Chapter 1268 - Dejected And Depressed

MGA: Chapter 1268 - Dejected And Depressed

“Look, isn’t that Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen?”

“Who’s that red-haired girl? Could she be that Sima Ying?”

“In that case, wouldn’t that beautiful woman be Bai Ruochen’s legendary youthful mother, Bai Suyan?”

“It’s actually them? Earlier, they caused havoc in our Cyanwood Mountain and that Bai Ruochen’s mother was extremely impudent, having slapped both Bai Yunxiao and Tao Xiangyu. How come they dared to come here?”

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others appeared above the viewing platforms. Because the viewing platforms were the focus of the crowd, they were soon seen by others.

While outsiders did not have much of a reaction, the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples were greatly shocked. To them, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were simply criminals of the Cyanwood Mountain. For them to come here today was simply akin to courting death.

After all, the head of the Punishment Department, Lord Crazed Killer Tuoba was present today. Thus, regardless of how powerful Bai Suyan might be, she would be no match for Lord Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Quickly, look, they’re flying toward the master viewing platform. Truly shameless! Is that a place that people like them are qualified to be?”

When the crowd saw Chu Feng and the others flying toward the master viewing platform, the disciples began to hiss in anger and spoke insults nonstop.

“Yoh, isn’t this junior brother Chu Feng and junior sister Ruochen?”

In fact, at this moment, Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Qi Yanyu, Zhao Jingang and Ben Leihu, the five of them were unable to calmly sit on their seats on the master viewing platform. They stood up and blocked Chu Feng and the others’ path.

Bai Suyan walked to the front and coldly shouted, “Step aside,” To her, Bai Yunxiao’s group were like five ants that she could crush to death at any time she wanted.

When they saw Bai Suyan, the expressions on Bai Yunxiao and the others’ faces changed, and they involuntarily took a step back.

Especially for Bai Yunxiao and Tao Xiangyu, who had been beaten up by Bai Suyan before, a very deep restraining fear emerged on their faces.

However, after deeply pondering, they ended up not leaving. That was because they were not afraid of Bai Suyan today. As for the reason why, it was because their strongest backer, the head of the Punishment Department, Crazed Killer Tuoba, was present.

After gathering her courage, Tao Xiangyu spoke in a mocking manner, “Yoh, Madam Sectmaster of the Ascension Sect, you must consider the situation properly. This place is not a place of your Ascension Sect, you do not have the authority to make the rules here,”

“Get back, other than the management elders, only we, disciples who are tasked with carrying out this dragon grade mission, are allowed here,” Bai Yunxiao added.

“Chu Feng, get lost! Back during the time when the dragon grade mission was announced, you did not have the courage to participate. Yet now you are actually shameless enough to try to sit at the master viewing platform? Who do you think you are?” Qi Yanyu directly spoke to drive them away.

“Humph, not to mention this master viewing platform, you all are not even qualified to sit in any of the other viewing platforms. Scram, get lost from this place right now so that you can stop being a disgrace to all of us,” Zhao Jingang also spoke to chase them away.

“Where are the elders? Where are the elders in charge of validating who can come in? Why did they let people like them into this place? Why didn’t you properly check to see if they were qualified to set foot in this place? Quickly get over here and drive them out!” Bai Yunxiao raised his voice and began to criticize the elders in charge of validation.

“Impudent! They are the honored guests invited by Lord White Ape! How are they people who you all can drive away?!”

However, right at this moment, five management elders jumped out from the master viewing platform, pointed at Bai Yunxiao and the other four and began to loudly reprimand them.

All five of them were subordinates of Half Martial Emperor White Ape. They were ordered to wait here in order to prevent others from making things difficult for Chu Feng and the others.

In the past, they belonged to the centrist faction that would just watch as others made things difficult for Chu Feng.

However, with Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s return, he had ordered them to protect Chu Feng with their lives. As such, they were determined to protect Chu Feng even at the risk of their own lives and did not fear even the Punishment Department. Thus, how could they possibly fear a couple of disciples like Bai Yunxiao and the others?

“Elders, we…” After being reprimanded by the five management elders, Bai Yunxiao and the others looked to the six empty seats and finally came to a realization. In an instant, they became dejected and depressed and did not know how to explain themselves.

As for the management elders of the Punishment Department, they did not dare to wantonly interrupt at this moment. After all, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was equally as famous as Crazed Killer Tuoba. Since Half Martial Emperor White Ape had invited them, then, other than Crazed Killer Tuoba, no one would dare to drive them out.

“All of you disgraces, get the hell away from here. Do what you should be doing instead of shaming yourselves here,” Those five management elders showed no quarter. They pointed to Bai Yunxiao and the others and reprimanded them once again.

At this moment, Bai Yunxiao and the others’ faces turned green. They were extremely shamed before all these people. Yet, there was nothing they could do. After all, Chu Feng and the others possessed the backing of Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

In the end, all they could do was lower their heads dispiritedly and return to their own seats in shame.

As for Chu Feng and the others, they were guided by the five elders and seated at the most honorable seats of the master viewing platform.

“Heavens, Chu Feng’s group really managed to get seated on the master viewing platform. Could it be that those seats were especially saved for them?”

“What sort of situation is this? Exactly what sort of situation is this? How are they qualified to be here?”

The surrounding crowd did not hear the conversations spoken earlier. Thus, they did not know that Chu Feng and the others had been invited over by Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

Thus, when Chu Feng and the others were seated, the crowd were all stunned and confused as to what was going on.

“It would seem that Chu Feng has yet to be defeated. At the very least, judging from this, his backing in the Cyanwood Mountain is still extremely vast.”

Even though they did not hear the conversation, some people with good eyesight had managed to noticed that Bai Yunxiao and the others were deliberately trying to make things difficult for Chu Feng’s group, only to be reprimanded by the management elders.

This allowed them to know that even though Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen had suffered a great deal in the Cyanwood Mountain not long ago, they actually still had a powerful backer behind them. It remained that this exceptional genius still remained one of the disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain who possessed the greatest ability to call upon the wind and summon the rain. [1. Stir up troubles. E.g. Chu Feng still remained one of the disciples that no one could do anything about in the Cyanwood Mountain]

Chu Feng did not care about what the others were thinking. After he was seated, he first observed the people on the master viewing platform, and discovered that Elder Hong Mo and the other elders of the Medicine Concocting Department were not present.

Upon thinking, he felt that it was likely that Elder Hong Mo and the other elders had been greatly tormented by Crazed Killer Tuoba and would be healing their injuries right now.

As for the two seats that remained empty, they were likely left for Crazed Killer Tuoba and Half Martial Emperor White Ape. When calculating them in such a manner, the seats on the master viewing platform were all filled and no one else would be coming.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to stop bothering with other matters and closed his eyes to rest.

It was only when the so-called dragon grade mission began that he opened his eyes again.

At this moment, the Boundless Green Sea was filled with cheers from the crowd. Other than Chu Feng and the others with him, practically everyone else was extremely excited. They had all been waited for this moment, waiting to see the graceful bearings of the Cyanwood Mountain’s strongest disciples.

As for Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu, Ben Leihu and Wang Jingzhi, the six of them left the master viewing platform and flew into the sky above the Boundless Green Sea.

The five among them that had been reprimanded earlier were no longer dejected and depressed. Based on the cheers that resounded through the heavens, they once again regained their self-confidence.

With impressive appearances and extraordinary auras, they were like the main characters in this region.