Chapter 1315 - Resentment Toward Another’s Failure

MGA: Chapter 1315 - Resentment Toward Another’s Failure

Chu Feng completely ignored senior brother Shao and the others, who were feeling shock, fear and regret for their previous actions. Chu Feng simply did not care about what those people thought of him, for he did not put them in his eyes at all.

In the entire Discarded Bamboo Forest, there were only two people who Chu Feng cared about. They were Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

As for what Chu Feng needed to do right now, it was to avenge them.

“They simply do not have any dignity at all. Thus, it is impossible to trample upon their dignity.”

“However, the pain and suffering that they have brought to you all are things that you can return.”

“Go ahead, you can punish them however you want,” Chu Feng said to Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

“Bang,” upon hearing those words, one of the Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciples among them realized that he would suffer a calamity. He immediately, without uttering a single word, took advantage of the fact that Chu Feng was off guard to use a technique to dig into the ground. He was trying to escape.


However, how could that man’s insignificant skill possibly escape Chu Feng’s awareness? Chu Feng did not even move. Instead, with only a cold snort, a boundless martial power surged forth from his body.

“Aoouuu.” Once his martial power appeared, light immediately began to shine. In an instant, the martial power turned into an enormous golden-bright and dazzling hand. Like an enormous golden serpent, the hand drilled into the ground and began to chase after the man who had escaped.


As the earth shook, as the soil rolled around, numerous miserable screams began to sound from the the ground.

Soon, that enormous golden-bright and dazzling hand returned to the surface. At the same time, the escaped disciple also reappeared before the crowd. He was being ruthlessly clenched by the enormous hand formed by Chu Feng’s martial power.

Even though he was struggling violently, he was unable to accomplish anything. Like a newborn chick being grabbed by an adult’s hand, he was powerless and simply incapable of struggling free. In fact, as long as that adult wanted to, he would be able to easily crush him to death.

“Rank three Martial King, sure enough, you’ve hidden your cultivation,” the disciple from the Golden Bamboo Forest said. At this time, Chu Feng had increased the amount of power he was revealing. This greatly surprised those disciples from the Golden Bamboo Forest.

That was because a cultivation of rank three Martial King was even stronger than them. They finally realized how Chu Feng was capable of easily suppressing them. It turned out that Chu Feng’s strength surpassed their own.

“What? He, he, he’s actually a rank three Martial King? He’s actually that powerful?”

When they heard what that Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciple had said, the disciples of the Discarded Bamboo Forest were overwhelmed with horror, turning pale with fright. No matter what, they would have never imagined that Chu Feng was this powerful.

If they were to know that Chu Feng possessed this sort of cultivation, how would any of them possibly have dared to speak such insulting words toward him earlier?

However, they didn’t know that the rank three Martial King cultivation Chu Feng had revealed to them was actually still not Chu Feng’s actual cultivation. If they were to know that Chu Feng was actually a rank five Martial King, possessed a special method to increase his cultivation, possessed a demon-level battle power and was capable of fighting even Half Martial Emperors, then what sort of expression would they have?

“Woosh, woosh, woosh…”

Right at the moment when the crowd was stunned, a flash of coldness shone through Chu Feng’s eyes. Countless little hands actually extended outward from that enormous golden hand. Those little hands grabbed onto that disciple’s arms and legs.

After that, those little hands began to twist. With ‘snap, snap, snap’ sounds and continuous waves of screams, that disciple’s arms and legs were twisted apart and then crushed to pieces.

It was not only his arms and legs that were suffering. Those little hands formed by Chu Feng’s martial power were like sharp blades. Under Chu Feng’s control, they pierced into that disciple’s body and ruthlessly pulled out his spine around his neck and his ribs.

“Eeeaaaahhh~~~~” At this time, that disciple’s body was covered with blood and he was screaming nonstop. The screams sounded like his hearts and lungs were being ripped apart, and were even more unpleasant to hear than the dying cries of pigs.

However, Chu Feng did not show the slightest bit of sympathy toward him. The enormous golden hand waved back and then ruthlessly threw him onto the ground. Then, he said, “If any of you dare try to escape again, your end will be the same as his.”


Seeing the miserable condition that disciple was left in, the remaining thirty-four disciples were so scared that they began to sweat cold bullets nonstop and involuntarily gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Not a single one of them dared to even think about escaping anymore.

“Junior brother, the person who injured your Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples are not any of us. It was all done by him alone. He was the one who did all of it.” After being afraid, someone pointed toward the Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciple with the cultivation of rank two Martial King.

“What did you say? You actually dare to wrongly accuse me?” Hearing those words, that Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciple who was pointed out by that person was so enraged that he began to clench his teeth. He snarled at that disciple and even emitted killing intent. To actually betray him at such a time, he wished that he could choke that traitor to death.

“You…” The reaction from that rank two Martial King greatly frightened the person who had pointed him out. However, in order to protect himself, he managed to gather up his courage and said, “I merely spoke the truth. Even if you are to threaten me, I will still tell the truth.”

“That’s right, he was the one who did all of that. All of it was done by him. Junior brother, for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, if you wish to obtain justice, you should take your revenge on him. Please do not drag us into this.”

Immediately after that, more and more people stood forth to push all of blame onto that Golden Bamboo Forest disciple. Even the other Golden Bamboo Forest disciples began to denounce him.

In this sort of time of calamity, for the sake of self-preservation, they would rather betray their own than endure that sort of suffering.

“Senior brother Li Xiang, is this the case? Is he really the only one who did that to you two?” Chu Feng asked Li Xiang.

Chu Feng had already guessed beforehand that that Golden Bamboo Forest disciple was most definitely the ringleader. That was because there were clear bloodstains on his body. However, never had Chu Feng imagined that the miserable states which Li Xiang and Lil Ming had been left in was all done by a single person.

“Mn,” Li Xiang nodded.

“In that case, it will be much simpler.”

At this time, an extremely ice-cold expression flash past Chu Feng’s eyes. He had suppressed his fury for a very long time now. And now, it was time for him to release it.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, Chu Feng attacked. He grabbed onto that disciple’s hair and pulled him toward Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

“Punish him as you wish,” Chu Feng said.

“This…” However, Li Xiang and Lil Ming were stunned by the scene before him.

Not only were they hesitating, there was even fear visible on their faces. They who had been miserably tormented possessed an enormous amount of fear toward the tormentor before them. It was a fear coming from the bottoms of their hearts.

“Heh, junior brother, you’ve seen it too. They do not dare to do anything to me. How about this, since they’re already completely recovered now, I’ll compensate them with some cultivation resources. Let’s forget about this matter, okay?” Seeing that Li Xiang and Lil Ming had expressions of fear all over their faces, that disciple actually began to complacently laugh.

At this time, Chu Feng felt helpless. He had never expected that Li Xiang and Lil Ming would be such a disappointment. However, in the end, he said, “The people you’ve harmed are them. If you want to say anything, tell them.”

“Senior brother, junior brother, it is I who was in the wrong earlier. It is all my fault. No matter what, it is all my wrongdoing. You two, just forgive me. How about this, I’ll give both of you twenty Martial Beads each to compensate for my mistake. Just forgive me this time, okay?” That disciple said to Li Xiang and Lil Ming. Although he appeared to be sincere, there was not the slightest bit of regret in him. He was completely putting on a play.

“This…” After hearing those words, both Li Xiang and Lil Ming were excited. To them, twenty Martial Beads was no small amount.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, the way I see it, he’s pretty sincere. Seeing that we’re fellow disciples, how about you let him go this time around?” Li Xiang said to Chu Feng.

“That’s right. Senior brother Chu Feng, give him a chance,” Lil Ming added.

“You all decide upon this matter yourselves,” Chu Feng said in a resentful and disappointed manner.

“...” Both Li Xiang and Lil Ming managed to sense that Chu Feng was not happy with their decision. However, after they glanced at one another and secretly exchanged communications, they both turned to that culprit, the person that had tormented them, and said, “In that case, we’ll forgive you.”

“Heh, very good, very good, I’ll give you twenty Martial Beads right away.”

Seeing this, that disciple was overjoyed. He immediately opened his Cosmos Sack and took out forty Martial Beads, handing them to Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

As for Li Xiang and Lil Ming, they gladly accepted the Martial Beads. At the moment when they accepted the Martial Beads, secretly delighted smiles appeared on their faces.