Chapter 1251 - Dragon Grade Mission

MGA: Chapter 1251 - Dragon Grade Mission

“Go? Go where?” Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen asked at the same time.

“To return to the World Spiritist Alliance. That is where I belong. Moreover, if I stayed here, I would only create more troubles for the Medicine Concocting Department,” Sima Ying said.

“That’s good too.” Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen nodded. With the current situation, it was indeed unsuitable for Sima Ying to continue to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain.

“However, I hope that the two of you would come with me,” Sima Ying said.

“What? Come with you? To the World Spiritist Alliance?” Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were surprised.

“That’s right, I want you two to come to the World Spiritist Alliance together with me. There, no one would dare to bully you two. Furthermore, with your talents, the World Spiritist Alliance would be much better for your future prospects,” Sima Ying said.

“Sima Ying, don’t joke around. We are disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, how could we go to the World Spiritist Alliance?” Bai Ruochen flatly refused her.

“Bai Ruochen, hear me out. In the World Spiritist Alliance, you two would be able to obtain better opportunities. In terms of cultivation resources, our World Spiritist Alliance most definitely surpasses the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Besides, I am not telling you two to leave the Cyanwood Mountain and join the World Spiritist Alliance. I merely think that it would be best for the two of you to train at the World Spiritist Alliance.”

“With your current situation, there would be no future prospects in the Cyanwood Mountain. No matter what, you’ll be beaten down. If you stay here, your futures will only be a path filled with obstructions the entire time.”

“Thus, the two of you absolutely cannot continue to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain. Otherwise, you will only delay yourselves and cause harm to yourselves.”

“In the future, when your cultivations have reached a higher level and the situation in the Cyanwood Mountain has improved somewhat, you can come back for retaliation. This is a strategy, a strategy that is favorable to you two,” Sima Ying advised.

“Even if what you say is reasonable, it remains that the three elders have been imprisoned because of us. If we are to leave now, it would be disloyal and immoral,” Bai Ruochen refused again, and she began to become emotional.

“But, even if you two are to stay here, does it mean that you’ll be able to save them? What you’ll be doing would only be wasting time, and you would be unable to do anything,” Sima Ying also became emotional.

“Stop arguing!” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke. He turned to Bai Ruochen and said, “What Sima Ying says is correct. With the situation that we’re in now, if we are to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain, we would not be able to accomplish anything, so much so that even if the three elders were to be killed, we would only receive the news of them being killed after they were killed. Furthermore, we would not be able to do anything about it.”

“Chu Feng, your intention is?” Bai Ruochen looked to Chu Feng. Her eyes were flickering.

“We can leave the Cyanwood Mountain and go to the Alliance Domain for the time being. However, it is not that we must absolutely go to the World Spiritist Alliance. We’re only going there so that we can find new opportunities,” Chu Feng said.

“This…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Bai Ruochen became silent. However, it could be seen that she was wavering a bit.

As for Chu Feng’s decision, he had carefully thought about their situation. It was indeed unsuitable for them to continue to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain.

Not to mention how much progress they would be able to obtain if they were to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain, it would not be too excessive to say that they were currently surrounded by enemies on all sides. Even if there was a day that the Punishment Department became heartless and decided to dispatch management elders to kill them, it would also not be impossible.

The Cyanwood Mountain was extremely dangerous. Especially after Elder Hong Mo and the other elders had been imprisoned, this place had become even more dangerous.

To be exact, it was not only the Cyanwood Mountain, the entire Cyanwood Domain was very dangerous.

No matter how unwilling they might be, leaving would be the best choice for them. At the very least, leaving would give them a chance to find a new way out of this crisis.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had a map. Recorded on that map was a place. As for that place, it was where he wanted to go to the most after coming to the Holy Land of Martialism. The name of the place was the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. It just so happened that the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was located very close to the Alliance Domain. At the very least, if one wished to reach the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, one had to go through the Alliance Domain.

“Chu Feng, if you’re planning to leave, I’ll come with you. I will support your decision,” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen spoke. It could be seen that she had made her decision to follow Chu Feng.

“Even if we want to leave, it’s not that simple. There are two things that we must settle.”

“First, there’s the Boundary Energy. Although the Cyanwood Domain is not located far from the Alliance Domain, it is separated by the Boundary Energy. We do not have the strength to break through it.”

“Second, if the Punishment Department really wants to deal with us, then during the time when we leave, they will likely send people after us. In that case, before we could leave the Cyanwood mountain, we would be killed and left without an intact corpse,” Chu Feng said.

“I have a way.”

“My grandfather taught me a formation technique that is capable of opening the Boundary Energy. Merely, that formation technique’s requirements are extremely high, and I am incapable of setting it up. However, Chu Feng, you might be able to. After you set up the formation, the three of us can cooperate to activate it. As long as we are given a sufficient amount of time, we most definitely will be able to cut open the Boundary Energy.”

“As for the second point that you’re worrying about, to be honest, if they really wanted to do something to you two, even if you remained in the Cyanwood Mountain, they would, sooner or later, find the chance to do so.”

“Rather than sitting here and waiting for death, you might as well take a risk. We can leave right away and in secret, so as to catch them unprepared.”

“As long as we do not let them know about it, how could they possibly have the chance to chase after us to kill us?” Sima Ying said.

“No, that won’t do, it’s too risky,” Chu Feng shook his head. Since they were planning to leave, he felt that they must be sufficiently prepared. At such a time, he did not wish to take risks again.

“If we’re truly planning to leave, then I have a surefire method,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Don’t suggest that I go and appeal for help from the Cyanwood Mountain. Other than Senior Hong Mo, I will not have anyone else escort me back to the World Spiritist Alliance; I cannot trust them,” Sima Ying shook her head.

“Rest assured, there’s no need for you to go appeal for help. I can do this myself,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Ruochen, what method do you have?” Chu Feng asked.

“Have my mother come pick us up from the Cyanwood Mountain and then have her send us to the Alliance Domain,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Senior Bai?” Chu Feng was very surprised to hear those words. Bai Ruochen’s mother Bai Suyan was a very mysterious woman.

From the first time Chu Feng had laid eyes on her, he knew that she was extremely powerful. However, these words that Bai Ruochen said most definitely hinted at something else.

That was that Bai Suyan possessed the ability to safeguard them and the strength to bring them safely to the Alliance Domain.

Even though he already knew that Bai Suyan was very powerful, Chu Feng had never imagined that she would be this powerful.

With such power, why would she reside in the Ascension Sect? This was completely unexplainable.

“That’s right, I’ll have my mother to come help us. Just leave this matter in my hands. Before she comes, we’ll all stay in the Medicine Concocting Department. Even though that place is also not absolutely safe, it is at least safer than our respective territories,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Mn, that’s the only way,” Chu Feng nodded.

After making their decision, the three people did not hesitate. After casually packing some stuff, the three of them left the Asura Division and started to proceed to take refuge in the Medicine Concocting Department.




However, right after the three of them started flying, bursts of resounding yet not ear-piercing yet still intimidating tolls began to ring, one after the other.

When the toll was heard, countless disciples and elders soared into the sky and began to fly toward the direction of the Mission Plaza.

If one was to listen carefully, one would be able to hear that the tolls were coming from the Mission Plaza.

“This sound, could it be…?” Hearing the tolls, both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were startled. They turned to one another and spoke simultaneously, “Dragon grade mission?”