Chapter 1244 - The Enraged Queen

MGA: Chapter 1244 - The Enraged Queen

“What? You said he only needs to slap himself ten thousand times and kneel to admit his mistake and we’ll spare his bunch of dogs? Isn’t that letting him go too lightly?”

“That right, we cannot let them go this lightly. All of them can forget about coming out unscathed today. As long as they wore the armband of the Asura Division, we must definitely teach them a lesson. Otherwise, they will truly think that our junior sister Tao is someone easy to bully.”

“Sigh, don’t be like this, don’t be like this. You all, don’t be too excessive. It’s like senior brother Bai said, we are, after all, fellow disciples of the same school. How about this…”

“Have this Chu Feng slap himself ten thousand times and then give ten thousand resounding kowtows to every one of us here. When he does that, we, as superiors, shall then be generous and not bicker with them and let them go.”

Not only did Bai Yunxiao, Zhao Jingan, Qi Yanyu and Ben Leihu reject Chu Feng’s request, they even began to indirectly humiliate him. After humiliating him, they burst into loud, mocking laughter.

At the beginning, they were the ones laughing. Afterwards, their subordinates started to laugh. In the end, even many of the disciples who had come to watch joined in and started laughing at and ridiculing Chu Feng.

This sort of laughter was truly ear-piercing and displeasing. Everyone from the Asura Division was gnashing their teeth in anger and tightly clenching their fists till veins were popping out. Anger, an indescribable anger surged through their bodies like a ticking time-bomb.

At this moment, the Asura Division’s members began to secretly send voice transmissions and eye signals to one another. They also turned to ask Chu Feng for instructions. They wanted to seize the initiative, attack, and teach these people a lesson. Even if they were to be defeated, they wanted to go in an honorable manner, one that others could not despise.




To everyone’s surprise, at the moment when the members of the Asura Division were so enraged and prepared to go all-out, Chu Feng, their head, actually started to laugh loudly.

Chu Feng’s laughter was extremely ear-piercing. It was more resounding and frantic that any other person’s laughter.

His laughter caused everyone to be stunned. They were all baffled by it.

“What is he laughing about?”

“Could it be that he’s been scared witless?” After their confusion, people began to mock Chu Feng again.

However, Chu Feng ignored all of those provocations. His laughter grew louder and louder, stranger and stranger. Even his complexion started to change in color. Lightning began to flicker in his eyes and a terrifying aura emerged from him.

In this sort of situation, everyone’s expression changed, and their laughter stopped.

At this time, only Chu Feng remained laughing heartily.

Even though they were baffled by it, Zao Jingang, Qi Yanyu, Ben Leihu and the others started to feel extremely uneasy, so much so that chills were running up their spines. It was the first time that they had felt Chu Feng’s dreadfulness.

“What are you laughing at?” Finally, Tao Xiangyu turned to Chu Feng and asked.

“I’m laughing at how you all refused to accept the face that was presented to you, and instead decided to court death,” Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his laughter and turned his sharp gaze to the crowd.

“Truly arrogant. With merely that attitude of yours, all of your Asura Division’s members can forget about being able to leave this unscathed,” Ben Leihu, the monstrous beast, snarled. After that, his eyes turned crimson in color and he charged directly toward Chu Feng.

Ben Leihu was truly worthy of being the head of the Beast King Division. His attack was no small matter. Even though he had only just moved, Chu Feng and the others immediately felt an enormous pressure.

While Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were able to withstand the pressure, Wang Wei and the others became distressed. They were finally able to realize the disparity between themselves and their enemies. If they were to truly fight, then it would be akin to trying to strike a stone with an egg.

Even though they had determined to face death in this battle, they involuntarily hid themselves behind Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen.

“Buzz.” However, when faced with Ben Leihu’s attack, Chu Feng only smiled coldly. With a thought, a world spirit gate appeared before him.

“Boom~~~~~~~” Once the world spirit gate opened, a dark black colored gaseous flame burst forth from within it. As the energy ripple from it wreaked havoc in the sky, Ben Leihu was expelled back into the crowd, knocking countless disciples flying and seriously injuring them. Their appearance was truly wretched.

“Everyone, be careful. That’s an Asura World Spirit.” When she saw this scene, Tao Xiangyu hurriedly warned the crowd with a loud shout. She who had already been defeated once knew very well how frightening the being from that world spirit gate was.

At this moment, those people that were planning to attack also stopped their movements and stood their ground. Nervousness filled their hearts as they stared at that world spirit gate.

Even though it was this first time that they were fighting Chu Feng, they already knew about Chu Feng’s abilities.

They knew that Chu Feng had taken out his trump card. Furthermore, this trump card was extremely powerful, as she was a legendary existence. At the very least, before this trump card, even Tao Xiangyu did not have the power to fight back. Thus, none of them dared to underestimate the enemy before them. Even Bai Yunxiao was no exception to this.

“A bunch of reckless dogs.” Suddenly, a voice filled with anger sounded. Following that, a beautiful woman walked out of the world spirit gate. Her Lady Queen finally appeared before the crowd.

The current Eggy was still exceptionally beautiful. Her beauty was simply incomparable in this world.

Her exquisitely beautiful face, her perfectly curved body, her sparkling and translucent jade-like rosy skin; when the men saw her appearance, each and every one of them involuntarily gulped a mouthful of saliva. There were even some among them who began to fantasize about her already.

That was because they had truly never seen such a beautiful woman before. Even though they were all cultivators, they were nevertheless tempted by Eggy.

However, the thing worth mentioning was Eggy’s eyes. Her eyes were extremely beautiful. However, at this moment, those beautiful eyes were filled with killing intent.

She was angry. Her Lady Queen had clearly heard the conversation between Chu Feng and these people.

In order to not implicate the members of the Asura Division, Chu Feng had made a concession. However, not only did these people before them refuse to accept his step back, they instead began to shame him.

This sort of thing was something that Eggy could not tolerate.

“Ah, and here I was wondering how powerful an Asura Spirit World’s world spirit would be. Turned out that after all this, it’s only an alluring woman.”

“Hey, give your daddy here a striptease. Let’s see what else you have other than your alluring appearance.”

At the moment when the majority of the crowd were carefully examining Eggy, an ignorant reckless fool actually started to sexually harrass her.

It was a monstrous beast. He was the second head of the Beast King Division. Not only did he have a human’s body and a beast’s head, his appearance was also extremely vulgar. At this moment, his lecherous eyes were sizing up Eggy with no restraint.

Furthermore, his eyes were flickering with an unusual light. F*ck, this bastard was actually a world spiritist. He was using his special techniques to try to see through Eggy’s clothes.

Chu Feng was extremely enraged by this bastard’s shameless behavior. However, he also felt a great amount of pity for him. That was because Her Lady Queen’s black feathered miniskirt was extremely special, and even Chu Feng could not see through it with his Heaven’s Eyes.[1.GNE: This implies that he tried at some point, lol]Yet this bastard wanted to use his insignificant talent to see through it? He was most definitely dreaming.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was ridiculing that monstrous beast in his heart, a loud rumble sounded. Immediately afterward, that monstrous beast let out a miserable shriek.

When he turned to look at that monstrous beast again, he discovered that his clothes had been tattered and his body was covered in blood. He fell from the sky and smashed ruthlessly into the ground. Even though he was still alive, he had fainted from his injuries.

“Heavens, this…”

When they saw this scene, everyone involuntarily sucked in a mouthful of cold air. No matter what, that monstrous beast was a rank five Martial King. Furthermore, he was a monstrous beast with a Special Bloodline and possessed a very strong battle power.

Yet, Eggy used only a single strike to seriously injure him. Furthermore, her attack was so fast that no one was able to react to it. This was sufficient to show how powerful Eggy was.


Right at this moment, the sunny and cloudless sky began to turn dark, and a frightening aura began to fill the region.

Upon close inspection, it turned out that all of this was caused by Eggy. Layer upon layer of black gaseous flame was surging forth from Eggy’s body and covering the sky.

“You all have truly angered this queen!”