Chapter 1389 - An Invitation Of Magnificent Hospitality

MGA: Chapter 1389 - An Invitation Of Magnificent Hospitality

“Never would I have imagined that senior Miao was actually that powerful.” After hearing what Wang Qiang said, Chu Feng felt extremely shocked. Elder Miao’s strength had surpassed his imagination.

The World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, what sort of place was that? Even if Chu Feng was ignorant and inexperienced, he had heard before that that place was a place equivalent to the Cyanwood Mountain’s Cyanwood Sacred Assembly.

Using the Cyanwood Mountain as an example, although the Cyanwood Mountain was one of the nine powers, all of the true experts were in the Cyanwood Scared Assembly.

As for how many experts were in the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, it was a secret that no one knew. However, one thing was for certain. That is, even if the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster were to be placed in the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, his strength would only be considered ordinary within it.

The Cyanwood Sacred Assembly was the actual foundation of the Cyanwood Mountain. Gathered in that place was the Cyanwood Mountain’s strongest battle power. Within that place was a bunch of old monsters who did not bother with worldly matters, and instead would painstakingly train in their cultivation for years.

As for the Cyanwood Mountain, it had merely donned a gorgeous layer of outer clothing. Its purpose was to receive disciples in the Holy Land of Martialism and cultivate true elites to be sent to the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly as battle power.

However, there was one thing worthy of being mentioned. That was that anyone who was eligible to enter the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly would be extremely powerful. In fact, among them were the strongest existences in the Cyanwood Mountain at a certain period. Only they possessed the chance to enter the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly to train.

Although the World Spiritist Scared Assembly was not the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, it was most definitely where the true battle power of the World Spiritist Alliance lay, the true core of the World Spiritist Alliance, the place where true experts gathered.

Elder Miao had received an invitation from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, an opportunity that was in itself extremely rare. After all, if he were to go there to train, it would be an enormous help to him. Yet, he had rejected that opportunity. That was truly a shocking matter.

One had to know that his refusal was equivalent to giving the experts in the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly a slap to the face. It was very possible that he had offended those old monsters.

Yet, he was later selected to be the Alliance Master by the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. What did this mean? This meant that not only did the people from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly not bear grudges towards Elder Miao, they instead still thought very highly of him.

To be able to be thought of this highly by the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly could only mean one thing. That was, that Elder Miao was most certainly a rare genius.

Although Chu Feng did not know why Elder Miao would refuse to join the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly, and why he would refuse to become the World Spiritist Alliance’s alliance master, Chu Feng felt that, in a world where people scrambled for fame and wealth, it was truly deserving of respect for Elder Miao to be able to refuse fame and refuse the opportunity to join a greater power.

“Miao Renlong is ex, ex, extremely powerful. Al, although he has yet to become a martial, martial emperor, he is a tr, true peak Half Martial Emperor.”

“Wh, what Sun Feiyang, wh, what Vi, Village Chief Ma? Before him, they ar, are nothing more than trash. With a sin, single fart from Miao Renlong, he wo, would be able to bur, burst them into pieces, tear ap, apart their flesh and cru, crush their bones,” Wang Qiang said in a very exaggerated manner.

“What do you plan to do? Where are you planning to go now? Your injuries are still not completely healed, right?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Wi, with how en, enormous the world is, I can go, go anywhere. I ju, just don’t enjoy sta, staying in a single place.”

“Wh, what’s wrong? You’re rel, reluctant to pa, part with me?”

“It’s no pro, problem. If fate has it, we wi, will definitely meet again. I shall ta, take my leave now, fa, farewell.” As Wang Qiang spoke, he cupped his fist toward Chu Feng. After that, he entered the formation to exit the village and left.

“Heh… this Wang Qiang, he is truly interesting,” As Chu Feng watched Wang Qiang leave, he smiled lightly. This Wang Qiang was most definitely a weirdo. However, he was not annoying. At the very least, Chu Feng was not annoyed by him. On the contrary, Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang was extremely amusing.

Even though Chu Feng had not known Wang Qiang for long, from how Wang Qiang was willing to deliver the goods that he had lost to Chu Feng in such a straightforward manner, Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang was not a person with a bad moral nature.

“Chu Feng.” Right at this time, the voice of an old man sounded from behind Chu Feng.

“Grandpa Song, what has brought you here?” Turning his head around, Chu Feng discovered that it was Grandpa Song. Thus, he hurriedly walked over.

After coming to the Sealing Ancient Village, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin had looked after Chu Feng very well. As such, Chu Feng felt a deep amount of respect for Grandpa Song and Granny Lin.

“Lord Village Chief and Lord Miao are calling for you. They said that they have something they need to tell you,” Grandpa Song said.

Hearing that, Chu Feng immediately began to follow Grandpa Song, and soon arrived at the location where Old Village Chief Ma and Elder Miao were chatting.

This place was that ancient pagoda. At this moment, the door to the ancient pagoda was wide open. After Grandpa Song brought Chu Feng into the ancient pagoda, he immediately took his leave. As he left, he made sure to close the doors to the ancient pagoda. It was as if he was not qualified to stay in this place.

At this moment, only two people were here. They were Old Village Chief Ma and Miao Renlong.

“Chu Feng pays his respect to the two seniors,” Facing the two of them, Chu Feng had to greet them courteously. That was because the two of them had both helped him before; they were his benefactors.

“Sigh, little friend Chu Feng, there are no strangers here. There is no need for you to stand on ceremony,” Seeing that, Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma both walked towards Chu Feng and stopped his courteous gesture of greeting.

“Actually, I have come here mainly for one matter. That is, to ask Village Chief Ma for a sealing technique and to borrow some Sealing Glacial Water to use. Village Chief Ma was extremely frank, and had already agreed to my requests. He has already taught me the sealing technique and given me a sufficient amount of Sealing Glacial Water.”

Elder Miao seemed to know that Chu Feng was curious as to why he had come here, and actually began to explain the reason that had brought him here to Chu Feng.

This sort of treatment that Elder Miao was giving Chu Feng caused even Old Village Chief Ma who was beside them to be stunned. He was already able to tell that Elder Miao thought very highly of Chu Feng.

“Lord Miao is being too modest. You have exchanged for them with a precious item. It is clearly you who is losing out and I who received a small advantage. How could you speak of me so highly?” Old Village Chief Ma said in a very ashamed manner.

From his happy appearance, Chu Feng was able to tell that the item that Elder Miao had given him in exchange for the sealing technique and Sealing Glacial Water was most definitely of higher value. Old Village Chief Ma had not lost out in the exchange. Else, he would not have been this happy.

When mentioning this, Chu Feng felt an even greater admiration for Elder Miao. When the other people from the World Spiritist Alliance came here, they would use all sorts of methods to insist that they be given Sealing Glacial Water without giving the Sealing Ancient Village any compensation at all.

Yet, Elder Miao, even with his strength and status, did not try to seize the items he wanted by force. Instead, he exchanged for them with an item of higher value. To be able to accomplish such a feat with his status was no easy matter.

A person like Elder Miao was what a true expert really was. A true expert would not fear the strong and bully the weak.

Only a true expert like that would be a grand character. Only a grand character like that would receive esteemed admiration from others.

“Sigh, Village Chief Ma, what you have said is incorrect. I came here with a request for you. If you refused to help me, then no matter how many items I were to take out, it would all be useless. Thus, it remains that you have helped me greatly,” Elder Miao said in a very thankful manner.

After hearing what Elder Miao said, Old Village Chief Ma could only force a smile and refute no further. It could be seen that Old Village Chief Ma was very fond of dealing with a person like Elder Miao.

“Chu Feng, I have finished settling the matter that brought me here. Right now, I plan to leave this place. However, when I came, I never would’ve expected that I’d run into you.”

“Since I’ve managed to meet you again here, it can be said to be fate. Also, it just so happens that there are some events that are about to happen in our World Spiritist Alliance soon. Thus, I wish to invite little friend Chu Feng to be a guest of our World Spiritist Alliance. Little friend Chu Feng, might you be willing to accept my invitation?” Elder Miao asked with a smile on his face.

“Is Sima Ying still in the World Spiritist Alliance?” Chu Feng asked. He was not interested in knowing what was about to happen in the World Spiritist Alliance. What he was interested in right now was finding Sima Ying. Only by finding Sima Ying would he be able to do what he had to do next.

“Ying’er is still there,” Elder Miao nodded his head.

“I promised her that I would go and visit her. With how coincidental this is, and how senior Miao has invited me with such magnificent hospitality, Chu Feng is willing to go to the World Spiritist Alliance,” Chu Feng was eager to find Sima Ying. With Elder Miao inviting him, it was a rare opportunity for him. Thus, Chu Feng would naturally not miss out on this opportunity.

“Haha, good. In that case, let’s leave now,” Seeing that Chu Feng agreed to it, Elder Miao actually started to laugh. It seemed that he was truly happy.

After that, Chu Feng and Elder Miao arrived at the Sealing Ancient Village’s exit while being seen off by the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village. They were planning to set off to leave for the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Little friend Chu Feng, wait a moment,” Right at the moment when Chu Feng and Elder Miao were preparing to leave, Old Village Chief Ma suddenly shouted.