Chapter 1318 - Causing Havoc

MGA: Chapter 1318 - Causing Havoc

“Forget about it. He is, after all, my younger brother. Furthermore, his talent is above mine. Thus, I have never once thought about fighting for the position of the family head with him.”

“Our Li Family still needs him to support it. I’m forgiving him,” Li Xiang replied with a forced smile.

“That is something for you to decide yourself,” Hearing what Li Xiang said, Chu Feng decided to say no more. Instead, he suddenly said, “Help me with something.”

“What is it?” Li Xiang asked.

“After you leave this place, help me look after Lil Ming. That child possesses quite decent potential. Merely, he is still too young right now, and will need someone to protect him,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, even if you didn’t ask, I would’ve done that.”

“I’ve already decided on what to do. After I leave this place, I’m not going to return to the Li Family. Instead, I’ll travel the world together with Lil Ming.”

Li Xiang forced a smile onto his face. Then, he turned to Lil Ming and said, “Lil Ming, from today on, the two of us will be relying on each other.”

“Heh, being with senior brother Li will definitely be much more cheerful than now,” Lil Ming chuckled. After that, he stood up and walked toward that senior brother Shao.

“Lil Ming, I was wrong, please forgive me,” Seeing Lil Ming walking toward him, his senior brother Shao spoke with a face filled with regret. At this time, his face was covered with tears. Looking at him, he appeared to be very pathetic.

“To you, I am simply not a relative. You merely took me in because you were lonely and felt a bit more comfortable having me there with you.”

“However, regardless of that, I must still thank you for looking after me for the last few years. Consider these Martial Beads to be my repayment toward you. From today on, we are no longer associated with one another.”

Lil Ming took out ten Martial Beads from the Cosmos Sack that Chu Feng had given him and threw them toward senior brother Shao. After that, without even bothering to turn his head around, he walked toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng nodded his head, satisfied with Lil Ming’s actions. It was as Lil Ming said, this senior brother Shao did not really consider Lil Ming as a relative.

Lil Ming, with his young age, was able to determine that. Furthermore, he was not indecisive, and had instead decided to sever their relationship. What Lil Ming did was a very sensible action.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, when are we leaving?” Li Xiang asked.

“We can leave at any time. However, since we’re planning to leave, we cannot just leave in silence like this.”

“Although I am unable to meet senior Hong Qiang this time, I wish to repay senior Hong Qiang for his benevolence.”

“The Discarded Bamboo Forest has been quiet for too long. This caused everyone to look down on it. I am going to help senior Hong Qiang and make it so that the Discarded Bamboo Forest will have dignity for once,” Chu Feng said.

“Your intention is?” Li Xiang’s brows furrowed slightly. He was able to sense that what Chu Feng was suggesting was far from good, that he might be planning to do some dangerous things.

“I am planning to wreak havoc throughout the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. As for the location where I’m planning to do that, it will be this Discarded Bamboo Forest,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

Before Chu Feng had come to the Discarded Bamboo Forest, he had wanted to keep a low-profile. However, now that he planned to leave, he wanted to do it in a high-profile manner.

This decision was not made because Chu Feng was heated up. Actually, Chu Feng had decided upon it after careful deliberation.

Since the Discarded Bamboo Forest actually had a Natural Oddity hidden within it, it meant that this place contained treasure. However, not even the people from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest knew that this place contained treasure.

Else, it was impossible for the Discarded Bamboo Forest to end up in its current state. Instead, it should be extremely prosperous.

However, Chu Feng felt that there was actually one person in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest who knew that this place contained treasure.

And that person would be the person who had sealed up the cave that contained the Natural Oddy with world spirit formations, the person who made it so that Chu Feng could not obtain the Natural Oddity.

Chu Feng felt that there was a very high possibility that the person who had done that was the person whom he wanted to meet, the person others thought to be a trash elder, the person who should actually be an unfathomable expert, the person in charge of the Discarded Bamboo Forest, Hong Qiang.

After numerous deductions, Chu Feng felt that Hong Qiang was still in the Discarded Bamboo Forest. Furthermore, he had most definitely sensed it when Chu Feng had entered the cave that hid the Natural Oddity.

However, even after Chu Feng discovered the Natural Oddity, Hong Qiang did not attack him. This meant that he did not plan to cause Chu Feng harm. This also led Chu Feng to think that Hong Qiang was not a bad person, and was still the same otherworldly expert in his heart.

With the Natural Oddity having been discovered by Hong Qiang first, Chu Feng no longer had the interest to scramble for it. Not to mention that he did not have the strength to fight for it against Hong Qiang, he also did not wish to fight over it because he felt grateful toward him.

After all, in the Eastern Sea Region, Hong Qiang had indirectly helped Chu Feng and showed him grace.

However, he had come here after journeying so far. Thus, Chu Feng did not wish to leave without even being able to meet Hong Qiang.

Thus, he planned to force Hong Qiang to show himself. How would he be able to force Hong Qiang to show himself? It was simple; he had to create a grand commotion throughout the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

It would actually be very easy to create such a commotion. With Chu Feng’s ability, he would be able to do so in no time.

He got some disciples and made them spread the news of what was actually happening in the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

In no time, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest flared up. Everyone came to know that a very powerful disciple had appeared in the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

Not only did he defeat the disciples from the Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests who had come to provoke him, he even acted like a tyrant, forcibly detaining them in the Discarded Bamboo Forest and was making them pick up feces with their hands.

After learning of this, the disciples of the Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests were unable to sit tight and tolerate this. Thus, more and more disciples from those four bamboo forests arrived at the Discarded Bamboo Forest to challenge Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he refused no incoming challenges, and bet with his opponents that if they were to lose, they would be forced stay in the Discarded Bamboo Forest and listen to his orders.

As for the result of those challenges, it was as one could well imagine. All of the disciples who challenged Chu Feng, regardless of whether they were from the Golden and Silver Bamboo Forests, the two upper tier bamboo forests, or the Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests, the two lower tier bamboo forests, they all ended up being defeated by Chu Feng. There was simply no one who was able to rival Chu Feng.

Not only were they defeated, they were all detained according to the bets they had made with Chu Feng. Those that Chu Feng felt to be pleasing to the eye [ in they didn’t offend him enough so he let them off easily.] would be ordered to lay roads, trim bamboo trees and clean up the shabby palace hall. Essentially, they had become glorious cleaning workers in the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

As for those who he felt to be unpleasing to the eye, he would make them do the same thing as the disciples that had come to attack the Discarded Bamboo Forest earlier, picking up feces with their hands.

At this time, Chu Feng’s name spread like a wildfire. No, it was not only Chu Feng, the entire Discarded Bamboo Forest became a hot topic of mad discussion.

Not only were disciples hurrying to the Discarded Bamboo Forest, even elders hurried to this place. They all wanted to see exactly who this powerful disciple was, and whether he was actually as amazing as he was rumored to be.

Originally, they had all come with hostility. Especially those elders; having their disciples being detained to pick up feces was not only a humiliation to their disciples, it was also a humiliation to them.

However, when they arrived and saw Chu Feng themselves, saw Chu Feng, with the cultivation of a rank three Martial King, defeating disciples more powerful than him one after another, not only did the disciples who had arrived become stunned, even the elders were stunned.

In the end, practically all of the powerful disciples from the Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests who had come to challenge Chu Feng had already challenged Chu Feng. However, without any exception, they were all defeated by Chu Feng.

The thing worthy of mention was that even the person who was completely devoid of conscience, the person who, for the sake of being the next head of the family, decided to set a trap and entrust other people with harming his own older brother, that Li Xiao, had also come to challenge Chu Feng.

His cultivation wasn’t weak at all. It was pretty good, in fact. He was many times stronger than Li Xiang. While merely in his early thirties, he had the cultivation of a rank four Martial King.

However, unfortunately for him, while his cultivation might be seen as a genius to the others, he was nothing more than trash to Cu Feng.

In his fight against Chu Feng, not only was Li Xiao utterly devastated by Chu Feng, he was also forced to kowtow to Chu Feng before all the people present. Then, according to the agreement that had been made before the fight, he ended up having to use his mouth to pick up feces.

If it was before, Li Xiang would definitely have not agreed to having his own younger brother being treated in such a manner by Chu Feng.

However, now, he did not feel any sorrow for his younger brother at all. Instead, he even felt very pleased. Although they were blood brothers, to be harmed by his younger brother in such a manner, it was impossible for him to not bear any grudges.

What Chu Feng did was actually what Li Xiang wanted. Thus, not only did he not blame Chu Feng, he was actually very grateful to Chu Feng.