Chapter 1264 - Unexpected Harvest

MGA: Chapter 1264 - Unexpected Harvest

At this moment, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s eyebrows were raised. His anger was clearly visible.

He pointed at Bai Suyan and said, “With what you’ve turned the Ascension Sect into, I should be disciplining you. Yet, because the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster did not mind it, I have decided to not mind it either.”

“However, you, an outsider, actually dared to meddle in our Cyanwood Mountain’s domestic affairs. That I cannot disregard!”

“I do not care where you’re from or what sort of background you possess, I will give you some warnings today. Else, you’ll truly think that there is no one in our Cyanwood Mountain to stand up to you.”

As he spoke these words, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s aura surged. His powerful aura seemed to be able to sweep everything before its path.

In an instant, that aura filled their surrounding and even froze the air. Everyone was able to sense that Half Martial Emperor White Ape was planning to attack Bai Suyan.

At this moment, even Chu Feng was panicking. Half Martial Emperor White Ape was extremely powerful and greatly surpassed Elder Hong Mo. The current frightening aura that he was emitting was sufficient to display how powerful he was.

If Bai Suyan’s condition was good, then perhaps she might not fear Half Martial Emperor White Ape. However, she was currently seriously injured and simply incapable of fighting against Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

“Elder White Ape, please be lenient!” Seeing that the situation had turned bad, Chu Feng hurriedly stood before Bai Suyan and used his own body to force Half Martial Emperor White Ape to stop.

“Chu Feng, you…” Seeing Chu Feng standing before Bai Suyan, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s expression took a huge change. A complicated expression emerged in his eyes. Even though he was very unwilling, he still ended up stopping his attack.

“Lord Elder, during the time when you were not in the Cyanwood Mountain, it was all thanks to Senior Bai helping us out of troubles. Else, junior sister Bai, myself and young lady Sima might not have been able to arrive at this place safely.”

“Lord Elder, I hope that you will be able to take into consideration that Senior Bai has good intentions for us and will not make things difficult for her,” Chu Fend pleaded.

“Elder White Ape, my mother might have spoken too aggressively. However, she most definitely does not contain any malice,” Bai Ruochen also began to plead for her mother.

“Elder, I appreciate your kindness. However, I still wish to have Ruochen’s mother send me back to the World Spiritist Alliance.”

Even Sima Ying spoke out for Bai Suyan. Merely, compared to Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, she was much more direct.

Seeing that Chu Feng and the others were all on Bai Suyan’s side, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s complexion turned green and pale. Likely, he was feeling rather unpleasant upon hearing those words.

“Sigh,” However, in the end, he sighed helplessly and said, “Forget about it, forget about it. It seems that this old man was trying to do an arduous and thankless task.”

“However, Bai Suyan, you are currently seriously injured. With your current state, this old man is unable to entrust Chu Feng’s group to you.”

“While it is fine for you to bring Chu Feng and the others along with you, you need to at the very least improve the condition of your injuries. Only after that will I agree to let you all leave,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape said.

“Mother, since even Elder White Ape has spoken like this, you should heal your injuries first,” Bai Ruochen urged her mother. She was truly worried about her mother’s injury.

“Very well,” Bai Suyan nodded her head.

Bai Suyan was not a fool, she was able to determine the current situation. With Half Martial Emperor White Ape present, it would be impossible for her to forcibly bring Chu Feng and the others away.

Furthermore, she was the one who knew her current state of injury the best. It was true that she needed to quickly heal her injuries. Thus, after considering the overall situation, she decided to stay and heal her injuries before leaving.

After she made the decision, Bai Suyan immediately began to heal her injuries. As for the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Sikong Zhaixing and the others, they began to handle the current problematic situation of the Ascension Sect.

After all, the damage to the Ascension Sect was very major. Not to mention the injuries of the disciples, merely the collapsed buildings would take days to restore. As for all these, they required the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Sikong Zhaixing and the others to organize and monitor the work.

During the moment when Bai Suyan was treating her injuries, Half Martial Emperor White Ape called Chu Feng to a quiet location.

“Chu Feng, keep this,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape handed a Cosmos Sack to Chu Feng.

“Elder White Ape, you are…” After receiving the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng was greatly alarmed and shock filled his eyes.

That was because that Cosmos Sack was actually filled with Martial Beads. Their number was so astonishing that even Chu Feng was stunned by it.

As matters stood, Chu Feng’s requirement for cultivation resources was becoming higher and higher. To Chu Feng, Martial Beads could be said to be negligible.

However, the number of Martial Beads in this Cosmos Sack was truly too enormous. If Chu Feng was to refine all of them, he would definitely be able to break through.

However, Chu Feng did not understand why Half Martial Emperor White Ape would give him this many Martial Beads for no reason or cause. Who knows how many Achievement Points would be required in order to exchange for this many Martial Beads. Truly, it was an extremely precious gift.

“Earlier, I was not at the Cyanwood Mountain. This led to Crazed Killer Tuoba being able to do whatever he pleased and indirectly make you suffer.”

“It’s as you said earlier, if it wasn’t for Bai Suyan, perhaps you would not have been able to safely arrive at this place.”

“Actually, before Lord Headmaster entered his closed-door training, he had sent me a voice transmission telling me to properly look after you. However, I failed to live up to Lord Headmaster’s expectations. For that, I truly feel ashamed.”

“These Martial Beads, you can consider them to be a compensation for my failure. Little friend Chu Feng, I hope that you will accept them. Else, my heart will remain very uneasy,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape said.

“Lord Headmaster?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt surprised once again. He had never met the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster before. Yet, the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster actually entrusted Half Martial Emperor White Ape to look after him. This truly came as a surprise to Chu Feng.

“While Lord Headmaster had not summoned you to see you, it remains that he thinks very highly of you,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape explained. At the same time, an expression of intense admiration emerged in his eyes.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was able to roughly realize what sort of character the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster was. Perhaps while he was completely unaware, the headmaster had already surveyed him.

If Chu Feng’s behavior managed to obtain the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster’s appreciation, it would be extremely normal for Half Martial Emperor White Ape to be ordered to look after him.

With this, Half Martial Emperor White Ape coming over to deliberately find him, and the enormous present that he had just given him could all be explained.

“Elder, thank you for your generosity and affection,” Chu Feng stopped acting so courteously and accepted the Cosmos Sack filled with Martial Beads.

It was for no other reason than because there were truly a numerous amount of Martial Beads in the Cosmos Sack. For Chu Feng, this was an enormous opportunity that could potentially allow him to make a breakthrough. Even though he felt undeserved to have it, he was unwilling to miss this chance.

When he saw that Chu Feng had accepted it, Half Martial Emperor White Ape smiled a relieved smile and said, “Chu Feng, if you’re not in a rush to leave, then after Bai Suyan’s injuries are healed, would you be willing to journey to the Boundless Green Sea with me?”

“Elder White Ape, did you want to see them do the dragon grade mission?” Chu Feng asked.

“I am uninterested in that dragon grade mission. Merely, there’s a person there that I need to see urgently. I need him to give me an explanation,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape said.

“Who might it be?” Chu Feng asked.

“The head of the Punishment Department, Crazed Killer Tuoba.”

“He was the one who ordered the arrest of Hong Mo. Regardless of what sorts of justifications he might have, regardless of what his status might be, to decide to imprison and even punish Hong Mo without the explicit approval of Lord Headmaster is something that goes against the rules of our Cyanwood Mountain. I must question him face to face and have him provide an explanation before us,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s brows slightly creased upward. He had naturally heard about Crazed Killer Tuoba and had guessed that what the Punishment Department had done was most definitely prompted by him.

Chu Feng was also able to hear the hidden implications behind Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s words. Chu Feng was originally having a good journey in the Cyanwood Mountain. The only reason why he had ended up in his current state was all because of the Punishment Department.

If it wasn’t for the Punishment Department planting hindrances in the shadows, Chu Feng would not have ended up in his current state. Thus, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was able to guess that the current Chu Feng held a very deep grievance against the Punishment Department.

As for the reason why Half Martial Emperor White Ape said all these things to Chu Feng, it was because he wanted Crazed Killer Tuoba to present Chu Feng with an explanation, so as to dissolve the grievances in his heart.

When all was said and done, Half Martial Emperor White Ape still feared that Chu Feng would not be satisfied with the Cyanwood Mountain, feared that he would leave the Cyanwood Mountain and feared that their Cyanwood Mountain would lose such a rare genius.

“Junior is willing to go and meet that Crazed Killer Tuoba with senior,” After thinking about it, Chu Feng nodded his head without any hesitation.

Originally, there had been no grievances between him and that Crazed Killer Tuoba. Yet, Crazed Killer Tuoba treated him in such a manner. Thus, Chu Feng also wished to see exactly what sort of individual that Crazed Killer Tuoba might be.

Even if he was to be unable to obtain the result that he wanted, he would at the very least be able to remember the appearance of that Crazed Killer Tuoba. As such, he would know who to take revenge against in the future when he possessed the strength.