Chapter 1252 - Monstrous Dragon Beast

MGA: Chapter 1252 - Monstrous Dragon Beast

“Dragon grade mission? What’s that?” Sima Ying asked curiously.

“For the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, regardless of whether it is cultivation resources, martial skills, mysterious techniques or anything else, if they want them, they have to exchange achievement points for them.”

“These achievement points can only be obtained by doing missions. As for the missions in the Cyanwood Mountain, they are separated into wolf grade, leopard grade, tiger grade, lion grade and dragon grade.”

“Among them, the dragon grade is the most difficult. However, one cannot just do dragon grade missions as they wish. This is also the first time that Ruochen and I have come across a dragon grade mission since we joined the Cyanwood Mountain,” Chu Feng explained.

“It’s actually this interesting? In that case, let’s go and have a look as to what exactly this dragon grade mission is,” After hearing Chu Feng’s explanation, SIma Ying immediately became interested. Her excited and curious appearance was truly like that of a little girl.

“How can we do that? The dragon grade mission is most definitely going to attract a lot of disciples. I fear that Tao Xiangyu and the others will be there too.”

“If we are to encounter them, I fear that we’ll start fighting again. With Elder Hong Mo and the other elders being imprisoned right now, there’s simply no one to back us up. Thus, it will be us who would come out at a loss,” Bai Ruochen shook her head.

“What’s there to fear? If we encounter them, we’ll just ignore them. Furthermore, with this many people going there, how could we so coincidentally run into them? If we are to hide within the crowd, they would not be able to find us.”

“Chu Feng, let’s go check it out. You two are going to leave the Cyanwood Mountain soon, don’t you want to see exactly what a dragon grade mission is before leaving?” Seeing that Bai Ruochen did not agree to it, Sima Ying turned to earnestly urge Chu Feng; she wanted to obtain Chu Feng’s approval.

“That’s true. Ruochen, let’s go check it out. It’ll be fine as long as we don’t sign up to participate in it,” Chu Feng said.

“Fine,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to it, Bai Ruochen nodded. However, she was not reluctant to nod her head. Instead, she seemed to have a bit of anticipation.

It could be seen that she actually wanted to see the Cyanwood Mountain’s dragon grade mission very much too.

After they made the decision to go, the three of them started to rapidly fly toward the Mission Plaza.

The Mission Plaza was already packed with people. Both the sky and the ground were covered with people. There were not only disciples; many elders had also come.

Due to there being so many people, and the fact that everyone’s attention was focused on the Mission Plaza, Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying did not try to deliberately conceal themselves. Instead, they walked right into the crowd.

Through the crowd, Chu Feng was able to see that the center of the Mission Plaza, the location to receive the dragon grade mission, was relatively spacious and empty; only a few figures were there.

Those people were elders. From the Punishment Blades on their waists, one could tell that they were members of the Punishment Department. Furthermore, they were led by a management elder.

Other than these elders, there was an unfamiliar figure. It was an old man holding a walking stick with a hunched back. Not only was he unfamiliar-looking, his outfit was also relatively unusual. He was most definitely not someone from the Cyanwood Mountain.

Other than the elders, there were also two disciples at the entrance to receive the dragon grade mission. They were familiar faces; the Beast King Division’s head, Ben Leihu, and the person who had voluntarily admitted his defeat the moment he had started fighting Bai Ruochen for real, Wang Jingzhi.

Furthermore, not long after Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying arrived, Tao Xiangyu, Bai Yunxiao, Qi Yanyu, and Zhao Jingang also arrived in succession. One by one, they landed in the area designated to receive the dragon grade mission and stood beside those elders.

It was not that disciples were not permitted to approach that area. Merely, only disciples with strength were allowed to approach that place. Thus, those who did not have sufficient strength naturally would not dare to get so close to a management elder.

However, even though they knew that they were not qualified, practically all of the disciples that found out about the dragon grade mission had rushed over to the Mission Plaza. From this, it could be seen how attractive the dragon grade mission was.

As more and more disciples arrived at the Mission Plaza, at the time when there were so many people that they had overcrowded the Mission Plaza, the management elder from the Punishment Department finally spoke.

“Everyone, a group of Monstrous Dragon Beasts have appeared in our Cyanwood Domain’s Boundless Green Sea. They, who do not belong to the Boundless Green Sea, have come and set up camps there.”

“These camps have brought destruction to the surrounding areas, and they have invaded and harassed the original owners of the land, the Yuanshi Tribe of the Boundless Green Sea, repeatedly.”

“Today, the chief of the Yuanshi Tribe has personally come to our Cyanwood Mountain to seek help. He wishes that we will be able to drive away that bunch of unruly Monstrous Dragon Beasts from the Boundless Green Sea.”

“However, I feel that these Monstrous Dragon Beasts are truly too savage. If we are to only drive them away, it is likely that they would only end up invading and harassing other domains.”

“Thus, our Cyanwood Mountain has planned to help these people remove the evil, and completely eradicate this group of Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

“These Monstrous Dragon Beasts are extraordinarily strong. It is said that they possess the bloodline of the legendary Divine Beast, the Dragon. Therefore, they are extremely powerful, and cannot be underestimated.”

“To deal with them is an extremely dangerous task. However, it is also a rare opportunity, a rare experience for you all.”

“After discussing the matter, we decided to not dispatch elders to deal with them. Instead, we plan to send forth the most outstanding disciples of our Cyanwood Mountain to eliminate these Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

“Due to the fact that the Monstrous Dragon Beasts are very difficult to deal with, and could even be said to be dangerous, we decided that it would be a dragon grade mission.”

“In order to not alarm the Monstrous Dragon Beasts, the number of people who will be able to go on this dragon grade mission this time will be six.”

“As long as you’re a core disciple and are interested in doing this mission, you can come over here to sign up for the examination. After the examination, the six people with the highest rankings will obtain the qualifications to go on this mission.”

“That said, anyone who can bring back the head of the Monstrous Dragon Beast’s chief will obtain a hundred thousand Achievement Points. Apart from this, the Yuanshi Tribe will also prepare a special gift as thanks to you,”

“A hundred thousand Achievement Points? That many?”

“It’s actually the Monstrous Dragon Beasts? They are extraordinarily savage monstrous beasts, definitely not something that ordinary monstrous beasts could compare with.”

“What’s there to be scared of? Since the Lord Elders are willing to dispatch us, it means that they are at a level that we can deal with. The Lord Elders would definitely not have us throw our lives away.”

“Sigh, there’s no need to think about this anymore. It’s hopeless. There’s only six people that can go, how can it possibly end up being us who’ll go?”

“Look, six of the geniuses on the Cyanwood Succession List have already come. Let’s just go, it’s destined that the six people will be them. Guys, let’s stop dreaming about this.”

“No, that’s wrong. Wasn’t Wang Jingzhi defeated by Bai Ruochen and no longer on the Cyanwood Succession List?”

“Bullshit, Wang Jingzhi didn’t even fight with Bai Ruochen back then. Furthermore, even if he is weaker than Bai Ruochen, he is still not someone that we can compare to. Who among you all dare to say that you could defeat Wang Jingzhi?”


“Who cares about that, I’ve come just to enjoy the show. I’ll take a look at who will be able to obtain the qualifications to do this dragon grade mission. Of course, I’m more interested in who will be able to obtain the head of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ chief.”

Once that elder’s words left his mouth, the crowd that was previously quiet immediately burst into an uproar. All kinds of voices began to resonate through the Mission Plaza as the crowd began to spiritedly discuss this dragon grade mission. Even though they knew that they were not qualified, they still rolled up their sleeves and appeared to want to set forth and give their all at trying the examination.