Chapter 1377 - Definitely Capable Of Breaking Through

MGA: Chapter 1377 - Definitely Capable Of Breaking Through

After this, Chu Feng chatted with Old Village Chief Ma for a while and asked Old Village Chief Ma some questions to get an approximate time frame at which the Sealing Glacier had been stolen.

After comparing the time frame with that of the events surrounding Sima Huolie’s death, Chu Feng discovered that the timeframe at which the Sealing Glacier has been stolen was after Sima Huolie’s death but before Chu Feng’s arrival in the Alliance Domain.

With Han Helai’s abilities, it was extremely possible that he had returned to the Alliance Domain after killing Sima Huolie.

Thus, after considering the timing, Chu Feng felt that it was even more likely that the person who had stolen the Sealing Glacier was indeed Han Helai.

“Senior Ma, that person is my enemy and also the enemy of my friend. One of my friend’s relatives were all killed by that bastard.”

“As for that bastard, he is extremely powerful, cunning and hard to deal with.”

“If I can ascertain that bastard to be the person who stole the Sealing Glacier, it would mean that we have a common enemy.”

“At that time, would it be possible for me to inform my friend, or the people closest to my friend, about the matter that has happened in the Sealing Ancient Village so that they can help you handle that person together?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s no problem. As long as we can find the person who stole the Sealing Glacier, nothing will be an issue. Even if you were to announce to the entire world that our Sealing Ancient Village has had its Sealing Glacer stolen, it would not be a problem either,” Old Village Chief Ma vowed. It could be seen that recovering the Sealing Glacier was much more important to him.

“In that case, this matter will be a lot easier to deal with,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled and nodded. He had actually already thought of a plan.

Chu Feng planned to leave for the World Spiritist Alliance to find Sima Ying in order to have her help him find items in the World Spiritist Alliance that might contain Han Helai’s aura. Chu Feng felt that, as Han Helai had been in the World Spiritist Alliance for so long, he would definitely have left behind many items that contained his aura.

After he found the items, he would return here with Sima Ying and have Old Village Chief Ma use the formation to determine whether or not the person who had stolen the Sealing Glacier was Han Helai.

If the person who had stolen the Sealing Glacier wasn’t Han Helai, then there would be nothing that they could do.

However, if the person that had stolen the Sealing Glacier was Han Helai, then everything would be much easier to deal with.

Chu Feng could have Sima Ying contact the experts from the World Spiritists Alliance and have them come to the Sealing Ancient Village. Then, through using the special formation in the Sealing Ancient Village, they could track down Han Helai’s location.

As long as they were able to find out where Han Helai was, not only would they be able to recover the Sealing Glacier, they would also be able to help Sima Ying eliminate her great enemy and avenge her relatives.

“Little friend Chu Feng, if you truly are capable of helping me find who it is that has stolen our Sealing Glacier, then I, Ma, will definitely thank you after we recover the Sealing Glacier,” Old Village Chief Ma said.

“Senior Ma, even if you wish to thank me, you should wait until I actually manage to help you before doing so,” Chu Feng did not decline the Old Village Chief Ma from wanting to thank him. Merely, he was not extremely hopeful either. After all, before he could retrieve the Sealing Glacier, everything else was only empty talk.

“Mn, little friend Chu Feng, in that case, when do you plan to leave?” Old Village Chief Ma asked.

“I’m planning to leave today,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I know that you want to quickly confirm this matter. However, even if you are urgently trying to help me, I think that it would still be better for you to leave after several more days,” Old Village Chief Ma said.

“Senior Ma, is there something that you need?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, this old man doesn’t have any matter that he must attend to. Merely, according to my understanding of the World Spiritist Alliance, they would not have come to our Sealing Ancient Village to provoke us without any backing behind them. This is particularly true for those four youngsters.”

“Thus, I think that, according to the way the World Spiritist Alliance has conducted matters, the four of them will have a backing behind them. If I’m not mistaken, they will soon find their helper and return to the Sealing Ancient Village to create trouble for you.”

“At that time, if you are to stay in the Sealing Ancient Village, this old man will be able to protect you. After all, you are a guest of our Sealing Ancient Village. Logically and reasonably, I should be protecting you.”

“However, if you are to depart from the Sealing Ancient Village, it would be difficult for me to protect you. If you are to encounter them the moment you leave, it will have become dangerous for you.”

“Thus, little friend Chu Feng, for the sake of your safety, it’s better for you to stay for some time,” Old Village Chief Ma said.

“Very well, I shall do as senior Ma suggests,” Chu Feng was no fool. He knew that Old Village Chief Ma most definitely wanted to find the person who had stolen the Sealing Glacier more than anyone else.

Yet, at this time, he actually spoke for Chu Feng to wait. This meant that he was definitely not lying and was truly thinking about Chu Feng’s safety.

However, Chu Feng felt it ironic that the people that would be able to help him now were precisely the people of the World Spiritist Alliance. However, the greatest danger to him was also certain people from the World Spiritist Alliance. It seemed that he and the World Spiritist Alliance were truly brought together by fate.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng did not plan to bring up Sima Ying as a protective shield. After all, Sima Ying was only a person from the younger generation. Furthermore, there was no proof that he was related to her in any way. Even if he were to bring her up, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance might not necessarily trust him.

Thus, even though Sun Lei, Huang Feng and the others would be bringing helpers and trouble back to him, Chu Feng had no choice but to take shelter in the Sealing Ancient Village and resolve the problem himself.

After this, Chu Feng returned to the Sealing Ancient Village and the residence provided to him by Old Village Chief Ma.

On that same day, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin came to find Chu Feng. They firmly believed that Chu Feng had been wrongfully accused in the spirit power competition earlier. Thus, they came to apologize to Chu Feng on behalf of the Sealing Ancient Village.

This matter was simply unrelated to them. Yet, the two of them had previously tried to stick up for Chu Feng. Thus, the impression Chu Feng had of Grandpa Song and Granny Lin was superb. Not only did he have no intention of blaming them, he even felt very grateful towards them.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, after Grandpa Song and Granny Lin, the three Zhou siblings, Zhou Long, Zhou Hu and Zhou Feng, also arrived at his door.

Their purpose in coming was also a major surprise to Chu Feng. They had actually come to apologize and admit their mistakes. If they had apologized to Chu Feng earlier because Old Village Chief Ma had forced them to, then this time around, they were most definitely doing it out of sincerity.

That was because, other than apologizing and admitting their mistake to Chu Feng, they even spoke of many other things. The general content of their words were mostly apologies, asking for Chu Feng to not take this matter to heart, to give them another chance and, if possible, that they wished to be able to befriend Chu Feng.

From those words, it could be seen that the three of them truly wished to be able to alleviate the bad relationship they had with Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he was not a petty-minded person. Since they were so sincere in their apologies and they had not truly done anything to him, Chu Feng decided to give them the opportunity to befriend him.

After the three Zhou siblings left, many other villagers from the Sealing Ancient VIllage came to visit Chu Feng. Furthermore, they all came bearing gifts.

They were all people who wished to have a connection with Chu Feng after finding out how powerful he was. For those who are strong, there will always be countless people who wished to approach them, that was simply human nature.

However, Chu Feng was someone who disliked dealing with these sorts of people. Had it been any other time, Chu Feng would definitely not have bothered with them.

Merely, it was somewhat different this time around. After all, he was a guest of theirs. As the saying goes, a guest should comply with the master. As they had come to visit him bearing goodwill and gifts, it was unbefitting of Chu Feng to refuse them.

Later on, it was Grandpa Song and Granny Lin who noticed that Chu Feng was starting to feel annoyed. They stood forward and declared that Chu Feng needed to take a proper rest and completely blocked all of the villagers who wished to deepen their relationship with Chu Feng from the doors.

However, the two of them were unable to block one person. As for that person, it was Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang’s purpose in coming to visit Chu Feng also came as a surprise to him. He had actually come to deliver treasures to Chu Feng.

As for the treasures, it was not only the Cosmos Sack that contained all of his treasures, there was also the item that Chu Feng longed for the most, the dung-like cultivation resource.

Logically, these were items that Chu Feng had won in the bet against Wang Qiang.

However, Wang Qiang coming to deliver these items to Chu Feng of his own initiative came as a great surprise to Chu Feng.

After all, Wang Qiang’s manner of conduct was extremely shameless. Logically, it was simply impossible for him to take the initiative to admit his defeat and even deliver the treasures to the person he had been defeated by.

Yet, that was precisely what Wang Qiang did. Thus, this gave Chu Feng a whole new level of understanding regarding Wang Qiang.

He felt that Wang Qiang was a person who stood out from the masses, a person who was truly unfathomable. Yet, for some unknown reason, he felt that Wang Qiang’s character was pretty good too.

After that, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang chatted for some time. Chu Feng discovered that Old Village Chief Ma had also asked Wang Qiang to stay in the Sealing Ancient Village for a couple more days. Furthermore, he had also secretly given Wang Qiang double the rewards that he should have received for the second place in the spirit power competition.

Furthermore, Old Village Chief Ma also promised Wang Qiang that he would definitely return his innocence to him within a year’s time.

However, Wang Qiang was not planning to stay in the Sealing Ancient Village for long. It turned out that the reason why he had come to urgently hand the items that he had lost in the gamble against Chu Feng was because he was planning to leave. He had come to bid his farewell to Chu Feng.

“That stutterer, he actually did not take the items that he had lost to you and leave in secret and instead came to bring them to you. That’s different from his usual shamelessness.”

“After all… this competition of spirit power, when looking at it from an outsider’s point of view, both you and Wang Qiang cheated. As such, no matter how extraordinary your results might be, they would all be useless. As such, he would have had a reason to not hand those items to you. Yet, he still did,” After Wang Qiang left, Eggy spoke in a very surprised manner.

“Although his manner of conduct is extremely shameless, his moral character is not shameless. Someone like him, perhaps he might appear to be a bad person on the surface, but he is actually not bad at all,” Chu Feng said.

“It seems that you are truly fond of that stutterer,” Eggy smiled mischievously.

“I truly possess some appreciation for this Wang Qiang. However, compared to him, I am more fond of this thing that he has given me,” As Chu Feng spoke, he looked to the black substance in his hand. Sensing the energy contained within it, Chu Feng displayed a smile of joy.

This time around, Chu Feng was practically certain that as long as he refined it, he would definitely be able to achieve a breakthrough to rank six Martial King.