

If the Left Reverend had decided to give this King Royal Cloak to him in private, then Chu Feng might have actually accepted it. However, there were a lot of people present right now. Although they were all people from the World Spiritist Alliance, Chu Feng did not know who among them would have ulterior motives in their hearts.

If, for the sake of this King Royal Cloak, they were to think about killing Chu Feng, Chu Feng would definitely bring a major disaster upon himself because of this King Royal Cloak.

Thus, it was most suitable for the Left Reverend to continue to hold onto this King Royal Cloak. At the very least, it would make it so that those people who possessed ulterior motives would not think about doing anything to Chu Feng.

“Very well. I will wait for that day,” The Left Reverend had lived for all those years and was a man with very extensive experience. Thus, how could he not understand Chu Feng’s intentions?

He had realized what Chu Feng wanted to do in an instant. Thus, he did not try to force the King Royal Cloak onto Chu Feng and instead agreed to keep it for him for the time being.

“Today is truly a good day. And, on this good day, I have a presumptuous request. I hope that my request will not make things difficult for little friend Chu Feng,” Right at this moment, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master suddenly spoke with a smile on his face.

Once he spoke those words, practically everyone present was able to guess what he wanted to say next.