Chapter 1265 - Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That

MGA: Chapter 1265 - Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That

“Mn, very well.”

“It’s pretty late now, you should return and rest up.”

“I’ll go and help that Bai Suyan with her injuries. As her injuries are not light, it would be extremely slow for her to try to heal herself, which might even delay our journey to the Boundless Green Sea,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed, Half Martial Emperor White Ape smiled a relieved smile before leaving.

“Haha, I truly would have never imagined that this monkey-like old man would give you such an enormous gift.”

“This many Martial Beads, this is truly unimaginable. Chu Feng, quickly, refine those Martial Beads. You might even be able to catch up to Bai Ruochen and become a rank five Martial King and be able to stand on equal footing with this queen again. Haha,” Once Half Martial Emperor White Ape left, Eggy immediately burst into a cheerful laugh. She appeared even happier than Chu Feng.

“You want me to refine them right away?” Chu Feng was a bit surprised by what Eggy said. Even though he was also extremely happy to be able to obtain this many Martial Beads, he did not plan to refine them as quickly as possible.

“What use is there in keeping them? Wouldn’t you need to refine them sooner or later? Also, aren’t you going to the Boundless Green Sea? With that White Ape Old Man backing you up, you won’t have to fear anyone now. If that bunch of Punishment Department’s disciples dared to provoke you, you’d only need to beat them up directly,” Eggy waved her little fists and spoke in a charmingly manner.

“You girl,” Hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng smiled. This girl was truly one to hold a grudge, she held grudges even more deeply than Chu Feng himself. It could be seen that she had been thinking about when Chu Feng would teach that bunch of Punishment Department’s disciples that had humiliated him a lesson the entire time.

“Very well, I’ll listen to you and refine them right now,” In the end, Chu Feng decided to listen to Eggy. He found a quiet location and began to refine these Martial Beads.

Chu Feng’s aptitude for martial cultivation was simply unimaginable. He rarely ever ran across any barriers when trying to make a breakthrough. As long as he could gather a sufficient amount of martial power, he would be able to make a breakthrough.

Chu Feng’s speed at refining the Martial Beads was extremely fast, it was even simpler than drinking water for him. Chu Feng’s body was like a bottomless pit that would never be filled.

If an ordinary person was to see what Chu Feng was doing right now, they would definitely be greatly frightened. That was because Chu Feng’s appearance as he refined the Martial Beads was truly shocking. He was like a hungry wolf that did not know about satisfaction as he ravenously devoured his favorite food. It was truly frightening.

In truth, Chu Feng both loved and hated cultivation resources. He loved them because cultivation resources had become the key to increasing his cultivation.

Due to his Divine Lightnings, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to use mysterious techniques and other skills to absorb martial power from nature in order to reach a breakthrough.

That was because the amount of martial power the Divine Lightnings in his dantian required was simply too enormous. If he was to rely on mysterious techniques and other skills to absorb martial power from nature, he would never be able to accumulate enough martial power to achieve a breakthrough. Only by consuming a large amount of cultivation resources would he be able to achieve a breakthrough.

Yet, he hated cultivation resources because it was extremely difficult to find them. Chu Feng would always have to put forth a lot of effort, and might even put his life in danger, all in order to reach a single breakthrough.

Fortunately for him, Half Martial Emperor White Ape had helped Chu Feng greatly this time around. Even though he had only given Chu Feng Martial Beads, their number was enormous.

Currently, Chu Feng’s cultivation reached a breakthrough from rank three Martial King to rank four Martial King. Furthermore, there were still a lot of Martial Beads remaining to be used too. It was very possible for him to, as what Eggy suggested, be able to reach rank five Martial King.

Chu Feng greatly longed to be able to become a rank five Martial King. As long as he could become a rank five Martial King, he would have caught up to Bai Ruochen and Eggy.

Furthermore, rank five Martial King was a dividing line in the Martial King realm. Only by surpassing rank five Martial King could one be considered to be a true expert in the Martial King realm. In short, rank five Martial King was a great enticement to Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng was extremely nervous. He was incapable of ascertaining whether or not he would be able to make a breakthrough. However, he greatly hoped that he would be able to break through.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, a very dense martial power was dissolved in Chu Feng’s body and absorbed by his dantian with lightning speed.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s dantian actually miraculously throbbed. The subtle change emitted from his dantian and soon covered his entire body.

At this moment, Chu Feng abruptly opened his eyes. Countless bolts of lightning were flickering within his eyes. It was as if his eyes contained a myriad of lightnings that were capable of bringing about ruin to the world.

“I’ve broken through, I’ve broken through again! I, Chu Feng, am finally a rank five Martial King!” At this moment, even Chu Feng, who had been always calm and collected, was overjoyed and cheering excitedly. If he could, he would have faced the sky and roared in order to calm his excitement.

Although rank five Martial King could not be considered to be much in the Holy Land of Martialism, the place with experts like clouds, rank five Martial Kings were extremely powerful existences in the Eastern Sea Region. There was practically no one among the younger generations that managed to reach this level of cultivation. Only those old monsters that had lived for several hundred years had the chance to become a rank five Martial King.

Yet Chu Feng, a young man from the Eastern Sea Region, was able to reach rank five Martial King at such a young age. This was most definitely a type of honor. If this matter was to be known by his friends in the Eastern Sea Region, they would all feel proud because of Chu Feng’s prowess.

“I must truly thank Elder White Ape for this,” Having broken through two levels in succession, Chu Feng’s mood was extremely good. All of his moodiness and low spiritedness from before were swept clean from his mind.

After his breakthroughs, there were still quite a lot of Martial Beads remaining. Although the quantity was nowhere near enough for him to make another breakthrough, it was a large amount of wealth that would most definitely be useful.

As for all of this, it was all thanks to Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

“Heh, now that you’re a rank five Martial King, even without this queen here, there would not be many disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain that would be a match for you.”

“Those couple disciples from the Punishment Department that are conducting the dragon grade mission, if the opportunity comes, make sure to properly teach them a lesson. To continue to watch as they blab their mouths nonstop is most definitely not in your character,” Eggy sweetly smiled. Her smile was somewhat sinister. Yet, it was extremely charming.

“Rest assured, if the opportunity presents itself, I will most definitely not let them get away,” How could Chu Feng possibly forget about the mockery and ridicule that Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the others had displayed toward him?

It just so happened that they were the candidates for the dragon grade mission this time around. Just thinking about the fact that he would encounter them again in the Boundless Green Sea caused Chu Feng’s emotions to stir. Chu Feng truly wanted to gift them a huge present before leaving the Cyanwood Domain.

After this, in order to not shock Bai Ruochen and the others, Chu Feng deliberately hid his rank five Martial King’s aura and presented only the rank three Martial King’s aura that he had before.

As for Bai Suyan, her injuries were not light. While her external injuries were not serious, her internal injuries were very serious.

Fortunately, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was helping her with her recovery. This led to the treatment of her injuries being a lot faster.

However, even with this, Bai Suyan did not completely recover until the day when the dragon grade mission began.

In order to confront Crazed Killer Tuoba face to face, Chu Feng and the others did not stay any longer and began to journey toward the Boundless Green Sea following Half Martial Emperor White Ape the same day after Bai Suyan recovered.

As for the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster Sikong Zhaixing, the two of them stayed in the Ascension Sect and continued with the Ascension Sect’s restoration.

Due to the fact that Half Martial Emperor White Ape had helped her with the treatment of her injuries, Bai Suyan did not view Half Martial Emperor White Ape with as much hostility as before.

On their journey to the Boundless Green Sea, the group of five could be said to be friendly with one another, talking and laughing in joy.

In this sort of harmonious atmosphere, the journey that was not far to begin with appeared to be even shorter. On that same day, Chu Feng and the others arrived at the Boundless Green Sea.


The Boundless Green Sea was located within a mountain range.

Within the mountain range was a very tall mountain that peaked to the sky. During the Ancient Era from long ago, this place was an enormous volcanic crater. However, with the changes of time, the volcano died and rainwater accumulated on the crater, turning it into an enormous lake on top of the mountain.

The lake was extremely large. When standing at one corner, it was extremely difficult for one to see the other end. Thus, people called this lake a sea.

Special plants grew in the lake. Those plants dyed the lake water a faint green color. This was why this lake was called the Boundless Green Sea.

The Boundless Green Sea was the territory of the Yuanshi Tribe. It was said that this Yuanshi Tribe had existed for several tens of thousands of years. In terms of duration, they had existed for even longer than the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, this was not the main point. The main point was that the Yuanshi Tribe’s Boundless Green Sea was bustling with excitement right now.

Powers and experts from all over the Cyanwood Domain had gathered at the Boundless Green Sea. Silhouettes covered both the sky and the ground. As for these silhouettes, the majority of them were people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

It was not only elders, for a lot of disciples had come too. Their number was even greater than the number of elders.

As for their purpose in coming, if one was to speak of it more nobly, then it would be to witness a dragon grade mission. However, if one was to speak of it in an ordinary manner, then it would be to witness Bai Yunxiao and the others’ massacre of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts.

“It’s truly bustling with excitement,” As he saw more and more silhouettes appearing in his line of sight, Chu Feng’s eyes started to narrow and his lips curved into a light smile.

Today, he had come with the two experts Bai Suyan and Half Martial Emperor White Ape. Thus, there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

If someone dared to provoke him or deliberately make things difficult for him, he would definitely not leave the matter at that.