Chapter 1413 - The Future Is Filled With Unknowns

MGA: Chapter 1413 - The Future Is Filled With Unknowns

“As the Alliance Master of the World Spiritist Alliance that possesses a group of genius level disciples, you failed to make these disciples more outstanding, and instead made them into condescending individuals who believed themselves to be superior to others. Indeed, you are guilty,” The Left Reverend said.

Once those words were said, not to mention the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, even the expressions of Lin Yezhou and the other disciples changed greatly. Flickering within their gazes was extreme unease.

After all, the words spoken by Left Reverend were very clear. That was, he, a person with extremely high status, looked down on their World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples’ arrogance.

The Left Reverend looked to Lil Mei beside him and said, “However, I will not punish you today, and will be rewarding you instead.”

“From today on, Lil Mei will not only be my adopted daughter, she will also be a disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance.”

“What?” Hearing those words, everyone present was shocked. They had truly never expected this to happen.

This was especially true for the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and the various elders. In an instant, expressions of immense joy filled their faces.

“Thank you Lord Reverend. Junior will definitely not disappoint you,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master immediately bowed to express his thanks.

He knew that this was the Left Reverend helping him. After all, a genius like Lil Mei was something that their World Spiritist Alliance did not possess. With her world spirit techniques, it was likely that there would be no one in the entire Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation that would be capable of contending against her.

If Lil Mei were to truly become their World Spiritist Alliance’s disciple, their World Spiritist Alliance would no longer have to fear others coming to challenge them. At the very least, they would no longer have to fear challenges from the younger generation.

As for this, it would all have to be thanks to this Lord Left Reverend. As such, how could he not be in joy? How could he not express his thanks?

“I will be handing Lil Mei to you. However, you cannot give her any special treatment. Just treat her like another ordinary disciple. If she is to make a mistake, you definitely cannot spoil her. If you spoil her, I will come and question you,” The Left Reverend said with laughter.

“Let it be as you command.” How could the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master possibly dare to not comply with the Left Reverend? However, everyone knew that even though the Left Reverend had left those words, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master would definitely give this girl by the name of Lil Mei special treatment.

In fact, the rankings of the World Spiritist Succession List would also undergo a major change. With this Lil Mei here, who would dare to occupy the first rank? Even Lin Yezhou would have no choice but to yield to her.

“Haha, in that case, I’ll leave Lil Mei to you,” The Left Reverend laughed out loud. Then, his body started to grow fuzzy, and he soon disappeared from before the crowd. The only thing that remained of him was his resounding laughter.

At this moment, only Lil Mei remained at the center of the plaza. However, she had not removed her black cloak.

Everyone was very curious as to exactly what the appearance of this blessed girl would be like. Could she be a woman even more beautiful than Sima Ying?

“Lord Reverend, wait a moment,” At a distance several miles away from the plaza, Chen Sanyuan and Zhao Qinghen were rapidly flying through the sky, chasing after the silhouette that was walking with light yet extremely fast steps. They were chasing after the Left Reverend who had just left.

“You two have something that you need me for?” The Left Reverend did not stop. Instead, with his hands behind his back, he continued walking. While his steps were very slow, each of his steps allowed him to travel several miles. As such, Chen Sanyuan and Zhao Qinghen had to use movement martial skills in order to chase after him.

“Lord Reverend, there is a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain who is a guest in our World Spiritist Alliance. He is also a genius world spiritist. Furthermore, he is a world spiritist that has managed to form a contract with the Asura Spirit World,” Chen Sanyuan said.

“I know,” However, the Left Reverend did not display any surprise regarding this matter. It was as if he had already known about this matter beforehand.

“Lord Reverend, a world spiritist like him is truly too rare. Should we exhaust all of our resources to recruit him into our World Spiritist Alliance?” Chen Sanyuan asked.

“Stamp.” Hearing those words, the Left Reverend stopped his footsteps.

Then, he said to Chen Sanyuan and Zhao Qinghen, “Sanyuan, Qinghen, the two of you, listen carefully. The intention behind the founding of our World Spiritist Alliance is to provide support for world spiritists and give them a place to call home.”

“Regardless of whether they are our World Spiritist Alliance’s world spiritists or not, as long as they need help, we can provide them with assistance.”

“Thus, as long as it is not someone who will endanger our World Spiritist Alliance’s honor, we cannot interfere with their way of thinking too deeply.”

“That child you’re talking about is called Chu Feng. I know of him. He is indeed a very good sapling. However, he is currently a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. If he has the intention to join our World Spiritist Alliance, it will naturally be a good thing. However, if he does not wish to join, there is no need for you to force him to either. Do the two of you understand this?”

“Juniors understand Lord Reverend’s intention. Merely, that Chu Feng is truly a rare good sapling. If he is to continue to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain or with another power, what are we to do if he is to become an enemy to our World Spiritist Alliance in the future?”

“After all, he’s an Asura World Spiritist. It is truly too frightening of a thing,” Zhao Qinghen said.

“If his nature is evil, even if he were to join our World Spiritist Alliance, he would still become detrimental to us. However, if his nature is good, as long as we do not provoke him, why would he become an enemy to our World Spiritist Alliance?” The Left Reverend said with a laugh.

“Juniors understand now,” Zhao Qinghen and Chen Sanyuan came to a sudden realization.

“Mn, do not concern yourselves with this matter. Since the two of you are members of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, what you should focus on is to properly train. As for the matter of recruiting talents, just hand it to the current Alliance Master. Come, return with me,” After the Left Reverend finished saying those words, he began to continue walking once again. As for Chen Sanyuan and Zhao Qinghen, they also began to follow after him.

At this time, over half of the people present on the plaza had left. At the very least, that mysterious woman by the name of Lil Mei, Lin Yezhou and the others had all left.

As for Chu Feng, he had also returned to his own residence. Originally, they were supposed to set out for the Sealing Ancient Village today. However, Miao Renlong suddenly had an urgent matter that he had to take care of with the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master. Thus, Chu Feng and Sima Ying had no choice but to stay in the World Spiritist Alliance for a while longer.

The thing worthy of mention was that before Miao Renlong left, he had especially gone to find Chu Feng with the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master.

As for the purpose of their visit, it came as a surprise to Chu Feng. The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master actually took the initiative to invite Chu Feng to join their World Spiritist Alliance.

Although Chu Feng knew that it would be a good alternative to join the World Spiritist Alliance, he still tactfully refused.

Even though the World Spiritist Alliance possessed special rules that allowed Chu Feng to join them even while being a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng felt that it was not proper.

After all, the World Spiritist Alliance was different from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. A power as enormous as they were possessed a lot of restrictions.

For instance, if the Cyanwood Mountain were to enter a dispute with the World Spiritist Alliance in the future and was on the verge of going to battle, Chu Feng would be left in a very awkward position.

Furthermore, although the Cyanwood Mountain had not treated Chu Feng very well, there were still some individuals within it who had treated him very well.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that he could only choose either the Cyanwood Mountain or the World Spiritist Alliance. And, as the current situation stood, he decided to choose the Cyanwood Mountain. After all, that place contained the items that he needed, the treasured cultivation resources recorded on the map. That was also the reason why Chu Feng had joined the Cyanwood Mountain.

Before obtaining that, regardless of how the Cyanwood Mountain treated him, Chu Feng could not leave it.

Fortunately, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master was a very understanding person. He did not force Chu Feng to join them, and also did not feel displeasure due to Chu Feng’s refusal.

Like Miao Renlong, he remained very amiable toward Chu Feng. In fact, he even said that as long as Chu Feng was willing, their World Spiritist Alliance’s gates would always remain open for him.

His friendliness truly left a superb impression for Chu Feng. Chu Feng even felt that if the opportunity presented itself, he would truly join the World Spiritist Alliance.

After all, after he obtained the treasures from the Cyanwood Mountain, it would be unknown whether the Cyanwood Mountain would become his enemy or remain his friend.