Chapter 1326 - Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower

MGA: Chapter 1326 - Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower

At the beginning, Chu Feng was curious as to what exactly Hong Qiang wanted to show him.

However, when they began to walk on that familiar path, Chu Feng managed to guess what it was that Hong Qiang wanted to show him.

He was planning to show him the Natural Oddity in the depths of the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

Sure enough, Hong Qiang brought Chu Feng to the entrance where the Natural Oddity was contained.

Not only did he appear to be very familiar with the path, his technique in unsealing the formation around the entrance was even more profound than Chu Feng’s; it was extremely efficient and skillful.

Not only was Hong Qiang’s strength unfathomably deep, he was also an extremely powerful royal-cloak world spiritist.

The strength of a world spiritist could be determined by their spirit power.

As for spirit power, one could determine what level of spirit power a person possessed through their appearance.

White, gray, blue, purple, and gold. These five different kinds of world spirit powers were very easy to differentiate from one another due to their different colors.

However, when one reached the royal level of spirit power, the method of differentiation would be different from the five previous levels.

Royal level world spirit power was still golden in color. Merely, its golden color was quite different from normal gold-colored spirit power.

Not only was the royal level spirit power’s golden color even more golden and oppressive than the gold color’s spirit power, it also had a unique sort of visual impact. From a single glance, anyone could tell that the royal level spirit power greatly surpassed ordinary gold-colored spirit power, and they would begin to feel fear from the bottoms of their hearts.

However, the most important differentiation was that the royal level spirit power was no longer a simple change in color. Instead, it also contained a change in nature.

Contained within royal level spirit power were special sorts of veined marks that appeared like symbols and runes.

As for these veined marks, they were separated into three different types: Insect Mark, Snake Mark and Dragon Mark.

The different kinds of marks signified the difference in strength between royal level spirit power.

In other words, royal level spirit power was separated into three tiers. The Insect Mark was the lowest and weakest, the Snake Mark was the middle and the Dragon Mark was the strongest.

Thus, according to the strength of their royal level spirit power, royal-cloak world spiritists were separated into three different tiers.

They were the Insect Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists, the Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists and the strongest Dragon Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists.

Chu Feng had encountered several royal-cloak world spiritists already.

However, regardless of whether it might be the head of the Cyanwood Mountain’s Medicine Concocting Department Elder Hong Mo, Sima Ying’s grandfather Sima Huolie, Bai Ruochen’s mother, or the peak expert of the Cyanwood Mountain, Half Martial Emperor White Ape, they would all emit Insect Mark royal level spirit energy when using spirit techniques.

Yet, before him, when Hong Qiang was setting up spirit formations, contained within his royal level spirit power were not Insect Marks. Instead, there were Snake Marks.

In other words, Hong Qiang’s world spirit techniques surpassed that of Elder Hong Mo, Sima Huolie, Bai Ruochen’s mother and Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

With this sort of ability, it was no wonder that Chu Feng had been unable to do anything to the spirit gate that he had set up. That was because, compared to Hong Qiang, Chu Feng’s spirit technique was simply on a completely different level. After all, Hong Qiang was a Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

It was said that a true royal-cloak world spiritist would be an existence that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism. As for those royal-cloak world spiritists, they would be the Dragon Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists.

However, this did not mean that Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists were weak. At the very least, in the Holy Land of Martialism, Snake Marked Royal-cloak World Spiritists would still be considered to be true experts.

Hong Qiang was a true expert. He was an expert who was capable of obtaining footing in the Holy Land of Martialism. He was the strongest person Chu Feng had encountered since his arrival in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Inevitably, this led to Chu Feng feeling a greater amount of reverence for Hong Qiang.

Thus, Chu Feng did not ask anything and continued to follow Hong Qiang. He wanted to see exactly what sort of appearance that Natural Oddity possessed.

After they entered the cave, the two of them continued forward, only stopping when they arrived at the world spirit gate that had blocked Chu Feng last time around.

Sure enough, this world spirit gate had indeed been set up by Hong Qiang. That was because Hong Qiang managed to open the world spirit gate with barely any effort.

However, this powerful world spirit gate was not the only obstacle. After passing through it, they encountered many more world spirit gates.

Adding all the world spirit gates together, they numbered a total of twenty-one. Every successive world spirit gate was tougher and harder to open than the one before.

Furthermore, between the twenty-one world spirit gates were thirty eight world spirit traps. Although their appearances were all different, they were all extremely powerful. Each and every one of the traps contained enough power to tear apart Chu Feng’s body, crush his bones and scatter his soul.

As for these, they too had been set up by Hong Qiang. For the sake of protecting this Natural Oddity, Hong Qiang had taken great pains to think of and set up all of them.

However, after they opened the twenty-first world spirit gate, they finally arrived at the end of the cave.

At this moment, what appeared before Chu Feng was an enormous cave. This cave could be said to be a stand-alone world.

In the center region of the cave was an enormously monstrous item. It was a lotus flower, an enormous lotus flower.

This lotus flower was extremely magnificent in appearance. Its height reached a hundred meters, and its width was close to a thousand meters. Furthermore, it was no ordinary lotus flower, as its body was formed of a special kind of metal.

That metal was no ordinary metal either, because surrounding that metal were raging flames.

As for those raging flames, they also were not ordinary flames, for they appeared to be capable of burning all living things.

However, what shocked and brought fear upon Chu Feng the most was not its outer appearance. Instead, it was its oppressive aura, that sort of aura capable of penetrating one’s heart and soul, yet also seeming to possess the might to destroy the world.

That lotus flower was extremely powerful. It was so powerful that even Chu Feng began to sweat cold bullets upon sensing its aura up close.

Fortunately, this lotus flower was sealed off by many layers of spirit formations. Else, with merely its aura, this lotus flower would be capable of killing Chu Feng.

As for this enormous Lotus Flower, it was naturally the Natural Oddity that had been growing here for many years.

“What do you think? Are you satisfied with me bringing you to see this item?” Hong Qiang asked with a smile on his face.

“Senior Hong Qiang, so you already knew that I’ve been here,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

“Boy, you don’t have to flatter me. Hadn’t you already guessed that it was me who had sealed this place off?” Hong Qiang asked.

“Heh.” Chu Feng laughed awkwardly. Indeed, he had guessed that to be the case. Else, he would not have caused that havoc to force Hong Qiang out.

“This item, it’s shocking, no?” Hong Qiang asked.

“Yes, it’s very shocking indeed. It is even more powerful than I imagined it to be. However, it appears to be extremely dangerous,” Chu Feng said. He was speaking his true feelings.

That was because he was able to sense how frightening this lotus-shaped Natural Oddity was.

Had it not been for Hong Qiang’s spirit formations suppressing it, then it was very possible for this lotus-shaped Natural Oddity to already be massacring everything. How else would it possibly allow Chu Feng and Hong Qiang to behave so casually in its territory?

“Of course it’s very powerful. This thing is called the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. It is an extremely fierce and cruel Natural Oddity.”

“Fortunately, this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower has yet to mature. Else, even I would not be a match for it.”

“In fact, even the current me is only able to temporarily suppress it. Furthermore, the most frightening part is that it’s still growing. If it continues to grow, it will mature sooner or later.”

“At that time, my seals will not be able to stop it anymore. I myself, will also not be able to stop it.”

“Once it breaks through the seals around it, it will definitely not let me, the person who has sealed it here, off.”

“Furthermore, the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest will be met with a calamity, and might be completely extinguished.”

When Hong Qiang said those words, his face was filled with seriousness. He was definitely not joking around.