Chapter 1452 - King Royal Cloak

MGA: Chapter 1452 - King Royal Cloak

Outside of the World Spiritist Alliance. A large group of people were hastening on with their journey. They appeared to be very imposing and domineering. In fact, ordinary people were not even qualified to see their actual appearances, as they were covered by a layer of golden light and flying above the white clouds. At a glance, they appeared like a golden ray of light flying rapidly through the clouds.

They… were naturally the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s army which had just left the World Spiritist Alliance.

At this moment, Dongfang Zexuan was sitting cross-legged within that Dongfang Imperial Clan’s awe-inspiring mobile palace. His complexion was very pale, and his lips were greenish black in color. It was as if he were suffering from a very serious illness.

Surrounding Dongfang Zexuan were the many elders of the Dongfang Imperial Clan. They were setting up a spirit formation together to help heal Dongfang Zexuan’s injuries.

After a long time, Dongfang Zexuan slowly opened his tightly closed eyes. He first moved his body around to test it out before saying, “The Demon-Yielding Golden Body Formation is truly fierce. I only used it for a short period of time but the backlash is actually this unbearable.”

“Third Prince, are we to leave this matter the way it is without doing anything? When has our Dongfang Imperial Clan received such humiliation?” An elder spoke in a very unreconciled manner.

“What else then? The World Spiritist Alliance has the Left Reverend present. What can you all possibly do?” Dongfang Zexuan asked with a cold voice.

“We…” The elders all displayed expressions of shame. In the end, they all lowered their heads and became speechless. It was true; it was impossible for them to contend against the Left Reverend.

“Rest assured, I will not be leaving this matter at that. No one can shit on my, Dongfang Zexuan’s, head.”

“Feng Chu? If it wasn’t for the fact that I was competing against him in world spirit techniques, how could I have possibly been defeated by him? If it had been a match with martial power, I’d have been able to completely annihilate him without even moving.”

“Just you wait, one day, I will definitely let him know how powerful I, Dongfang Zexuan, am.” As Dongfang Zexuan spoke these words, a flash of chilling coldness shone through his eyes.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was in one of the World Spiritist Alliance’s palace halls and had just revealed his identity to the many elders and the Alliance Master.

Astonishment. After Chu Feng revealed his true identity, other than the Left Reverend and several other people who were familiar with Chu Feng, the rest of the people were all stunned.

“Chu Feng, you are truly daring! You actually pretended to be our World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple!? Have you grown tired of living?!!!!”

Suddenly, an angry snarl sounded. This was from a World Spiritist Sacred Assembly’s elder. However, he had another identity. He was Lin Yezhou’s grandfather, Lin Kuxing.

This Lin Kuxing was someone who possessed seniority and status in the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Before him, even the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master would have to yield. He was someone who possessed a very high level of authority.

Lin Kuxing’s angry snarl came as a great surprise to the other elders. Although it was true that Chu Feng had pretended to be their World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple, he had, after all, done that for the sake of the World Spiritist Alliance and even defended their honor.

When comparing Chu Feng’s merits and demerits, his meritorious service should be much greater than his demerits. Furthermore, many people knew that the World Spiritist Alliance had invited Chu Feng to join them before. Yet, it was Chu Feng who had refused the invitation the entire time.

Yet, at this time, during a moment of crisis for the World Spiritist Alliance, Chu Feng had decided to stick up for them and help them get out of their predicament. From this, it could be seen that Chu Feng cared deeply about the World Spiritist Alliance. At the very least, he was on the side of the World Spiritist Alliance.

With this being the case, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to invite Chu Feng to join the World Spiritist Alliance again?

Yet, at this sort of time, Lin Kuxing, this World Spiritist Sacred Assembly elder who possessed a very high level of seniority, actually stood forth and denounced Chu Feng this harshly.

This truly came as a major surprise, a major confusion, to all the other elders, leaving them without knowing what to do. They did not understand why Lin Kuxing would do such a thing. After all, this would not be beneficial to the World Spiritist Alliance in the slightest.

The reason why they did not know what to do was because they did not dare to refute Lin Kuxing. As for why they did not dare to refute him, it was because they did not have the qualifications to do so, and, more importantly, they also did not have the courage to do so.

Feeling helpless, everyone turned their gazes to the Left Reverend. At this moment, there was only a single person with status above Lin Kuxing’s. As for that person, it was the Left Reverend.

However, the crowd did not have a great amount of hope for the Left Reverend to do anything.

As all the people here were the upper echelons of the World Spiritist Alliance. They knew that the Left Reverend possessed a very close relationship with Lin Kuxing. In fact, their relationship could even be said to be special.

Lin Kuxing and the Left Reverend were people from the same era. They had known each other since the time when they were both disciples.

Although the two of them were rivals when they were disciples, Lin Kuxing had begun to befriend the Left Reverend as the Left Reverend had grown stronger and stronger. Later, Lin Kuxing had become the Left Reverend’s follower, one of his trusted aides.

After all these years, rather than saying that Lin Kuxing was the Left Reverend’s trusted aide, it would be more accurate to say that he was the Left Reverend’s close friend.

Lin Kuxing’s strongest backing was the Left Reverend. Regardless of what Lin Kuxing might have done, the Left Reverend would always side with him, never once blaming him.

With how intimate the two of them were, how could the crowd possibly hope that the Left Reverend would, for an outsider like Chu Feng, criticize Lin Kuxing?

“Lin Kuxing, have you lived too long and become muddle-headed?”

“Chu Feng has defeated Dongfang Zexuan for our World Spiritist Alliance. Not only did he make the Dongfang Imperial Clan come here in vain, he has also utterly disgraced them.”

“If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, the ones who would be completely defeated would have been our World Spiritist Alliance. The ones who would have been utterly disgraced would also have been our World Spiritist Alliance. Our World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation would have become the laughing stock of the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“As for all of that, it was only prevented because of little friend Chu Feng.”

“Yet you… a grand World Spiritist Sacred Assembly elder, actually spoke those sorts of words towards little friend Chu Feng. Has your head been kicked by a donkey or what?” The Left Reverend spoke. However, he actually ruthlessly lashed out against Lin Kuxing.

At this moment, not only was Lin Kuxing stunned, everyone else was stunned too.

Never had they ever imagined that the Left Reverend would severely reprimand Lin Kuxing for an outsider like Chu Feng. Furthermore, his words were so fierce he had simply not bothered to leave any face behind for Lin Kuxing.

As for Lin Kuxing, he was currently standing there motionlessly, as if he had been petrified. Never had he ever thought that the person to whom he had been so loyal, devoted and followed all these years, his master who would protect him even when he created calamities, would actually, for an outsider, criticize him so ruthlessly before this many people.

“Little friend Chu Feng, our World Spiritist Alliance thanks you for all of this. Regardless of whether you are a disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance or not, I must still reward you.”

As the Left Reverend spoke, he took out an item from his Cosmos Sack. It was a cloak. However, it was no ordinary cloak.

Glistening with golden light and made out of extraordinary materials, this was a royal world spiritist cloak. However, it was no ordinary royal world spiritist cloak, as it was much more precious than ordinary royal world spiritist cloaks.

That was because there was a very large character written on this royal world spiritist cloak. It was a character from the Ancient Era, something that the people from this era could not read or understand its meaning. However, the character appeared like the character ‘King.’ [1. 1 chinese character = 1 word.]

Furthermore, this king-like character that was written in the Ancient Era’s calligraphic style was emitting a special sort of power. That power caused this royal world spiritist cloak to stand out from the masses. With a single glance, one could tell that it was an extraordinary item.

“That is the King Royal Cloak?!!”

When they saw this royal world spiritist cloak, the eyes of the people present, the disciples Sima Ying and Lin Yezhou, and even grand characters like the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong, the elders and even Lin Kuxing, started to shine. They were all startled.