Chapter 1388 - Miao Renlong

MGA: Chapter 1388 - Miao Renlong [ long → man, dragon. Aka. dragon among men.]

The sudden change brought shock to everyone. Especially the expression of surprise and unease on Sun Feiyang’s face, it caused a large amount of confusion among the crowd.

As they saw the withered palm that had blocked Sun Feiyang’s Royal Armament ax, the crowd was able to guess that the person who had come was most likely an extraordinary character. However, for that person to be able to scare Sun Feiyang, what sort of divine being was he?

“Little friend Chu Feng, how have you been? I never would’ve thought that we’d meet again so soon.”

At this time when everyone was guessing who it might be, an old man walked out from the twisted space. With a smile on his face, he looked to Chu Feng.

“Senior Miao!!!” When he saw this person, Chu Feng was both overjoyed and in deep shock.

That was because this person was a management world spiritist of the World Spiritist Alliance, and a person who had a very good relationship with Sima Ying, Elder Miao. On the day that Chu Feng had seen Sima Ying back at the World Spiritist Alliance, he had met this Elder Miao.

However, he was confused. Why would Elder Miao come to this place for no reason at all? If Sun Feiyang had come for the sake of obtaining Sealing Glacial Water, then for what reason did Elder Miao come here? He couldn’t possibly have come all this way to save Chu Feng, right? That would be a bit too unrealistic. After all, Elder Miao shouldn’t have known where Chu Feng was.

However, regardless, Chu Feng was delighted in his heart. After all, Elder Miao’s cultivation was immensely powerful. Back then, Chu Feng had still not been certain as to how powerful Elder Miao was. However, now he was certain that Elder Miao’s cultivation was even more powerful than this Sun Feiyang and Old Village Chief Ma. In fact, he was even stronger than Hong Qiang.

“Miao Renlong, Lord Miao,” At this moment, many of the management elders from the Sealing Ancient Village managed to recognize Elder Miao. All those who managed to recognize him were unable to contain their shock.

“We pay our respects to Lord Miao,” In an instant, the villagers of the Sealing Ancient Village all bowed to greet Elder Miao.

“We pay our respects to Elder Miao,” In fact, even the fearless Huang Feng, Sun Lei and the others did not dare to neglect their courtesy toward Elder Miao and all greeted him with the proper etiquette.

Even though Chu Feng did not know exactly what sort of status Elder Miao possessed in the World Spiritist Alliance, from the reaction of the crowd, he was able to tell that Elder Miao was most likely a very influential grand character. Else, with Sun Feiyang’s personality, he would definitely not cower like so.

“Lord Miao, wh, why would you come to this place?” Sure enough, at this moment, even Sun Feiyang did not dare to act brash. Furthermore, he who was also a management world spiritist actually addressed Elder Miao as ‘Lord.’ Furthermore, his tone was extremely respectful. All of this came as a great surprise.

“Why would I come here? Sun Feiyang, that should be the question that I should be asking you. Why are you here? Also, why were you attacking little friend Chu Feng? Why did you injure Village Chief Ma?” Elder Miao asked with a cold voice.

“This…” Sun Feiyang started to frown deeply. He seemed to not know how to explain.

“Senior Miao, if you don’t mind, this junior can explain to you what happened,” Chu Feng said.

“Why are you speaking? You should look at yourself and see what sort of status you possess. Since when did someone like you become qualified to speak here?” Seeing that Chu Feng was trying to explain, Sun Feiyang immediately spoke to stop him. He deeply feared that Chu Feng would add details to his story.

“Shut up!” However, before Sun Feiyang could finish, Elder Maio lashed out at him. Then, with a very amiable tone, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “If little friend Chu Feng knows about what happened, please go ahead and explain what has happened.”

This scene caused Sun Feiyang’s expression to become extremely ugly. However, he could do nothing other than lower his head in silence. As for the other observers, they too were extremely shocked.

How grand of a character was Elder Miao? All of them knew his status very well. Yet, Chu Feng was a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. It came as a great surprise to all of them that Chu Feng knew Elder Miao. Furthermore, at this moment, Elder Miao’s attitude towards Chu Feng was very good. This surpassed all of their imaginations.

They who did not know about the reason began to think that Chu Feng’s origins might be even more extraordinary. To them, that was the reason why even Elder Miao was treating Chu Feng so well.

“Thank you senior Miao.”

After that, Chu Feng did not hesitate. Although he did not try to add details to his story, he truthfully told the course of events to Elder Miao.

After hearing what Chu Feng narrated, the complexions of Sun Feiyang and the others all turned ashen. They stood there in silence with their heads lowered like little children who had been bad. They did not even dare to raise their eyes to glance at Elder Miao. From head to toe, they emitted a single word -- cowardice.

As for Elder Miao, he merely took a glance at them with his relatively angry gaze. Then, he left a single sentence.

“You all have truly disgraced our World Spiritist Alliance’s face. The reputation of our World Spiritist Alliance has been ruined by people like you. Why are you still standing there, immediately apologize to little friend Chu Feng, little friend Wang Qiang, Village Chief Ma and the people of the Sealing Ancient Village!”

Elder Miao’s words were extremely strict. He had handled matters justly and won over the crowd. In fact, it was even a bit unbelievable. After all, an expert like Elder Miao that did not discriminate in favor of his own people was truly rare.

However, the matter that was even more unbelievable was not Elder Miao’s attitude. Instead, it was the fact that Sun Feiyang and the others actually began to apologize immediately after hearing Elder Miao’s words.

Even though they were not sincere in the slightest, they nevertheless apologized and admitted their wrongdoings. For people as arrogant as them to perform a feat like a public apology, what did it mean? No, it was not that they had become aware of their mistakes and were trying to change. Instead, it meant that Elder Miao was truly extraordinary and was capable of suppressing them, causing them to not dare to go against his words.

After that, Elder Miao personally apologized to Chu Feng and the others. Then, he personally helped heal Old Village Chief Ma.

After Old Village Chief Ma’s injuries were healed, Elder Miao went to chat with Old Village Chief Ma about some matters. As for Sun Feiyang and the others, after being reprimanded by Elder Miao, they had already long left the Sealing Ancient Village. Likely, none of them would dare to return again.

At this moment, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were still in the Sealing Ancient Village. However, Wang Qiang insisted that he had to leave. Thus, Chu Feng wanted to see him off.

“As, as ex, expected of Mi, Miao Renlong. Ev, even Sun Feiyang di, did not da, dare to ac, act arrogant be, be, before him. Tha, that impo, imposingness, I like.”

“So, sooner or later, I to, too will become some, someone like that,” Enroute, Wang Qiang was commending Elder Miao in a very admiring manner.

“Wang Qiang, exactly what sort of status does senior Miao possess in the World Spiritist Alliance for even Sun Feiyang to fear him like that?” Seeing that Wang Qiang seemed to know about Elder Miao, Chu Feng asked him curiously.

“Fu, fuck! Ar, are you kidding? Don’t you kn, know him? You ac, actually don’t know abo, about him?” Wang Qiang looked to Chu Feng with an expression of astonishment, as if he were looking at a fool.

“Although I have met senior Miao once before, I truly do not know much about him,” Chu Feng shook his head in an embarrassed manner.

“Sigh, for, forget about it. Yo, you are not, not someone from here. It is no, no wonder th, that you do no, not know about him.”

“This Miao Renlong poss, possesses a very po, powerful cultivation. His wo, world spirit techniques are ve, very powerful too. Sin, since a thousand years ago, he had been cho, chosen by the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly. However, he re, refused to enter the World Spiritist Sacred Ass, Assembly to train and de, decided to remain in the Wo, World Spiritist Alliance.”

“I’ve he, heard that ei, eighty-eight years ago, the Wo, World Spiritist Sacred Assembly vo, voted for him to be, become the alliance master of the World Spiritist Alliance. Ho, however, he re, refused it. That is the re, reason why the status of the World Spiritist Alliance’s alliance master end, ended up in the hands of the current alliance master.”

“Th, therefore, al, although Miao Renlong’s st, status in the World Sp, Spiritist Alliance is only tha, that of a management world spiritist, not to men, mention Sun Feiyang and them, ev, even the alliance master hi, himself would be cour, courteous toward Miao Renlong,” Wang Qiang said with a serious expression.