Chapter 1445 - What, are you afraid?

MGA: Chapter 1445 - What, are you afraid?

“Lil Mei!!!!”

Su Mei’s collapse frightened many people. The Left Reverend himself even leapt onto the platform and supported Su Mei who had collapsed to the ground.

Immediately afterward, he started to set up a spirit formation to heal Su Mei’s injuries. At this moment, he had a very grave expression on his face.

“Lord Reverend, is Miss Lil Mei alright?”

Following him, Miao Renlong, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and the other people also leapt onto the platform. With nervous expressions on their faces, they looked to Su Mei.

Although that dart was extremely small and had only managed to pierce into Su Mei’s left shoulder, and thus was not fatal, it had caused Su Mei to lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

This sort of situation had allowed everyone to realize that it was not an ordinary dart, but was instead a very powerful spirit formation.

Furthermore, the crowd had also noticed that ever since Dongfang Zexuan had ended up being suppressed by Su Mei in their match, he had tightly clenched one of his fists. No matter what sort of movement his body might make, no matter what sort of formation he had been setting up, he had never once opened that hand.

It was only when he had shot out that dart that his hand had opened.

This meant that Dongfang Zexuan had been planning this since the very beginning. He had been condensing this spirit formation the entire time so that he could unleash it during a crucial moment as a surprise attack to obtain victory.

After the Left Reverend carefully inspected Su Mei, he said in a relieved manner, “It’s fine, she has merely been paralyzed. She will wake up after a short period of rest.”

He knew that Dongfang Zexuan had been lenient. Else, with that surprise attack of his earlier, it was definitely possible for him to have killed Su Mei.

However, even though he knew that Dongfang Zexuan had been lenient, the Left Reverend was still looking at him with an ill-intentioned gaze. Even though Dongfang Zexuan had been lenient, he had, after all, injured Su Mei. The Left Reverend would remember this grudge in his heart.

However, it was clear that Dongfang Zexuan did not notice the grievance and hatred that had emerged in the Left Reverend. That was because he had a complacent smile of victory on his face.

“This young lady by the name of Su Mei, you thought that you had absolutely suppressed me. However, you do not know what a feint is. You do not know what truth mingled with falsehood is.”

“While a battle requires absolute strength, it also requires the ability to outwit one’s enemy. Strength is merely one portion, whereas stratagem is the other. Miss Su Mei, while you have strength…”

“ this area… you’re quite lacking,” As Dongfang Zexuan spoke, he pointed his finger to his head. He was implying that Su Mei’s intelligence was lacking.


The people of the World Spiritist Alliance were all enraged upon hearing this sort of insult from Dongfang Zexuan. They all wished to curse him out. After all, what this Dongfang Zexuan had done was truly too excessive.

However, as their words reached their mouths, they ended up swallowing them down their throats. When even the Left Reverend and the other grand characters did not say anything to refute Dongfang Zexuan, they naturally did not dare to say anything either.

Thus, at this very moment, the feeling of being choked with resentment, the feeling of losing their minds, surged into the chests of all the people from the World Spiritist Alliance. Their anger was practically driving them insane right now.

“What now? Is there anyone else from the World Spiritist Alliance capable of fighting against me? If there isn’t, I’ll be taking my leave now,” Dongfang Zexuan spoke with a loud voice. As he spoke those words, he cast a provocative glance at the crowd.

It was as if he was using his gaze to tell the people from the World Spiritist Alliance that there was nothing that they could do regardless of how displeased they might be feeling and that if they had the ability, then they could send forth a member of the younger generation capable of fighting against him.

Sullen. Extremely sullen. Although their dignity was being trampled upon, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance, from the Left Reverend and the other elders to the disciples like Lin Yezhou, were unable to do anything against Dongfang Zexuan’s insults. After all, it was the truth that they had been defeated.

Furthermore, they all knew very well that Su Mei was the strongest among their World Spiritist Alliance’s young generation. And now, with even her defeated, there was truly no one in the World Spiritist Alliance capable of fighting against Dongfang Zexuan.

“Haha, although this might be somewhat displeasing to hear, I must still say it. Regardless of how amazing the seniors of the World Spiritist Alliance might be, the World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation is truly not up to much,” Seeing that there was no response from the World Spiritist Alliance’s crowd, Dongfang Zexuan actually burst into loud and arrogant laughter.

“Third Prince, it’s best you pay attention to your words,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master was finally unable to endure it anymore. As the head of the World Spiritist Alliance, he was unable to continue to allow a member of the younger generation to continue to behave so atrociously.

“Lord Alliance Master, I did not have the intention to offend you. After all, I truly and deeply respect you seniors of the World Spiritist Alliance.”

“However, you must not force me to not speak the truth just because I deeply respect all of you. After all, it is the truth that your World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation is incompetent,” Dongfang Zexuan actually publicly refuted the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master.

At this moment, everyone from the World Spiritist Alliance was shivering with rage. Even many of the elders had turned deep red with anger.

A slap to their faces. It was not only them, even the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master had received a slap to his face. As such, how could they possibly continue to endure?

However, regardless of how much they could not endure this, they were still forced to endure it. After all, that Dongfang Zexuan was no ordinary character. He was the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince. If they were to do anything to him without cause or reason, it would only bring a calamity upon their World Spiritist Alliance.

After all, the Four Great Imperial Clans were famous for their tyranny. If they were to enter into a war against the Dongfang Imperial Clan, their World Spiritist Alliance would not be its match.

Thus, regardless of how vile Dongfang Zexuans’ words might be, regardless of how hard he slapped their faces with his words, they could only endure. Even if their teeth were to be all shattered by his slaps to their faces, they must still swallow those teeth of theirs.

“What arrogance your words contain. However, you should only say that after you’ve defeated me.”

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. Following that voice, a figure wearing a black cloak soared explosively into the sky, did a perfect curve and landed firmly on the plaza.

“That is?” When they saw this person, everyone present was stunned. Not to mention the outsiders, even the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were stunned. Exactly who was this person? Why would he be disguising himself with a black cloak?

“World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple, Feng Chu.” [1. Really? Bee, really?! Feng Chu?!]

“Third Prince, please,” That black cloaked man who had concealed his appearance clasped his hands toward Dongfang Zexuan.

“What? Feng Chu? Who’s that? When did our World Spiritist Alliance have a disciple like him?” [2. Really?! They can’t tell?! REALLY?!! Bee, Really?!]

“Damn it. Who is that fucking reckless idiot that jumped over there to make a disgrace out of himself. Did he think that our World Spiritist Alliance had not been shamed enough?”

None of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance knew who Feng Chu was. As they began to guess, many people felt that this Feng Chu might actually really be a disciple of their World Spiritist Alliance, and that he was a reckless fool with super low intelligence. He had jumped onto the plaza only to be beaten up, only to disgrace them and create more troubles.

Thus, at this moment, many of the elders from the World Spiritist Alliance were gnashing their teeth in anger. They all began to send voice transmissions to tell that Feng Chu to step down immediately or they would severely punish him.

However, regardless of whose voice transmission it might be, that Feng Chu ignored all of them. In fact, he even clasped his hands toward Dongfang Zexuan again. Then, with a provocative tone, he asked, “What, are you afraid?”

[Xima: We apologize for the terrible plot armor in this chapter, but that's all on the author Bee.]