Chapter 1267 - Six Seats

MGA: Chapter 1267 - Six Seats

“Crazed Killer Tuoba, this Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate is proof that Lord Headmaster has given me the command of the Cyanwood Mountain. If one does not even have this, then how could one possibly command the Cyanwood Mountain and order everyone?”

“You said that Lord Headmaster had told you to lead the Cyanwood Mountain together with me. In that case, you should have a Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate too. Where is your Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate?” Half Martial Emperor White Ape asked.

“I… this…” Crazed Killer Tuoba started to sweat cold sweat. That was because the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster had only told him to command the Cyanwood Mountain, but had not given him any Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate. Thus, he did not actually possess a title plate.

“Crazed Killer Tuoba, it would appear that you do not have a Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate. If your decision to punish Hong Mo without approval was said to not be a serious crime, then feigning that you had been given permission to act as Lord Headmaster’s proxy is most definitely a serious crime.” Half Martial Emperor White Ape spoke the last two words very heavily.

“White Ape, I truly did not lie to you. Before Lord Headmaster entered his closed-door training, he indeed told me to take care of the Cyanwood Mountain for him. Merely, he did not bestow me any Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate.”

Crazed Killer Tuoba started to panic a bit, and was unable to help himself from starting to provide an explanation. After seeing the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate, he had a complete change in his bearing and attitude toward Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

“Currently, Lord Headmaster is in closed-door training. Thus, regardless of whether you are lying or telling the truth, we have no means to verify it.”

“However, it remains the truth that you had decided to punish Hong Mo without authorization, and acted as if you were Lord Headmaster himself. Is there anything that you wish to say?” As Half Martial Emperor White Ape spoke, he held the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate in his hand and pointed it toward Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“White Ape, we were fellow disciples at one point and are now fellow elders, how can you not know of my character? When have I ever lied?”

“Lord Headmaster truly left this heavy responsibility of looking after the Cyanwood Mountain in my hands. How could I possibly dare to feign it?” Crazed Killer Tuoba tried his best to explain himself. Even though he was the head of the Punishment Department, the person who currently possessed the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate was Half Martial Emperor White Ape. Thus, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was the one who was the headmaster’s actual proxy, the one who possessed the authority to punish him.

“White Ape, it is inconvenient to speak here. Let’s change places and continue talking about this in detail,” Crazed Killer Tuoba glanced at Chu Feng and the others. He felt very embarrassed to act in such a servile manner in front of two disciples.

“Very well,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape nodded. He then turned to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, you all go and wait for me at the master viewing platform. I have already left orders beforehand for them to leave good seats for you all.”

After he finished saying those words, Half Martial Emperor White Ape started to fly away, and Crazed Killer Tuoba followed closely behind him. In the blink of an eye, the two of them disappeared before everyone’s line of sight.

“Humph, and here I was thinking how extraordinary the head of this Punishment Department might be. Turned out that he’s nothing more than a coward,” After the two of them disappeared, Sima Ying curled her lips with a disdainful expression on her face.

At this moment, Bai Suyan spoke. “Half Martial Emperor White Ape and Crazed Killer Tuoba were both the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster’s favorite pupils. Even though Crazed Killer Tuoba possesses a great deal of authority and is in charge of the Punishment Department, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was not merely a management elder either. He also possesses special authority to enforce rules.”

“In the Cyanwood Mountain, the two of them are recognized by all as the two most powerful elders. Regardless of whether it might be their strength or their prestige, both of them are equally matched and both possess their own henchmen.”

“Earlier, Half Martial Emperor White Ape took out the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate. With this Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate in his hand, Half Martial Emperor White Ape possesses the authority to order the entire Cyanwood Mountain.”

“With merely that title plate, Crazed Killer Tuoba was put to a disadvantageous position. As such, how could he dare to contend against Half Martial Emperor White Ape?”

“If he did, and angered Half Martial Emperor White Ape, then it would be possible for Half Martial Emperor White Ape to eliminate all of his authority and remove him from even being a management elder.”

“He’s that powerful? No wonder that White Ape old man insisted on pulling us over here. Turns out that he actually had complete confidence that he would be able to make things difficult for those from the Punishment Department.”

Sima Ying had an expression of joy on her face. Since coming to the Cyanwood Mountain, this was the first time that she had felt the pleasure of beating down upon another. Even though she was merely an observer, it was extremely delightful for her to watch as one of the most powerful figures in the Cyanwood Mountain, the head of the Punishment Department, was beaten down before her.

“Even though he possesses the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate, White Ape is not ruthless enough. In fact, he was excessively indecisive. He will likely only warn Crazed Killer Tuoba and not really make things difficult for him.”

“If that weren’t the case, he would totally have been able to reprimand Crazed Killer Tuoba in front of us. There was simply no need for him to give Crazed Killer Tuoba face and settle this matter in private,” Bai Suyan added.

Hearing those words, disappointed expressions emerged on Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying’s faces. The two of them hoped that Crazed Killer Tuoba would be punished more severely.

However, Chu Feng had a smile on his face. While he did not say anything, he did not feel that Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s performance was not ruthless enough. Instead, he felt what Half Martial Emperor White Ape did to be very sensible.

After all, Half Martial Emperor White Ape only possessed the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate, and had not actually became the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster. If he was to be too ruthless, then Crazed Killer Tuoba might not lower his head and acknowledge him. If things went wrong, a large battle might occur.

If people like the two of them were to battle, it would implicate a lot of people and might bring about a bloody storm. As such, the foundations of the Cyanwood Mountain would be shaken.

And thus, when the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster left his closed-door training and saw all that had happened, he would definitely investigate the cause. At that time, it was very possible for him to think Half Martial Emperor White Ape to be the cause of the upheaval and severely punish him.

On the other hand, if Half Martial Emperor White Ape was to only use the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate to scare Crazed Killer Tuoba and not actually make things difficult for him, it would not only make Crazed Killer Tuoba follow the rules more closely, he would also be able to keep his advantageous position the entire time.

However, compared to all this, Chu Feng felt that Bai Suyan’s true identity was more mysterious.

She, as an outsider, actually possessed such a surprisingly large amount of understanding regarding the matters of the Cyanwood Mountain. Chu Feng truly could not imagine what she could possibly not know.

“It’s uncertain how long those two’s talk is going to take.”

“It’s better for us to go to the viewing platform first. Since we’ve already come here, let’s not miss the performance from this bunch of Cyanwood Mountain’s jumping clowns,” As Bai Suyan spoke, she waved her sleeve, removed the concealing technique placed around them, and began to openly bring Chu Feng and the others to the Boundless Green Sea.

The Boundless Green Sea was located on the summit of the mountain. At this moment, the area around the mountain was packed with people. However, the majority of them were circling around the outside.

That was because the inside was already filled with viewing platforms created by world spirit techniques. As for these viewing platforms, they were not things that anyone could sit on. Only those who were invited would be qualified to sit on them.

However, compared to all the viewing platforms, there was one that was the most glamorous. As for this viewing platform, there were thirty-six seats.

Other than the six disciples chosen for this mission, Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Qi Yanyu, Zhao Jingang, Ben Leihu and Wang Jingzhi, everyone else sitting on this viewing platform were all management elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, their true experts.

However, while this viewing platform seemed to be packed with the super experts of the Cyanwood Mountain, there were six empty seats located in the center. Everyone was guessing exactly who these six seats were left for.

However, regardless of who they were left for, people knew that these six significant seats must be left for extremely important people.