Chapter 1319 - Displaying Overwhelming Power

MGA: Chapter 1319 - Displaying Overwhelming Power

“Little friend Chu Feng, you should come to our Iron Bamboo Forest. Our Iron Bamboo Forest is more suited for you.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, you should come to our Copper Bamboo Forest. Staying in a place like the Discarded Bamboo Forest would only be a waste of your talent.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, you should come to our Silver Bamboo Forest instead. You shouldn’t bother with considering places like the Copper Bamboo Forest or the Iron Bamboo Forest. The two of them are, after all, only lower tier bamboo forests. How could they possibly be able to match a genius like yourself?”

“All of you, shut your mouths. Did you really think that you were qualified to invite little friend Chu Feng? You should look at yourselves first. Did you really think that you could contain a genius like little friend Chu Feng?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, don’t bother with that bunch of old trash. They’ve gone senile with old age and simply do not know about the situation before them; that they do not have the qualifications to invite you.”

“You should come to our Golden Bamboo Forest. As long as you’re willing to come to our Golden Bamboo Forest, I will immediately ask our head elder to bestow upon you the title of the number one disciple of the Golden Bamboo Forest. You will be able to obtain countless amounts of cultivation resources and all kinds of various other benefits in endless quantity.”

At this moment, the elders from the various bamboo forests who had originally come with hostility all began to earnestly invite Chu Feng to join their bamboo forests.

After they saw Chu Feng’s unparalleled talent, they all cast aside their prejudices so that they could invite Chu Feng to join them.

It was so much so that, for the sake of fighting over Chu Feng, they became hostile toward one another and were nearly about to fight one another.

“I thank everyone for their kind intentions. However, I, Chu Feng, only want to be a nominal disciple of the Discarded Bamboo Forest.”

Unfortunately, no matter what sort of conditions those elders presented to Chu Feng, Chu Feng still only lightly smiled and mercilessly rejected them.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I shall give you a word of advice. One must know the difference between good and bad, and not refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, severing one’s future,” After being rejected by Chu Feng, a conceited Golden Bamboo Forest’s elder said in a very fierce manner.

“Elder, I shall also present you with a word of advice. While I will drink a toast, it depends on who the person toasting is. As for drinking a forfeit, I will never once drink one. As for severing my future, haha… you think you’re worthy of doing that?” Chu Feng replied disdainfully.

“You… very well, very well, very well, I have never once seen a disciple as arrogant as you. We shall wait and see who is correct, humph,” That elder waved his sleeve and left in extreme anger.

“I’ll wait for you,” Chu Feng loudly responded to that elder. He did not give that elder any face at all.

Although that elder was an elder of the Golden Bamboo Forest, his cultivation was merely that of a rank eight Martial King, and his battle power was also only ordinary. Before Chu Feng, someone like him was nothing more than trash, and simply did not possess the qualifications to threaten him.

“This Chu Feng is too arrogant, he actually dared to even go against an elder from the Golden Bamboo Forest.”

“Exactly what is this guy’s origins? He actually dares to not put any of these elders in his eyes, he most definitely possesses an extraordinary origin.”

At this moment, a lot of people had gathered in the Discarded Bamboo Forest. Each and every one of them was paying attention to Chu Feng’s every movement.

Seeing Chu Feng doing things that stunned them and left them speechless one after another, the initial hatred that the disciples of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest had toward Chu Feng instead changed into deep reverence.

At that moment, they had forgotten how Chu Feng had humiliated their fellow disciples. All they knew was that Chu Feng was extremely powerful, a rare genius and the pride of their generation.

Especially when they thought about how bold and fearless Chu Feng acted, they felt that he might have some sort of frightening backer behind him.

Thus, they began to revere Chu Feng. Many among them even began to plan how to approach and befriend Chu Feng.

“Who is Chu Feng?” However, right at this moment, a thunderous shout suddenly sounded from the southern region of the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

When this voice sounded, even the space far away trembled. The bamboo leaves began to flutter in the wind, and the birds and beasts started fleeing in fear.

Following that shout, numerous figures appeared. Turning their gazes toward the figures, the crowd discovered that there were over a thousand Martial King-level experts aggressively flying over in the sky.

Among them, the weakest were rank three Martial Kings and the strongest were rank six Martial Kings. Furthermore, many among them possessed heaven-defying battle power.

However, their battle power was only, at the very most, able to allow them to cross a single level, and was simply incomparable to Chu Feng’s battle power that could cross through three levels.

But, to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, battle power like theirs was already extremely hard to come by. Disciples like them were genius-level existences in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

“They’re the disciples from the Colorful Bamboo Forest. Are they finally unable to sit by and watch anymore?”

“What a grand battle formation. It seems that they truly are ones to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat when they act.”

“They’re truly worthy of being the Colored Bamboo Forest. It would seem that, this time around, Chu Feng will end up suffering. After all, the Colored Bamboo Forest is the true core of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, and practically all the demon-level geniuses are there.”

The Colored Bamboo Forest was no small matter in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. Thus, when the army of Colored Bamboo Forest’s disciples arrived, the surrounding disciples all felt a deep veneration for them.

“Who is Chu Feng?” After they arrived, their leader, a rank six Martial King, shouted once again. His voice was deafening like the thunder.

“I am,” Chu Feng’s body did not move. However, he still soared into the sky. His gown fluttered in the wind; he appeared to be extremely calm and at ease.

“I’ve heard that you’re very arrogant, and actually dared to detain fellow disciples from our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to do hard labor in your place and pick up feces with their hands? Do you truly not place the laws and rules of our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest in your eyes?”

That disciple shouted angrily at Chu Feng. His tone was extremely arrogant, and his gaze was filled with disdain. It was as if he was reprimanding an insignificant pawn.

“I have only fought them fairly. They have lost the bet, and therefore must accept the consequences. When even the elders cannot do anything about it, what makes you think that you can meddle in my business?” Chu Feng replied.

“Fought them fairly, you say? Very well, our Colorful Bamboo Forest’s disciples shall also fight you. Do you dare to accept?” That disciple said.

“I’m happy to keep you all company,” Chu Feng replied.

“Very well. I’ve heard that not only do you make people pick up feces with their hands, you’ve also made people pick up feces with their mouths. We shall gamble on that,” That disciple said.

“Oh, so you actually love eating feces?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Impudent! I’m going to make you eat feces!” That disciple angrily shouted. He was not willing to allow someone to speak to him in such a manner, for it was trampling upon his dignity, an action of not placing him in their eyes.

However, he didn’t know that Chu Feng really had not placed him in his eyes. Before Chu Feng, he was nothing more than trash.

“Not bad, you have some courage, and deserve to be praised. In that case, which among you wants to fight me first?” Chu Feng asked.

“You can pick any one of our Colorful Bamboo Forest’s disciples,” That disciple replied.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed disdainfully. Then, he said, “A bunch of trash. The way I see it, you all can come at me together.”

“Truly arrogant! I shall teach you how you should conduct yourself as a member of the younger generation!”

Hearing those words, a disciple from the Colorful Bamboo Forest with the cultivation of a rank three Martial King was enraged. After a loud shout, he flew over toward Chu Feng. Without taking our his Royal Armament or using any martial skill, he shot a fist strike toward Chu Feng’s face.

That fist strike was no small matter. Although it appeared to be very simple, it was a fist strike with all of that disciple’s power. Thus, it was extremely powerful. That disciple was trying to inflict serious damage to Chu Feng with a single strike.

“Pow.” However, faced with such a fist, Chu Feng only casually lifted his hand and easily caught it. Using his palm, he had firmly caught his opponent’s fist.

“Your fist is so powerless, inferior to even that of a woman,” Chu Feng smiled mockingly. Then, he suddenly increased the strength of his palm and, with a ‘snap,’ that disciple’s fist was shattered by Chu Feng.

“Eeeaaahhhh~~~~~~” Having his fist shattered, that disciple immediately emitted a scream like a pig being butchered. He was in so much pain that tears even surged out from his eyes.

“A piece of trash. You actually cried in pain from such a small wound? Scram, you are unworthy of fighting me.”

Seeing that disciple screaming and tearing up in pain, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and threw that disciple from the sky to the ground.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng’s throw was too powerful, that disciple actually came flying down head first. When his body hit the ground, he was pierced into it, leaving only his powerless legs above the ground.

He appeared to be extremely weak, frail and useless.

He was unable to withstand a single blow from Chu Feng.