Chapter 1282 - Calling The Wind And Summoning The Rain

MGA: Chapter 1282 - Calling The Wind And Summoning The Rain

“Test it using Bai Yunxiao’s blood?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, everyone was shocked.

At the same time, the people also became curious as to exactly what other method Chu Feng possessed for him to be this confident, enough to think that he could contend against such a powerful Divine Body.

As for Chu Feng, he was one to act upon his words immediately. He tightly clenched the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand and then raised it high up. Immediately afterward, the martial power in his body surged forth. Even the martial power in the surrounding space ended up being used by him. Numerous layers of vortexes that could be seen with the naked eye began to form around him.


Suddenly, one of the vortexes exploded, erupting with a large gale that engulfed the surrounding space. Even the surging black clouds in the sky were blown away by this gale.

This gale was no ordinary wind. Not only was it extremely powerful, containing a frightening energy, it also emitted numerous waves of ghost wails and wolf howls that shook one’s heart.


Not long after the gale appeared, a very thick and solid ray of lightning appeared in the sky and struck downward.

The thunderous sound that accompanied the lightning was very ear-piercing and capable of shaking one’s soul. The lightning itself had split the space apart in two. Its might was astonishing and horrifying.

How could this even be considered to be lightning? It simply appeared more like a sharp blade. Merely, not only was this sharp blade capable of splitting bodies apart, it was also capable of splitting rivers, slicing through mountains, and even cleaving space itself apart.

Following the emergence of this lightning came a downpour of rain. It could only be described as truly violent as the rain came bucketing down. Every raindrop was several meters in diameter and was capable of crushing an ordinary person to death.

If the appearance of the wind, the lightning and the rain could still be considered to be normal, then the appearance of blazing meteors, as well as whirlpools formed by mud, most definitely shocked everyone present.

However, all of this was happening right in front of their eyes.

In the surrounding hundred meters around Chu Feng, lightning was surging, gales sprung up everywhere, flames covered the sky, the earth was whirling and dancing and the rain was sheeting down.

However, these natural disasters did not bring the slightest harm to Chu Feng. Instead, they were actually being controlled by him.

It turned out that all of these had been created by Chu Feng. The wind, lightning, water, fire and earth were actually the five Mortal Taboo Martial Skills that Chu Feng had learned from the Ascension Sect.

They were respectively:

Mortal Taboo: Frenzy Gale

Mortal Taboo: Tribulation Thunder Slash

Mortal Taboo: Whistling Ocean Rain

Mortal Taboo: Fire Meteor

Mortal Taboo: Earth Maelstrom

“He has actually used five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills simultaneously. Furthermore, he’s using and controlling them so skillfully. What astonishing control he has over these Martial Skills!”

The surrounding crowd exclaimed in admiration repeatedly. Not only was Chu Feng able to call the wind and summon the rain, he even controlled five different destructive Mortal Taboo Martial Skills.

“Did you think that you would be able to contend against me merely by relying on these five Mortal Taboo Martial Skills?” Bai Yunxiao smiled coldly. He did not consider Chu Feng’s five Mortal Taboo Martial Skills to be a threat at all.

“How would I know if I don’t try it out?” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“Very well, I shall allow you to realize how wildly you are dreaming.”

Suddenly, a cold flash shone through Bai Yunxiao’s eyes. The arrow that was floating in the sky was automatically nocked on the bow.

The bow was fully drawn. Its Divine Power soared to the limit. “Boom.” The boundlessly powerful arrow of light carried with it the sound of air being ripped apart as it was shot toward Chu Feng.

Due to the fact that the distance between Chu Feng and Bai Yunxiao was only several hundred meters, the arrow of light arrived before Chu Feng in the blink of an eye.


In an instant, rumbles were heard and the world started to tremble. The arrow of light struck its target and exploded.

At this moment, violently energy ripples that appeared like surging black clouds instantly engulfed the region, sweeping across the sky and the earth. It had even spread to the Boundless Green Sea below and caused massive waves like tsunamis.


However, not long after the ripples appeared, they immediately dispersed. They were actually being swept away by a violent gale.

Upon close inspection, the crowd was completely stupefied. Unable to contain themselves, they all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

They were not shocked because of Bai Yunxiao’s Divine Power. Instead, they were shocked because Chu Feng managed to block Bai Yunxiao’s Divine Power attack.

Before everyone’s eyes, the five elements of wind, lightning, water, fire and earth were mixing with one another. As they surged and raged, they created a rapidly spinning defensive barrier around Chu Feng, protecting him within it.

“Heavens, not only did Chu Feng use five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills simultaneously, he even managed to fuse them together. This sort of method, isn’t it a bit excessively powerful?!” When they saw this, even the Cyanwood Mountain’s management elders were so shocked that their jaws dropped to the ground.

“No, it doesn’t seem to be that simple. Chu Feng did not only fuse the five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills, he instead transformed the five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills and created a completely new Martial Skill,” said one of the Cyanwood Mountain’s management elder with a face filled with astonishment.

“What? This… it’s really the case!”

After hearing what that management elder said, the other management elders present all turned their gazes to earnestly observe Chu Feng. Only then did they discover that Chu Feng had really transformed the five Mortal Taboo Martial Skills.

At this moment, the wind, lightning, water, fire and earth, the five different energies, were fused together. Not only were they revolving around Chu Feng like a defensive barrier, they were even being controlled by him and launching counterattacks at Bai Yunxiao.




Wind, lightning, water, fire and earth, the five different elements were fused into one, increasing their destructive power by several times. At this moment, this Fusion Martial Skill was no longer a simple Mortal Taboo Martial Skill anymore. Its power was most definitely comparable to Earthen Taboo Martial Skills.

It was so much so that its might had greatly surpassed ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skills. It was capable of being used both defensively and offensively simultaneously and could even contend against a powerful Divine Body. This was sufficient to display how powerful this Martial Skill was.

“That boy Chu Feng is truly amazing. Not only did he fuse five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills together, he even assimilated his own spirit power into them to strengthen the destructive power of the Fusion Martial Skill.”

“Thus, it is no longer five Mortal Taboo Martial Skills anymore. Instead, he has created a completely new Martial Skill,” At this moment, even Bai Suyan was unable to help herself from praising Chu Feng.

“Mother, you mean?” As Bai Ruochen’s strength was insufficient, even though she could tell that Chu Feng’s Martial Skill was very powerful, she was incapable of determining the ingenuity behind it. Thus, she could only ask her mother for guidance.

Like Bai Ruochen, Sima Ying also looked to Bai Ruochen’s mother Bai Suyan with an expression of curiosity. She too wanted to know exactly how powerful Chu Feng’s Martial Skill was for it to be capable of causing the management elders and Bai Suyan, such high level experts, to praise it repeatedly.

“While it is difficult to use multiple Mortal Taboo Martial Skills simultaneously, I believe both of you are capable of doing that. The only requirement to do that is a powerful control over the Martial Skills you use.”

“However, to fuse that many Mortal Taboo Martial Skills together is a very difficult thing. I believe that Ruochen, even you might not be able to accomplish that.” [1. YWL: I swear she fused 3 different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills when she fought Chu Feng… I guess Bee forgot about that?

Pelicanv: maybe he meant to fuse 5. Xima: It's called Bee-Plot Armor.]

“As for what Chu Feng has done here, it is something that only a true cultivation genius would be able to accomplish.”

“This is already no longer at a level that can be measured with one’s control of the Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. Instead, it is ingenuity.”

“To put it in simpler terms, Chu Feng’s current Martial Skill is no longer five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. Instead, it is now an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill that belongs only to him, a Martial Skill that only he knows how to use,” Bai Suyan explained.

“Mother, are you implying that Chu Feng has managed to transform those five different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills and recreate them as his own Earthen Taboo Martial Skill?” At this moment, Bai Ruochen finally realized what happened. However, after she realized what had happened, she was even more shocked.

“Even though he assimilated the techniques from the seniors who created those Mortal Taboo Martial Skills and only remodeled them, it is true that it can be said to be an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill that Chu Feng created himself,” Bai Suyan nodded.

“Chu Feng, he actually, really…” After Bai Suyan confirmed it, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying were both stunned. Only after a long time did the two of them manage to return to normal. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng were now filled with complicated thoughts.

A Martial King that young actually managed to create such a powerful Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Even though this Earthen Taboo Martial Skill was created through using the labors and achievements of his predecessors, his ability to create an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill was still shockingly genius. At the very least, it was impossible for the current two of them to accomplish such a thing.