Chapter 1406 - Asura World Spiritist

MGA: Chapter 1406 - Asura World Spiritist

At this moment, the person that had appeared before Chu Feng and the others was none other than the number one genius of the World Spiritist Alliance, the person ranked first on the World Spiritist Succession List, Lin Yezhou.

“Junior sister Ying’er, have you gone insane? You actually want to kill yourself for someone like him?” Lin Yezhou looked to Sima Ying with anger and heartache. However, there was more anger than pain.

“Senior brother Lin, why did you attack Chu Feng for no reason or cause? He is our World Spiritist Alliance’s guest,” Sima Ying completely ignored Lin Yezhou’s worry for her and instead questioned him angrily.

“Guest? You say that he’s a guest? Since when has there ever been a guest that would beat up the masters and kill their world spirit?”

“He is simply no guest to our World Spiritist Alliance at all. Instead, he is our enemy. If we do not teach him a lesson, how will other people view our World Spiritist Alliance in the future?”


“Everyone will simply think that there is no one in our World Spiritist Alliance capable of standing up. That is why a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain dared to behave so atrociously.”

“Junior sister Ying’er, you are also a disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance. You have grown up here. Your grandfather, your parents, they have all served our World Spiritist Alliance and even died for the honor of our World Spiritist Alliance.”

“Yet you, are you really willing to sacrifice the honor of our World Spiritist Alliance for an outsider?” Lin Yezhou asked loudly.


After hearing those words, Sima Ying grew silent. She didn’t know how to respond. After all, she cared greatly about the World Spiritist Alliance’s honor. Yet, at the same time, she also cared about her friend Chu Feng.

“Is this really what happened here?”

Right at this moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded. Following that, an aged figure appeared in thin air and stood between Chu Feng and Lin Yezhou.

He had appeared without a single sound. It was as if he had been standing there the entire time without anyone discovering him. As for this person, he was a grand character with great influence in the World Spiritist Alliance, Elder Miao, Miao Renlong.

“We pay our respects to Elder Miao.”

When they saw Miao Renlong, the expressions of the the crowd present right now, regardless of whether they might be disciples or elders, all changed greatly. Immediately afterward, they hurriedly greeted Miao Renlong courteously. Not a single person dared to act disrespectfully. Even Lin Yezhou did not dare to do so.

“I saw all that has happened earlier. From the very beginning, you all mustered a large force to come suppress little friend Chu Feng. Then, you start humiliating him by calling him trash. Later on, all these elders arrived. Yet, not a single person stopped them. Instead, you all stood by and watched the show with folded arms.”

“I saw everything, including how you all challenged little friend Chu Feng, only to lose in succession up until when Lin Yezhou attacked little friend Chu Feng with his so-called righteousness.”

“Without the need for me to say anything, I believe you all know who is in the right and who is in the wrong here,” Miao Renlong had a dim expression on his face as he coldly said those words. His mood was extremely bad.

At this moment, of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance, other than Sima Ying, Huang Feng, Sun Hao and the others, everyone else lowered their heads in silence and had grave expressions on their faces.

It was as Miao Renlong said. They all knew very well who was in the right and who was in the wrong. They had humiliated Chu Feng first, provoked Chu Feng first and challenged Chu Feng first.

Even with the intention to kill, it was Zhao Kai who had had killing intent first. Even though Eggy had exterminated Zhao Kai’s Demon Spirit, they were still not in the right. Thus, at this moment, not only were they speechless, they were even deeply afraid.

They were scared, really scared. They were scared of none other than Miao Renlong, this greatly influential person in the World Spiritist Alliance.

Miao Renlong had actually been present since the very beginning.

However, he had not revealed himself after the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance were defeated, and had not revealed himself even after Eggy had eliminated the Demon Spirit.

Yet, he had decided to reveal himself at this moment. Furthermore, not only did he reveal himself, he even said those things.

At this moment, anyone with a brain would know who Miao Renlong, this grand character, was trying to help by revealing himself.

He was not planning to help their World Spiritist Alliance. Instead, he was planning to help Chu Feng. He was not planning to defend their World Spiritist Alliance. Instead, the target he wanted to protect was also Chu Feng.

Therefore, they were very scared. They were scared that Miao Renlong would help Chu Feng deal with them.

After all, with Miao Renlong’s status and strength, there was practically nothing that was impossible for him in the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Scatter. I wish that something like what has happened here today will not reoccur,” Miao Renlong waved his hand and indicated to the crowd that they should scatter.

Hearing those words and seeing Miao Renlong’s action, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance all heaved sighs of relief. They all felt as if they had just received a new lease on life.

After that, not a single person dared to stay and everyone began to leave. Even Zhao Kai, who possessed the backing of his ancestor and had lost his Demon Spirit to Chu Feng, did not dare to stay.

Like this, the matter came to an end. Chu Feng had relied on his skillful techniques to defeat the World Spiritist Alliance’s World Spiritist Succession List’s geniuses consecutively. He had not only relied on his battle power; more than that, he had relied on his world spirit techniques.

Especially at the time when he had defeated Zhao Kai, he had even revealed his powerful Asura Spirit World’s world spirit and revealed to everyone that he was an Asura World Spiritist.

Even though, in the end, the number one genius of the World Spiritist Alliance had arrived and suppressed Chu Feng with absolute power, not a single person in the World Spiritist Alliance was able to take joy in that.

They all knew very well that even if Lin Yezhou had managed to defeat Chu Feng, they had lost to Chu Feng.

After all, Lin Yezhou was their World Spiritist Alliance’s number one genius, a famed demon-level character. All of the nine powers and major sects knew of the existence of Lin Yezhou, this super genius.

Yet, what about Chu Feng? At the very least, before this event, none of them had known that the Cyanwood Mountain had possessed such a powerful genius.

Thus, even though Lin Yezhou had surmounted Chu Feng, they were still very worried. That was because none of them could be certain as to whether Lin Yezhou could continue winning. After all, the two of them possessed a very large gap in age.

The way it seemed now, Chu Feng’s potential was even more frightening.

“Brother Zhao, are you really not going to do anything? Zhao Kai’s Demon Spirit has been killed. Yet, are you going to sit and watch, but remain indifferent? I know that you expended quite a bit of effort in order to help Zhao Kai subdue that Demon Spirit.”

At this moment, in the skies several miles away, the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly’s elder, Chen Mu’s ancestor, Chen Sanyuan asked in a confused manner.

“It’s merely a world spirit. If it’s gone, then it’s gone. We can always just get another one.”

“However, a genius that would rarely appear in even tens of thousand of years, if we are to miss him, we would truly miss the opportunity,” Zhao Qinghen said.

“Brother Zhao, could your intention be?” Hearing those words, Chen Sanyuan suddenly came to a realization. He seemed to have understood something.

“What Miao Renlong did is very right. A talent like Chu Feng must be protected. Although he is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, he can also become a disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance,” Zhao Qinghen said.

“Indeed. A world spiritist of the Asura Spirit World, that is much more valuable than Divine Bodies. We must rope him in.”

“Miao Renlong has actually discovered Chu Feng’s potential. The way it seems now, that Chu Feng is really a talent,” Chen Sanyuan nodded his head in agreement.

Even though Chu Feng’s actions left him in great anger, to the point where he had even wanted to choke Chu Feng to death earlier, upon thinking that Chu Feng might be able to become a part of their World Spiritist Alliance, the anger in his heart had completely disappeared.

Not only did his anger disappear, at this very moment, there was even a trace of affection for Chu Feng.

This sort of affection, this sort of favorable impression, was most definitely not an unfathomable mystery. That was because, to the World Spiritist Alliance, to unearth and nurture excellent world spiritists was their mission, their duty.

If they were to be able to nurture a powerful Asura World Spiritist, it would become an honor to their entire World Spiritist Alliance.

This sort of glory would not only belong to them. It would also belong to their descendants. It would be a glory that would last forever.