Chapter 1281 - Testing With Blood

MGA: Chapter 1281 - Testing With Blood

Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu had been left in very miserable states by Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng was not planning to stop.

“Chu Feng, come at me. If you have the guts, then come over here,” At this moment, Bai Yunxiao’s body disappeared from view. He arrived in front of Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu. He was trying to wait for Chu Feng to come at them and catch him then.

“Woosh.” However, Chu Feng was naturally able to see through Bai Yunxiao’s trap. Thus, his body shifted. He did not proceed toward Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu, and instead started to charge toward Tao Xiangyu.

“Chu Feng, stop!”

“No more, I’m admitting my defeat,” Seeing Chu Feng charging toward her, Tao Xiangyu was so scared that her face turned green. She hurriedly shouted and shifted her body. She actually fled from the battle circle.

“Junior sister Tao, you…” Seeing that Tao Xiangyu actually publicly conceded, Bai Yunxiao was completely enraged.

As Tao Xiangyu fled, she shouted loudly, “Senior brother Bai, I’m sorry, but I do not wish to become like senior brother Zhao and senior brother Qi.”

“Chu Feng, I’m not fighting anymore, I’m admitting my defeat, let me go!!!”

At their level of cultivation, having limbs cut off did not amount to much, as world spiritists were capable of helping them restore their bodies as long as their heads and dantians remained.

However, to have their limbs cut off in front of this many people was truly a very humiliating thing. As a woman, Tao Xiangyu would rather admit defeat than to be turned into that state.

“I’m also not fighting anymore,” After Tao Xiangyu left, Qi Yanyu, who only had a single arm remaining, also turned around and left.

“Ah, you’re not fighting anymore? In that case, I’m also not going to fight anymore,” Seeing this, Zhao Jingang also hurriedly followed behind Qi Yanyu and escaped from the battle circle.

“All of you, stand your ground and return right now!” Seeing that the three of them had all decided to flee, Bai Yunxiao snarled in anger.

However, Tao Xiangyu, Qi Yanyu and Zhao Jingang did not even turn their heads around, and directly entered the crowd to find people to help them recover from their injuries.

Seeing this, the entire Boundless Green Sea burst into an uproar. It was already an extremely inconceivable thing that Chu Feng could fight four people alone.

However, he actually managed to beat up three Divine Bodies so much that they actually conceded and fled away in succession.

This sort of method and strength was simply unprecedented. As such, the crowd was endlessly shocked.

At the moment when the crowd was shocked by how powerful Chu Feng was, Chu Feng finally stopped using his Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique and stopped in the air.

Chu Feng had a very calm expression on his face. However, there was also a slight smile. His smile was actually the same smile that he had had when he had been using the Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique.

“Bai Yunxiao, is this what you mean by dominating the battlefield?” As he looked at Bai Yunxiao’s ashen complexion, Chu Feng’s smile grew a bit more intense.

At this moment, Bai Yunxiao’s expression was extremely ugly. It was as if he had eaten a dead rat.

As matters stood, he finally realized why Chu Feng had turned Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu and Tao Xiangyu into such a bloody state, chopping off their limbs but not attacking him.

That was because he had arrogantly said that he would be dominating this battlefield earlier. Indirectly, he was stating that Chu Feng would not be able to contend against him at all.

That was the reason why Chu Feng did the things he did earlier. Even though Chu Feng did not explicitly state that, his intention was very clear. He was using his actions to tell Bai Yunxiao exactly who it was that dominated this battlefield.

Chu Feng had used his actions to, before all these people, give Bai Yunxiao a loud and clear slap to the face.





However, Bai Yunxiao suddenly started to laugh loudly. His laughter was extremely strange. He was laughing so hard that he caused his body to convulse. He was laughing so strangely that it caused the crowd to shiver.

Finally, Bai Yunxiao stopped his laughter and asked, “Chu Feng, do you think that what you’ve done is very impressive?”

“Do you truly think that I am no match for you?”

“Did you think that you were toying with me in your palm?”

“Let me tell you, what you’ve done was nothing more than playing with fire, as you have completely enraged me now.”

“I shall now make you understand what exactly it means by ‘there’s skies beyond the sky and people above you.’ That you, Chu Feng, are not the strongest disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“At the very least, with me here, it will forever be impossible for you to become the strongest disciple,” Bai Yunxiao became more and more emotional. At the same time, his aura began to change.

Layer upon layer of powerful aura began to spread out from his body, sweeping across the horizon. This sudden change caused even the space that he was in to tremble violently.

The trembling became more and more intense. Even Chu Feng, who was several hundred meters away from him, was able to clearly sense the trembling.

“You’ve finally shown your true strength?”

“Very well, allow me to see exactly what ability you, Bai Yunxiao, possess.”

Chu Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly. He knew that Bai Yunxiao was truly enraged. Furthermore, he knew that Bai Yunxiao, the second head of the Heaven Inquiring Division, the fourth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List, would possess very domineering abilities.

At this moment, even Chu Feng was tightly clenching the sword in his hand. He did not dare to be careless at all.


Suddenly, rumbling exploded in the sky. As the gale formed and the weather changed, enormous bolts of lightning began to appear in the sky. It was as if they were trying to rip the sky apart.

As the sound of thunder echoed, black clouds began to gather. Not only did the black clouds cover the entire Boundless Green Sea, they were still expanding outward. It was as if they were trying to cover the entire earth.

At that moment, the previously sunny and cloudless sky had already turned dark and dusky. The only thing that could be seen in the pitch-black sky was the sudden appearance of lightning that illuminated the earth. However, those sorts of lights were extremely frightening.

In this sort of situation, everyone began to feel unease for some unknown reason. That was because a kind of special and intangible aura was engulfing this region of space.

“Buzz.” Finally, the energies gathered in one location. As the black clouds surged about, a ray of golden light appeared.

The golden light grew brighter and brighter, thicker and thicker. Like the dazzling sun, it illuminated the dusky world.

At this moment, that light began to change. In the end, it turned into a dazzling bow.

That’s right, it was a bow. Not only was the bow extremely enormous, hiding the sky and covering the earth like a giant mountain as it stood in the sky, there was also a giant arrow on the bow. Just like that, it floated in the sky and emitted an aura capable of destroying everything, and allowed everyone to clearly realize how powerful it was.

“Abnormal sign, this Bai Yunxiao is also a Divine Body!”

At this moment, the crowd that had become silent for a long time once again burst into an uproar. That was because everyone was able to tell that Bai Yunxiao was a Divine Body. Furthermore, his Divine Body’s Divine Power was stronger than Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu or Tao Xiangyu’s.

“This guy, he’s actually also a Divine Body.”

“Miss Bai, that guy’s current cultivation is infinitely close to that of a rank nine Martial King. He is likely capable of fighting even rank two Half Martial Emperors.Is Chu Feng really able to withstand him?” At this moment, Bai Yunxiao’s might was truly too powerful. Even Sima Ying had begun to worry. [1.pelicanv:Then why'd he get caught in that trap earlier? Lmao.

Xima: mid level boss plot armor. He is after all #4 disciple. He has to force Feng'er to use some of his MC plot armor too. Lol.

YWL: He got caught before he could use his abilities.]

“To be honest, even I do not know,” Bai Ruochen shook her head. Like Sima Ying, she was greatly worried about Chu Feng. That was because she knew from the bottom of her heart that she would have absolutely no chance of defeating the current Bai Yunxiao.

In fact, it was not only Sima Ying and Bai Ruochen who were worried about Chu Feng right now.

Countless people from the crowd were questioning whether Chu Feng would really be able to fight against the current Bai Yunxiao. After all, the current Bai Yunxiao was so immensely powerful that even some Half Martial Emperors had started to fear him.

“Chu Feng, reveal whatever other ability you might possess. Otherwise, when I start to attack you, you will have no chance to do so,” After revealing his Divine Power, Bai Yunxiao was filled with confidence. The gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng was not at all one of someone looking at their enemy. Instead, he was looking at Chu Feng as if he were an ant that he could crush to death at any moment.

However, to Bai Yunxiao’s surprise, even though his Divine Power had been displayed before the crowd, stunning all of them, Chu Feng still had a smile on his face.

Very calmly, Chu Feng said, “Oh, okay.”

“It just so happens that I’ve never had the time to test out this move of mine after I mastered it.”

“I guess I’ll test it with your blood.”