Chapter 1325 - An Item

MGA: Chapter 1325 - An Item

“Lord Head, you…”

At this moment, senior brother Shao and the others were standing there in a petrified manner. Their faces were filled with ugly expressions.

It was as if they had just reached paradise but, before they could even enjoy it, they were kicked out from that paradise and deep into hell.

“What? Do you all not understand what I just said?”

“Very well, I shall explain my words properly so that you will understand.”

“While my Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples can be weak in cultivation, they are absolutely not allowed to be cowards.”

“Your conduct and actions are simply an utter disgrace to my Discarded Bamboo Forest. You all are simply unworthy of being the disciples of my Discarded Bamboo Forest.”

“All of you, scram. From today on, do not appear before my sight again. Else, do not blame me for being ruthless,” Hong Qiang said. He was extremely heartless.

“Lord Head, please give us another chance, please give us another chance.”

“Although we are indeed a bit cowardly, we have been loyal and devoted to you this entire time.”

Hearing those words, senior brother Shao and the others disciples all kneeled onto the ground. With mucus coming out of their noses and tears rolling down their cheeks, they began to wail and plead. They were trying their hardest to win a chance for themselves.

“Humph, did you all really think that I did not know how you all talked about me behind my back?”

“Didn’t you all say that an old trash like me is simply unworthy of being the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest?” Hong Qiang sneered.

“We…” Hearing those words, senior brother Shao and the others were all struck dumb. They all had their eyes and mouths wide open. They were speechless and also afraid.


“Get the hell out of my Discarded Bamboo Forest!” Hong Qiang shouted once again. His shout caused the entire Discarded Bamboo Forest to tremble.

“Quickly, let’s go,” Seeing this, senior brother Shao and the others did not dare to stay any longer. They hurriedly got back up and began to frantically try to escape with trembling legs.

Hong Qiang actually knew all the things that they had done and said behind his back. At this time, they were extremely afraid and did not dare to stay here any longer.

In fact, the fact that Hong Qiang had only kicked them out of the Discarded Bamboo Forest could already be considered to be extremely forgiving.

“The two of you, you have some courage left in you. In the future, stay in the Discarded Bamboo Forest and train properly. There is no need for you to go elsewhere.”

“As for the cultivation resources and other treatments, I will increase them for the two of you from today on. They will definitely not be inferior to any other bamboo forest in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.” Hong Qiang said to Li Xiang and Lil Ming. As he spoke, he waved his sleeve and threw a Cosmos Sack to each of them.

Contained within those Cosmos Sacks were cultivation resources and two Royal Armaments. Although these sort of cultivation resources could not be considered to be much to Chu Feng, they were the most precious treasures that Li Xiang and Lil Ming had ever received.

“Thank you Lord Head.” At this time, Li Xiang and Lil Ming were overjoyed. They immediately kneeled onto the ground and began to courteously kowtow to Hong Qiang.

At the same time that they were doing that, they also cast glances at Chu Feng. The two of them knew very well that they only managed to have all this because of Chu Feng.

If it weren’t for Chu Feng, neither of them would have been able to be recognized by Hong Qiang. It was Chu Feng who had taught them how to be people with dignity.

Today, they came to realize that, although being a person with dignity would be extremely difficult and filled with suffering, they would be able to obtain previously unimaginable harvests and even rise in status because of that.

“Chu Feng, we meet again.”

At this time, Hong Qiang finally looked to Chu Feng. He had a smile on his face, and an extremely good-natured appearance. Especially his pair of eyes, there was not the slightest trace of sharpness in his aged face, instead, it was filled with appreciation.

The attitude that Hong Qiang had toward Chu Feng was as different as the sky and the earth when compared to the treatment he gave others.

“Chu Feng pays his respects to senior Hong Qiang,” Chu Feng cupped his fist with one hand and bowed courteously.

He did not address Hong Qiang as Lord Head, nor did he make an enormous courteous gesture of kneeling and kowtowing. Instead, he merely cupped his fist in a very casual manner akin to meeting an old friend.

“Chu Feng, is my appearance different from what you had imagined?” Hong Qiang asked with a smile on his face.

“Actually… it’s not too enormous of a surprise. After all, when senior Hong Qiang left your consciousness, you were still young. Now, after many years have passed, it is normal for your appearance to change. Thus, Chu Feng had already thought that it might be the case.”

“However, although senior’s appearance is not much of a surprise, there is still one thing that was different than what Chu Feng expected,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“What is it?” Hong Qiang asked curiously.

“Senior Hong Qiang is even more powerful than I imagined you to be,” Chu Feng replied.

“Haha, could it be that you imagined me to be weak? If you had thought me to be very weak, you wouldn’t have have dared to create this upheaval, no?” Hong Qiang laughed out loud.

“Heh….” Hearing those words, Chu Feng scratched his head awkwardly. It turned out that Hong Qiang had already seen through his little scheme.

“However, boy, you really do have courage and insight. You’re even more outstanding than I imagined you would become.”

“As for these people that don’t have eyes, it’s true that they should be taught a lesson.”

Hong Qiang looked to the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s elders and disciples and said, “Chu Feng, I’ll hand them over to you to punish. How do you wish to punish them?”

“The Discarded Bamboo Forest’s palace hall is still not yet completely clean.The roads have also not yet been finished. Let’s have them finish those tasks first,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the people from the Colorful Bamboo Forest heaved a sigh of relief. If it was only cleaning up the palace hall and laying down roads, then they would definitely be able to accept those tasks. After all, doing those tasks was over ten thousand times better than kneeling.

Suddenly, Chu Feng added, “Oh right, there’s still a lot of feces yet to be picked up. Let’s have them pick up the feces first,”

“This…” Hearing those words, the expressions of the people from the Colorful Bamboo Forest instantly turned green. Never had they imagined that Chu Feng would actually be this malicious.

“Haha, very well, let’s do what you suggest,” However, Hong Qiang was extremely satisfied with Chu Feng’s suggestion. He turned to the crowd of Colorful Bamboo Forest disciples and elders and said, “You all heard what Chu Feng said, why are you all still here?”

“Regardless of what sort of methods you all use, you must completely clean up my Discarded Bamboo Forest before today ends. Else, I’ll make sure to punish you all.”

After he finished saying those words, Hong Qiang waved his sleeve and a boundless golden light blossomed like scattered flowers between heaven and earth. Those flowers gently floated down from the sky and then, like invisible blades, pierced into the bodies of the people from the Colorful Bamboo Forest.

After doing that, Hong Qiang said, “Oh, right, you shouldn’t try to escape. Else, you’ll have to take responsibility for the consequences yourselves.”

At this time, the elders of the Colorful Bamboo Forest had all turned green in the face. Although Hong Qiang did not explicitly state it, they all knew that what Hong Qiang used earlier was a world spirit technique.

The golden lights that had pierced into their bodies were actually life and death talismans. The life and death talismans were extremely powerful. Unless Hong Qiang removed them, if they were to try to leave the Discarded Bamboo Forest, they would only be met with one end, death.

Thus, how could they possibly dare to not be obedient? Even though they were filled with an endless amount of unwillingness, they still planned to do what Chu Feng told them to do, for they feared that Hong Qiang would torment them if they were unable to accomplish what was asked of them before the time limit.

However, right at the moment when the crowd from the Colorful Bamboo Forest was planning to leave to do their mission, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Oh, right, remember that you must pick the feces up with your hands.”

Hearing those words, the crowd from the Colorful Bamboo Forest were all stunned. Their expressions were as if they had actually eaten feces.

“Chu Feng, don’t act so excessively. While you can bully, no one would bully others like you do,” Sure enough, one of the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s elders was unable to endure Chu Feng deliberately making things difficult for them and berated him loudly.

“Do as he says,” However, right at this moment, Hong Qiang spoke indifferently. He did not use a very overpowering tone when he spoke. However, that simple sentence from him was like an order that could not be disobeyed.

At this time, that elder was struck dumb. He did not dare to say anything anymore. At the same time, everyone else from the Colorful Bamboo Forest had also closed their mouths.

None of them dared to say anything anymore. That was because none of them dared to refute Hong Qiang. Thus, in silence, they left to pick up feces with their bare hands.

“Chu Feng, your method of laying down prestige is pretty good,” After the people from the Colorful Bamboo Forest left, Hong Qiang praised Chu Feng.

“It is senior Hong Qiang who is amazing. Else, how would they possibly do as I asked?” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“It’s enough, there’s no need for us to flatter one another. Come, follow me, I’ll show you something,” Hong Qiang said.

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Just follow me, it’s something that will pique your interest,” Hong Qiang deliberately kept Chu Feng in suspense.