Chapter 1446 - Caught In A Predicament

MGA: Chapter 1446 - Caught In A Predicament

“Scared? There is no such word in my dictionary.”

“I do not care who you are. However, I must tell you this. Since you dare to stand here today, I, Dongfang Zexuan, will not let you leave peacefully.”

Dongfang Zexuan was clearly enraged by Feng Chu’s provocation. As he spoke, his golden gown started to flutter, and his long, black hair started to dance in the air.

Following that, layer upon layer of royal level spirit power surged forth from his body unceasingly. Being controlled by him, this spirit power was like an enormous fierce tiger’s mouth. Snarling, this spirit power surged towards Feng Chu to tear him apart.

“Not good, that Dongfang Zexuan is planning to kill him,” At this moment, many of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance started to frown. They noticed what Dongfang Zexuan was planning to do.

They were all able to tell that Dongfang Zexuan’s attack was no small matter. Even if it didn’t take that kid’s life, it would definitely seriously injure him.

At this moment, the people on the plaza, the Left Reverend, Miao Renlong and the others, had made preparations to step in and save Feng Chu at any moment. They would not allow that Dongfang Zexuan to kill him.

Even though they did not know exactly where that disciple by the name of Feng Chu had come from, they would definitely not allow someone from the Dongfang Imperial Clan to kill their disciple in their own territory.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at the moment of imminent peril, the hands of that disciple by the name of Feng Chu started to rapidly change. Following that, a boundless royal level spirit power surged forth from his body. Under his control, the royal level spirit power formed a golden-bright and dazzling defensive barrier. Like an impregnable and air-tight fortress, it covered him within it.


When that defensive barrier was completed, Dongfang Zexuan’s attack had also arrived. It landed directly onto that defensive barrier.

After the golden energy ripples dispersed to the surroundings like whirlwinds, countless deep cracks appeared on that defensive barrier.

“Heavens, how is that possible?”

Yet, even with the cracks, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were still all stunned. After all, no matter what, that Feng Chu had blocked Dongfang Zexuans’ fatal attack. Furthermore, he had done it so perfectly.

One must know that even Lin Yezhou would not be able to block such an attack. However, this so-called Feng Chu was actually able to block it. As such, how could the people from the World Spiritist Alliance not be shocked?

A royal-cloak world spiritist as powerful as him was actually a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance. Yet, they actually did not even know about him.


Right at this moment when the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were astonished, that Feng Chu actually unleashed his counterattack. He set up a slaughtering formation and unleashed it towards Dongfang Zexuan.

That slaughtering formation was a golden whirlwind. Like a golden python, it swept across everything before its path. Its might was truly terrifying.

Facing such an attack, even Dongfang Zexuan did not dare to be careless. He immediately fell back and set up a spirit formation to counterattack.

In an instant, the two men started to create spirit formations one after another. Their battle was not only intense, it was also difficult for one to determine the victor.

This scene caused the people from the World Spiritist Alliance to be pleased beyond their expectations. Their bodies started to shake with excitement.

At this very moment, it was as if they had caught a glance of radiance in a dark tunnel and became extremely excited.

Even though they did not know who this Feng Chu was, they all believed that Feng Chu was a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance. It was very possible that he was someone who had concealed his strength, who was extremely low-key and did not enjoy fame. However, during the moment of their World Spiritist Alliance’s crisis, this disciple was now bravely standing forth for the sake of preserving their World Spiritist Alliance’s honor.

With absolute strength and a disposition of being low-profile, this was truly the best combination, utter perfection.

To have such a perfect disciple actually appear in their World Spiritist Alliance caused all of them to be overjoyed with excitement.

“Feng Chu?”

“Grandpa Miao, could he be?” [1. Yes, he could be… literally, that’s his freaking name backwards!]

Right at the moment when countless ignorant World Spiritist Alliance elders were believing this to be the truth, at the moment when they were believing that Feng Chu was a powerful yet low-key genius disciple, Sima Ying turned to Miao Renlong. That was because there was a hypothesis in her mind.

“Ying’er, we’re thinking about the same thing. That Feng Chu is very likely our Chu Feng,” Miao Renlong secretly replied to her.

“Wuu~~~” Right at this moment, a soft sound was heard. It turned out that Su Mei had woken up.

“Wha...what happened?” After waking up, Su Mei discovered that not only was she not in the battle, her opponent Dongfang Zexuan was currently fighting against a mysterious black-cloaked man. She was completely confused.

“Lil Mei, you received an attack from Dongfang Zexuan. However, I have already healed your wounds. You should be okay now,” The Left Reverend explained to her in a deeply concerned manner.

After hearing what the Left Reverend said, Su Mei finally recalled that she had indeed been defeated by Dongfang Zexuan. However, she was still confused. If she had been defeated, then who was the person fighting against Dongfang Zexuan right now?

Therefore, she asked, “In that case, who is that person fighting against Dongfang Zexuan?”

“Ah, this person, perhaps you know him,” After the Left Reverend said those words, he lowered his voice and said to Su Mei using a voice transmission, “He’s most likely your big brother Chu Feng.”

“What? Why would he…” Hearing those words, Su Mei was surprised. After all, Chu Feng was not a disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance. There was no reason for him to fight for the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Shh~~~” Right at this moment, the Left Reverend hushed Su Mei. He feared that Su Mei would reveal that Chu Feng was not a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance. Thus, he hurriedly said to her via voice transmission, “Chu Feng is deliberately concealing his identity and pretending to be a disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance. He is doing that for your sake.”

“I…” Hearing those words caused Su Mei to feel both happy and worried. The reason why she was happy was because Chu Feng was standing up for her without regard for anything else. She was worried because Dongfang Zexuan was truly powerful and very cunning. She was uncertain as to whether Chu Feng would be able to win against him.

“All of you, step back. Let’s give them a place to fight fairly,” At this time, the Left Reverend spoke again. As he spoke, he led everyone to leave the plaza.

In response, the elders quickly followed him and returned to their viewing platforms.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing snarl sounded. Following that, a very powerful might surged forth from the center of the plaza.

It was Dongfang Zexuan. Dongfang Zexuan had unleashed an extremely powerful attack. He had actually set up thirty-three spirit formations simultaneously and activated them at the same time. These thirty-three spirit formations created thirty-three ferocious beasts with different shapes.

Under Dongfang Zexuan’s control, those thirty-three beasts charged to attack Chu Feng in a uniform formation.

Those ferocious beasts were extremely powerful. Chu Feng’s defensive formations were unable to stop them. As for his slaughtering formations, they were also defeated by those beasts.

It must be said that Chu Feng was caught in a predicament.