Chapter 1378 - The Husband In The Queen’s Heart

MGA: Chapter 1378 - The Husband In The Queen’s Heart

That evening, Wang Qiang left the Sealing Ancient Village. No one knew where he had gone to.

Thus, when compared to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang’s identity appeared to be even more mysterious.

However, this was already something that no longer mattered. That was because after the competitions between Chu Feng and Huang Feng, and then Chu Feng and Sun Lei, Chu Feng’s brilliance had completely overshadowed Wang Qiang. At this time, regardless of whether they might be guests who had left or the villagers of the Ancient Sealing Village, the only thing on their minds was Chu Feng.

The only person who was wondering about Wang Qiang’s origins was Chu Feng. That was because after Chu Feng finished refining that piece of dung-like item obtained from Wang Qiang, Chu Feng, as he had anticipated, reached a breakthrough.

The current Chu Feng now possessed a cultivation of rank six Martial King. In the Holy Land of Martialism, that sort of cultivation could be said to be insignificant. Among the same younger generation, Chu Feng’s cultivation àacould not be considered to be the strongest either. At the very most, it could only be said to be in the middle of the pack.

However, his cultivation of rank six Martial King, if it were to be placed in the Eastern Sea Region, would make him a peak level existence. With Chu Feng’s battle power and his current cultivation, he would become a legend unstoppable by anyone in the Eastern Sea Region. It would not even be excessive for him to be declared a god.

However, how old was Chu Feng? He was merely in his early twenties.

If the experts of the older generation from the Eastern Sea Region were to find out about Chu Feng’s current strength, who knew what their frame of mind would be.

“I wonder how Zi Ling and the others are doing right now.”

“Are those seniors that have given me pointers and my Chu family’s brothers and sisters still doing well?”

At this moment, Chu Feng was standing next to the window and looking at the moon. He started to subconsciously recall his relatives, friends and beloved women that he had left behind in the Eastern Sea Region.

It was already not the first or second time that he recalled those people who were deeply related to him. After all, for a person that is struggling alone in a foreign land, even if that person were a very strong and determined man, they would nevertheless have moments of loneliness.

“I truly wonder when I will be able to see you all again.”

“I truly hope for that day to come sooner. However… the current me is still incapable of protecting you all.”

“The current me is still too weak. I truly do not know when I will be strong enough that I can protect you all from harm, protect all that I cherish.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he looked to his right fist that was tightly clenched. He began to clench his right fist tighter and tighter. At the same time, the feeling in Chu Feng’s heart grew more and more complicated.

Unknowingly, Chu Feng had already been in the Holy Land of Martialism for over a year now. In this period of over a year, Chu Feng’s cultivation had gone from rank eight Martial Lord to rank six Martial King.

A cultivation speed like this could be said to be astonishingly fast. It was something that some people were unable to accomplish in their entire life or even several lifetimes.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng was still very dissatisfied with his own speed of progress. That was because the responsibility that he shouldered was truly too enormous. It was so heavy that ordinary people could not imagine it.

Even though his speed of progress was extremely fast, even though he had greatly distanced himself from the companions that he had previously fought with, he knew very well that, in the Outer World, within that unknown family of his, were countless geniuses.

Those geniuses all possessed the same surname as him. Flowing within them was the same blood as his own. They were all of the same Bloodline.

However, the accomplishments that they obtained were completely different. At the time when Chu Feng had still been struggling persistently for cultivation resources, even risking his life in the process, he was able to imagine that those geniuses possessed a boundless amount of cultivation resources for them to use.

To them, increasing their cultivation might be an extremely simple and trivial matter.

Although Chu Feng did not know what sort of cultivation those people of his same generation would have in his family in the Outer World, he was able to guess that those people would definitely be very powerful, way more powerful than the current him. Perhaps any random one of them would be able to suppress all of the people of his same generation in the Holy Land of Martialism.

When even the younger generation was like this, what would the older generation be like?

A family like that, how powerful would it be? A family like that, how frightening would it be?

However, it was precisely that family that would become Chu Feng’s major enemy in the future, the existence that he must defeat.

Facing an unknown major enemy like his family, how could Chu Feng, with his current cultivation, possibly amount to anything? Perhaps, to say that he would be an ant before them would already be speaking highly of himself.

“Sigh~~~~~~” Thinking up to this point, Chu Feng heaved a deep sigh. Small and weak, when would he be able to finally break away from how small and weak he was?

Sensing Chu Feng’s worry, Eggy said to him, “Chu Feng, do not give yourself too much pressure. In these sorts of circumstances, relying only on yourself, proceeding step by step with only your strength, the speed at which you progress is very fast already.”

“I believe that your parents would not blame you. I also believe that you will, sooner or later, be able to become powerful. During this period of time, this queen will always accompany you. Rest assured, with me here, there will not be any mishaps.”

Eggy’s voice was very gentle and soft. It was very rare for her to act like this. However, every time she acted so gentle and soft, Chu Feng’s heart would be melted by her.

No matter how vexed and depressed Chu Feng was feeling, as long as he heard Eggy’s gentle and soft voice, he would forget about all those things that displeased him and find the power to continue forward.

“Fortunately I have you, Milady Queen.”

“With how good you’ve been to me, how am I to repay you? How about this, I shall devote my life to you and take you as my wife, what do you think?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. With how beautiful Her Lady Queen was, to be able to occasionally poke fun at her was one’s fortune.

A chance like that was not something that everyone possessed. As for Chu Feng, who possessed this great fortune, the opportunity to tease Her Lady Queen, he would naturally never grow tired of it and use it as often as he could.

“Devote your life to me? You must know that this queen’s requirements for her future husband are extremely high,” Eggy lifted her little face upward, stuck out her little mouth and spoke in a very arrogant yet lovable manner.

Had it been before, Chu Feng would have stopped with only a laugh. However, this time around, Chu Feng grew serious at the words Eggy said to him. He asked, “How high is extremely high? Doesn’t hurt to tell me about it, no?”

“Heh, you really wish to know?” Seeing how serious Chu Feng was, a mischievous smile appeared on Eggy’s face.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head earnestly.

“Then, this queen will not tell you about it,” Eggy said mischievously.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt helpless. He knew that he had been played for a fool by Eggy. Turned out that his teasing of her this time had ended up in failure again.

However, to his surprise, right at this moment, Eggy added, “My future husband must be the strongest man in this world.”

“Strongest man?” Chu Feng was startled. The world was so enormously large. He had not even been to the Outer World where his family was located. In that case, what sort of person would the strongest man in this world be? What would that person look like? Who would that person be?

“Eggy, who is that strongest man?” After hesitating over and over again, Chu Feng asked. For some unknown reason, after he asked those words, as he waited for Eggy to answer him, Chu Feng’s heartbeat began to speed up and he started to feel restless.

“Idiot, how would I know something like that? This world of yours is extremely mysterious. This queen still has a lot of things that she doesn’t know about your world. I don’t even know exactly how big this world of yours really is,” Eggy curled her lips.

Then, she said, “Boy, you need to continue to put forth effort. This queen is still hoping that you will bring me to experience the rest of this world.”

“Okay, I promise you that. I will personally bring you along and experience the entire world with you,” Chu Feng vowed with a smile on his face. He was filled with confidence.

“You cannot go back on your words,” After hearing Chu Feng’s answer, Eggy’s smile became even sweeter.

Even though the two of them knew very well how far-reaching and distant this goal was, to the point that it could even be said to be unrealistic to the current them, a person must have a goal to continue living.

As for this, it was the goal of their journey, the light of their path. For this, they would struggle with their all. Even if they were only able to grow a bit closer to this goal of theirs, they would feel joy and smile from the bottoms of their hearts.

“Chu Feng, I know you’re in this Sealing Ancient Village! Get your ass out for your daddy right now!!!”

Right at this moment, a resounding voice suddenly exploded from the entrance of the Sealing Ancient Village and shattered the tranquility of the night.