Chapter 1316 - Unable To Escape The Tribulation

MGA: Chapter 1316 - Unable To Escape The Tribulation

“Heh… junior brother, look, they’ve already agreed to it. Can I leave now?”

“How about this, I’ll also give you twenty Martial Beads.”

That disciple stood up and said to Chu Feng with a smile on his face. Although the tone he spoke to Chu Feng with was filled with fear, he had a complacent expression on his face as he spoke these words.


However, when faced with this disciple’s complacence, Chu Feng strangely laughed. Suddenly, his expression turned cold, and he abruptly clenched his fist, and a long golden sword formed of Martial Power appeared in his hand.

Once the long sword appeared, coldness shone through their surroundings.

Chu Feng turned his wrist and aimed his long sword toward that disciple. Then, he thrust it forward. “Puu,” the sword pierced into that disciple’s left shoulder.

“Ahhhh~~~~” Having a long sword being suddenly pierced into his body, that disciple was in so much pain that he started to scream like a pig being butchered.

At this moment, Chu Feng suddenly waved hand that he was holding the sword with. A flash of light shone past, then blood splattered everywhere. That disciple’s left shoulder and arm landed on the ground; it had been sliced off by Chu Feng.

“Heavens, this…” This sudden scene shocked everyone. Not to mention others, even Li Xiang and Lil Ming were extremely shocked.

No one had ever imagined that after this disciple had paid compensation to Lil Ming and Li Xiang, Chu Feng would still attack him. Furthermore, his attack was so ruthless.

“You... you… you’re going back on your word,” That disciple endured his pain with great difficulty and lashed out against Chu Feng.

“Going back on my word?” Chu Feng laughed coldly. Then, he said, “While they’ve decided to let you go, that doesn’t mean that I have.”

“The brothers of I, Chu Feng, are not people that trash like you all can do whatever you wish to.”

“Woosh,” Once he finished saying those words, the long sword in Chu Feng’s hand trembled slightly. As a splash of blood swept past, one of that disciple’s eyeballs had been stabbed by Chu Feng.

“Ahhh~~~, stop, how much compensation do you want? Give me a price, I’ll give them to you. Stop tormenting me.”

That disciple started to panic. He discovered that Chu Feng was truly a ruthless person. If this were to continue, it was likely that he would suffer enormously. Thus, in order to avoid that, he actually asked Chu Feng to give him a price; he wanted to compensate Chu Feng to settle this matter.

“I want your life,” Chu Feng’s anger did not diminish in the slightest. Instead, it grew even stronger. The large sword in his hand turned into a cold ray and pierced into that disciple’s thigh.

After that, the sword in Chu Feng’s hand began to slide down that disciple’s thigh, cutting apart muscles, slicing off veins, and splitting open the bones. Ruthlessly, it split that disciple’s leg into two.

“Ahhh~~~~, stop, STOP, I beg of you, I was only asked to do this by others. Even if you want to get revenge, you shouldn’t be aiming your vengeance toward me, you should be finding the main culprit behind the scenes.”

Seeing that Chu Feng actually really had the intention to kill him, that disciple became extremely frightened and actually spoke those surprising words.

Chu Feng was very surprised by what he said. Thus, he asked. “Asked to do this? Who asked you?”

“It’s Li Xiao, Li Xiao from the Copper Bamboo Forest,” That disciple said.

“Li Xiao?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. That was because this name was so very familiar to him.

At this moment, Chu Feng couldn’t help but look toward Li Xiang. As for Li Xiang, his expression was also extremely ugly. That was because his genius younger brother’s name was Li Xiao.

“That’s right, it’s Li Xiang’s younger brother. He told me that Li Xiang’s punishment was about to come to an end, and he would be returning to the Copper Bamboo Forest soon. However, he, Li Xiao, did not wish for his older brother to return to the Copper Bamboo Forest and wanted his trash brother to continue to stay in the Discarded Bamboo Forest forever.”

“However, due to the relationship that they possessed, he was unable to do the job himself. That’s why he came to find me, and asked me to cripple his brother and make it so that he would remain in the Discarded Bamboo Forest and be a piece of useless trash forever,” That disciple said.

“You’re lying, how could my younger brother possibly try to harm me?” Li Xiang burst out. He did not allow anyone to slander his younger brother.

“Whether or not I’m lying, you can ask them about it. All of them were asked to come by Li Xiao. They all knew about this.”

“Especially those disciples from the Copper Bamboo Forest, do you not recognize them? Go and ask them about it.”

“Go and ask them, ask them what your younger brother Li Xiao says about you in the Copper Bamboo Forest. He has simply never considered you to be his older brother,” That disciple endured the pain with great difficulty and pointed to the disciples of the Copper Bamboo Forest.

Seeing this, Chu Feng turned to ask them. “Is what he said the truth?”

“Li Xiang, what he says is the truth. Carefully think about it yourself. You’ve been sent to the Discarded Bamboo Forest for three years now. In this period of time, has your younger brother ever come to visit you?” Faced with Chu Feng’s intimidation, the disciples of the Copper Bamboo Forest spoke.

At this moment, Li Xiang became silent. Indeed, in the three years since he had been sent to the Discarded Bamboo Forest, other than the time when he had gone to find his younger brother, he had never once seen him.

Furthermore, ever since he had gone to find his younger brother and asked him to help the disciples of the Discarded Bamboo Forest, his younger brother used all sorts of excuses to refuse meeting him. In other words, he had not seen his younger brother for three years now.

“Impossible, this is definitely a lie. Why would my younger brother want to harm me? There is no reason for him to harm me,” However, even with this, Li Xiang still refused to believe this to be the truth.

“Li Xiang, this is the truth. Back then, when you offended Zhao Yunao, it was actually also your brother who deliberately arranged that. He was the main culprit, the person who pushed you into the Discarded Bamboo Forest, this place filled with trash,” Some of the disciples from the Copper Bamboo Forest spoke.

“No, that’s impossible, you’re lying to me,” Li Xiang refused to believe them.

“Li Xiang, there is no reason for us to lie to you. Actually, in the past, I also did not understand why, when your talent is inferior to his, why he would want to treat you like this.”

“Because of that, I deliberately went to ask him about it. As for his response, it was that your family has a tradition to only put the elder son as the next head and never a younger son.”

“Thus, regardless of how talented Li Xiao was, how much his cultivation surpassed your own, it will be you who will inherit the head of the family from your father.”

“Li Xiao refused to accept that. That’s why he deliberately set up all this to harm you. What he wants is nothing more than being able to inherit the position of the head of your Li family,” That Copper Bamboo Forest’s disciple added.

“Putt.” Hearing those words, Li Xiang fell to his knees. His eyes turned dim and ashen. He was unable to mutter a single word. He had received an enormous mental shock.

At this time, those disciples turned to Chu Feng and told him, “Junior brother, please look. What we said is definitely the truth. All of this was prompted by Li Xiang’s younger brother, Li Xiao. For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor. If there is any vengeance that you wish to settle, you should find Li Xiao to settle it.”

They had all discovered how frightening Chu Feng was. Thus, they wanted to quickly leave this place, get away from Chu Feng and not be tormented like those two disciples from the Golden Bamboo Forest.

“Even if what you all say is the truth, you will not be able to escape responsibility. However, seeing that you’ve spoken the truth and that your attitude is rather sincere, I’ll give you all a chance.”

“However, this Discarded Bamboo Forest has been turned into a mess with stink and smoke all over, like a trash station, by you all. Thus, it will be impossible for me to let you all go for free,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

However, his smile only made the hearts of those disciples shiver and their bodies tremble with fear. They all felt that Chu Feng would not let them off easily and that they would not be able to escape their tribulation.