Chapter 1243 - The Arrival Of The Army

MGA: Chapter 1243 - The Arrival Of The Army

Chu Feng’s words were like a sudden clap of thunder.

“What? This…”

When they heard what Chu Feng said, the members of the Asura Division were all shocked. Never had they ever imagined that Chu Feng would want them to leave the Asura Division during its calamity so that he could take on all of it alone.

“Everyone, rest assured. It is not that the Asura Division does not want you all, I merely do not wish to implicate all of you in my own personal grudges.”

“If everyone trusts me enough, after you leave the Asura Division, you can choose not to join any other branch power organization and wait for my orders.”

“There will definitely be a day where our Asura Division will once again recruit new members. At that time, all of you present here will not have to go through any examinations and will be able to return to our Asura Division,” Chu Feng said.

At this moment, silence filled the plaza. Originally, there had been many members who wanted to withdraw themselves from the Asura Division. However, after they heard what Chu Feng said, it became awkward for them to actually do it.

It was so much so that sounds of crying could be heard at this moment. People were crying. No, it was not all females. The majority of them were men instead.

Back then, they had joined the Asura Division with their own aspirations. To put it simply, they were trying to suck up to Chu Feng.

However, now they all knew very well in their hearts that they had chosen the right person to follow, and that Chu Feng was truly a well-qualified head.

Yet now, for their own interests, they had no choice but to leave this amazing head of theirs.

Their reluctance to part and their guilt and shame caused them to be tangled, making them feel extremely unwell.

“Everyone, remove your armbands and disperse from this place. This is not a joke, it is an order. You all do not have the option to choose.” Chu Feng spoke again. This time around, his tone was extremely serious. He was not urging them to go, he was forcing them to leave. His attitude was extremely determined.


Suddenly, someone knelt onto the ground. Immediately afterward, everyone on the plaza knelt and kowtowed to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was very surprised by this. Even though they did not say anything, their actions illustrated everything. Regardless of whether or not they would leave, they, at the very least, felt a lot of gratitude, guilt and shame toward Chu Feng.

Even though disciples should not kowtow to one another, this sort of action would allow these Asura Division members to feel a bit bit less guilt toward Chu Feng and a bit more comfortable.

Chu Feng knew their thoughts very well. Thus, he did not stop them, and allowed them to kneel and kowtow to him.

After that grand scene, some disciples began to remove their armbands. After that, they soared into the sky and rapidly disappeared from Chu Feng’s territory.

When there is one, there will be two. In an instant, the crowd present were like a flock of scared birds, and abruptly flew up and scuttled, all in different directions, rapidly leaving Chu Feng’s territory. In merely a short moment, over half of the people had left.

In the end, of the over ten thousand members of the Asura Division, less than two hundred remained.

These less than two hundred people did not have the slightest trace of hesitation on their faces. Even though they were clearly nervous and scared, they had made the determination to follow Chu Feng with their lives and face this calamity with him.

At this moment, Chu Feng did not try to force them to leave. Instead, he smiled a relieved smile and looked carefully at the remaining people.

There was a total of a hundred and eighty-seven people.

Other than the original senior members of the Asura Division, a portion of them were new members. Regardless of whether they were senior members or new members, Chu Feng remembered their faces and would never forget them his entire life.

“I, Chu Feng, understand your intentions. I will not say any useless words.”

“I only hope that in the upcoming battle, you all will listen to my commands and not do anything impulsively. It would be fine for you all to just stand behind me,” Chu Feng said. He still did not wish to implicate others in his troubles.

“We shall enjoy fortunes and misfortunes together. We shall take on honor and disgrace together.”

“We shall enjoy fortunes and misfortunes together. We shall take on honor and disgrace together.”

“We shall enjoy fortunes and misfortunes together. We shall take on honor and disgrace together.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples who were led by Wang Wei began to shout loudly with shaking arms. Immediately after, everyone present started to shout loudly together.

At this moment, they no longer had fear in their hearts. Instead, they were filled with the will to fight.

This scene truly surprised Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen. At the same time as they felt warmth in their hearts, they also felt somewhat ashamed.

“What a great ‘We shall enjoy fortunes and misfortunes together. We shall take on honor and disgrace together.’”

“Today, I shall see if you all can take on the misfortune and disgrace together.”

Right at this moment, a thunderous voice sounded from the distant horizon.

Hearing this voice, both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen soared to the sky. The two of them were able to tell that it was Tao Xiangyu’s voice.

When they saw their heads soaring into the sky, Wang Wei and the others also followed into the sky and stood in an orderly fashion behind Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen.

At this moment, they were able to see countless amounts of silhouettes appearing on the distant horizon. Furthermore, these silhouettes were coming from all directions; it was truly a majestic scene as they flew toward them.

Finally, those people arrived before them. Their number was so numerous it was simply uncountable. From the sky to the ground, they covered Chu Feng’s territory completely.

Furthermore, upon close inspection, it was not only the troops from several branch power organizations who had come. At the very least, a third of them were disciples who had absolutely no association with the Asura Division. As for these disciples, they had come to watch the show.

In fact, other than disciples, there were many elders too. Merely, because they were elders, they did not openly show themselves like the disciples, and instead hid themselves high in the sky as they prepared to secretly watch this historic battle between disciples.

At this moment, the crowd of the Asura Division was extremely calm. They had already made the resolution to face death. Regardless of what the result might be, they would never retreat.

As for Chu Feng, he had a smile on his face as he surveyed his surroundings. He discovered that, other than Tao Xiangyu, there were several other difficult characters present as well.

According to their strength, Chu Feng was able to determine who these difficult characters were.

The strongest among them would naturally be the second head of the Heaven Inquiring Division, Bai Yunxiao.

Even though Bai Yunxiao had an elegant appearance and appeared like a frail intellectual, he possessed the cultivation of a rank eight Martial King, two entire levels higher than Tao Xiangyu’s rank six Martial King.

At this moment, this Bai Yunxiao was standing beside Tao Xiangyu, and the members of their Heaven Inquiring Division were also right next to the members of the Peach Immortal Division.

Compared to the other branch power organizations, it was clear that their two branch power organizations were close with one another. However, there was a reason for this. After all, when ignoring their strength, the two of them were both members of the Punishment Department.

In fact, of the many strong branch power organizations that had joined hands to attack Chu Feng, the biggest threat was the Heaven Inquiring Division.

Other than Bai Yunxiao, the Yanyu’s Division’s head Qi Yanyu and the Jingan’s Division’s head Zhao Jingang were both rank seven Martial Kings. Both of them possessed strength superior to Tao Xiangyu.

As for the Beast King Division’s head, his strength was on par with Tao Xianyu, and was a rank six Martial King. The thing that was worth mentioning was that he was not a human, and was instead a monstrous beast. Furthermore, he was not hiding his monstrous beast’s appearance and had appeared in front of everyone in a half-man-half-beast form.

Even though he was not in his full beast form, and was was only in his half-man-half-beast form, it was truly sickening to see the head of a beast on the body of a man.

However, none of these were important. The most important matter was that all of these people were Chu Feng’s enemies.

Chu Feng suddenly spoke. “Everyone, the things that happened before were things that I, Chu Feng, did alone. They are unrelated to the members of my Asura Division.”

“Thus, I hope that all of you can turn your grievances toward only me, Chu Feng. Regardless of whether it is the members who have left my Asura Division or those who have decided to stay, I hope that you all can let them go,”

“Chu Feng, I am able to tell that you’re a manly man. However, since you’ve sinned, you must be able to face the consequences. As for this consequence, it is not something that you can decide as you wish.”

“However, since you’ve spoken like this, and seeing that we are fellow disciples, I shall give you a chance.”

“Right now, slap yourself ten thousand times and then kneel down to apologize to junior sister Tao. If you do that, we’ll spare the rest of your Asura Division and only deal with you,” Bai Yunxiao said.