Chapter 1407 - Visiting Once Again

MGA: Chapter 1407 - Visiting Once Again

At this moment, Chu Feng, Sima Ying and Miao Renlong had returned to the Dragon Garden.

In an apologetic manner, Chu Feng said, “Senior Miao, I am truly sorry. I have been invited here by you, yet I ended up creating troubles for you.”

“Sigh, little friend Chu Feng, please do not say it like that. Those words will only make this old man feel ashamed.”

“It was clearly our World Spiritist Alliance’s brats who were in the wrong. There is no need for you to apologize.”

“This old man wishes that little friend Chu Feng will not put this matter to heart.”

“As for the reason why what happened today has happened is firstly because those little brats needed to be taught a lesson. I will mention this matter to the Alliance Master. Rest assured, although I will not be looking into the matter that happened today, the Alliance Master will definitely look into it.”

“Secondly, I personally think that the matter that happened today is undoubtedly related to Ying’er. As the saying goes, an attractive woman will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. Haha, little friend Chu Feng, do you understand?” Miao Renlong said with a beaming smile. As he spoke, he even took a glance at Sima Ying.

“Grandpa Miao, what are you talking about? How is this matter related to me?” After hearing what Miao Renlong said, Sima Ying’s little face turned red.

At this moment, Chu Feng was smiling without saying anything.

As he recalled the ferocious expressions of jealousy on the faces of those men as they came for him, Chu Feng naturally knew why they had decided to come and suppress him.

Merely, before coming to this place, Chu Feng truly never would have thought that Sima Ying would be this popular. She was simply the World Spiritist Alliance’s goddess.

To be honest, during the first time that Chu Feng had met Sima Ying, the impression that he had of her was that she was a beauty. However, he never would’ve thought that she would be a goddess in the World Spiritist Alliance.

Yet, she was able to accomplish and become precisely that.

Chu Feng was very certain that the reason why she was able to become a goddess in the World Spiritist Alliance was not only because of her extraordinary talent, it was also because of Miao Renlong, this grand character, being very fond of her.

“Haha, a girl like you actually has moments of embarrassment?” Seeing that Sima Ying was blushing, Miao Renlong started to laugh. Then, he said, “Well then, I’ll stop teasing you now. Let’s talk about the serious matter. Have the two of you managed to find Han Helai’s aura from the locations that I’ve told you about?”

“We haven’t. It is as if he knew that such a day would come. Those items should have clearly been touched by him and contained his aura. Yet, we were unable to find any traces of his aura on them.”

When this matter was mentioned, expressions of helplessness appeared on the faces of Chu Feng and Sima Ying.

The two of them were both worried. They were worried that they would not be able to find items that contained Han Helai’s aura. If that was the case, the rare opportunity that they possessed in finding Han Helai would be lost.

“It’s fine, I’ve found his aura. Look at this,” Right at this time, Miao Renlong started to slightly smile. After that, he took out an exquisite jade box from his Cosmos Sack.

After he opened the jade box, a dazzling golden radiance blossomed from the jade box.

There was a jade ornament within the jade box. That jade ornament was truly gorgeous. Within the jade ornament were countless little snake-like runes and symbols.

It was an ornament formed by spirit power, an ornament created by a Snake Mark Royal-cloak world spiritist. This jade ornament possessed special power. Like a protective talisman, it could save its master’s life at a crucial moment.

However, the most shocking matter was that there was a person’s aura on this jade ornament. It was Han Helai’s aura.

“It’s him. This aura, there’s no mistake,” At this moment, even Chu Feng became excited. That was because he discovered that this aura greatly resembled the aura that the Old Village Chief Ma had let him sense. They were practically the same.

Furthermore, this aura was much denser than the aura that Old Village Chief Ma had gathered through his spirit formation.

“Little friend Chu Feng, are you certain that the aura that you sensed in the Sealing Ancient Village was Han Helai’s?” Seeing Chu Feng’s emotional appearance, Miao Renlong displayed a joyous expression on his face.

“I am certain that it is definitely Han Helai’s aura. If the formation that senior Ma had mentioned is truly capable of tracking down Han Helai’s location, we should be able to determine where Han Helai is once we bring this over there,” Chu Feng said with certainty.

However, he then asked, “Merely, senior Miao, where did you obtain this jade ornament? There’s only Han Helai’s aura on it, could it be that it is something that Han Helai created? He is also a Snake Mark royal-cloak world spiritist?”

“Haha. Little friend Chu Feng, don’t worry. Although Han Helai is also a royal-cloak world spiritist, he is only an Insect Mark.”

“As for this jade ornament, it is something created by a senior from our World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. Back then, Han Helai was looked upon very favorably by us and managed to touch this jade ornament by chance. Thus, his aura was naturally left behind on the jade ornament.”

“As for the reason why this jade ornament only contains his aura, it is because I feared that too many auras of different people could affect the sensitivity of the formation. Thus, I removed the auras of the other people,” Miao Renlong explained.

“So that’s the case. It is senior Miao that is more thoughtful,” After knowing what happened, Chu Feng smiled lightly.

He finally realized why Miao Renlong had had to step away. It turned out that he had gone to the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly to ask the seniors there to borrow this jade ornament.

The World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, what sort of place was that? It was a place the location of which very few people in the World Spiritist Alliance knew of.

However, Miao Renlong was able to enter and leave as he pleased As such, he was truly a remarkable individual. It was no wonder that he possessed such high prestige in the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Grandpa Miao, this matter should not be delayed. Let’s set out for the Sealing Ancient Village right now,” As for Sima Ying, she was extremely impatient and wanted to hurry to the Sealing Ancient Village.

“Ying’er, I understand your frame of mind and I am the same as you, I also wish to leave for the Sealing Ancient Village right away. However, I cannot leave the World Spiritist Alliance at this time. After all, they should be arriving soon,” Miao Renlong said in a consoling manner.

“Lil Sis Ying’er, what Senior Miao says is very true. Even if it is urgent, a couple days of difference will not change anything. It’s better that we wait for this matter to end before we go,” Chu Feng understood Miao Renlong’s intentions and also started to console Sima Ying.

“Mn, in that case, let’s do as Grandpa Miao suggests,” Seeing that both Chu Feng and Miao Renlong were thinking this way, Sima Ying was not one who did not understand reason. Thus, she also nodded.

Just like this, this matter was determined. Chu Feng’s trip had not been made in vain.

At this time, Chu Feng, Sima Ying and Miao Renlong were all very happy. The only worry that they had right now was whether or not the Sealing Ancient Village’s formation would truly be able to track down Han Helai with just his aura alone.

After all, such a formation was something that not even the World Spiritist Alliance possessed.

However, when compared to Sima Ying and Miao Renlong, Chu Feng was not very worried. He had seen the formation in the Sealing Ancient Village himself, and knew that it was truly miraculous, and did not appear to be something that an ordinary person had set up.

Furthermore, the formation had contained a special power. Thus, Chu Feng felt that the formation possessed the miraculous power that Old Village Chief Ma said it did.

Just like this, for the next several days, Chu Feng stayed in the World Spiritist Alliance. Furthermore, he lived right in Miao Renlong’s Dragon Garden.

Perhaps it might have been because of Miao Renlong’s threat from earlier, but no elder or disciple dared to come trouble Chu Feng again.

Like this, Chu Feng spent peaceful days in the World Spiritist Alliance.

However, after two people arrived, the entire atmosphere of the World Spiritist Alliance turned heavy and restless.

That was because these two people were the ones who had come to the World Spiritist Alliance in the past. Furthermore, one among them was the mysterious woman who had even challenged the World Spiritist Alliance’s younger generation and defeated all of the people who had accepted her challenge.

At this time, the two of them had come to visit the World Spiritist Alliance once again. As for that mysterious woman by the name of Lil Mei, she was going to challenge the strongest members of the younger generation of the World Spiritist Alliance once again.