Chapter 1214 - Extraordinary Origin

MGA: Chapter 1214 - Extraordinary Origin

Chu Feng was able to sense that Wang Jingzhi was very powerful. From Wang Jingzhi’s attack earlier, he was able to determine that Wang Jingzhi’s battle power was likely on par with his own.

To be honest, when faced with someone like Wang Jingzhi, Chu Feng did not have the certainty that he would be able to emerge victorious. However, as his opponent had publicly provoked him, Chu Feng had to accept the challenge.

If he was to refuse the challenge, it would not only be a humiliation to himself, it would also be a humiliation to the entire Asura Division. Furthermore, Chu Feng was not that weak. At the very least, he still possessed some trump cards that he can use to battle Wang Jingzhi with.

“Chu Feng, good courage.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, get rid of that Wang Jingzhi and you’ll become ninth on the Cyanwood Succession List.”

Although Chu Feng’s acceptance of the challenge caused many people who were worried about him to sweat cold bullets, it also caused those who did not possess a deep relationship with Chu Feng to cheer loudly for him.

After all, Chu Feng’s fame was already flourishing. Not only did he trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, obtain the Commander Flag and defeat a disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Department in weaponry refinement techniques, Chu Feng had yet to lose a fight against another disciple since his arrival at the Cyanwood Mountain. His battle record was truly one of total victory.

As such, Chu Feng had already became the idol of many people. Some even considered him to be an undefeatable legend. Thus, a fight between him and Wang Jingzhi was naturally something that many people were looking forward to.

“Wang Jingzhi, there is no need for our head to fight you, I, Bai Ruochen, will fight you.” To everyone’s surprise, Bai Ruochen suddenly stood forward.

“What? Bai Ruochen? So this beautiful fairy-like junior sister’s name is Bai Ruochen?”

“Exactly what sort of origins does this junior sister have? Not only does she possess extremely valiant strength, even her courage is outstanding. She actually dared to take the initiative to challenge Wang Jingzhi?”

Bai Ruochen’s words were like a boulder falling into a peaceful pond, causing thousands of waves.

However, no one looked down on Bai Ruochen and there were no sighs to be heard. After all, the crowd saw Bai Ruochen’s display of her strength earlier. At the very least, judging from that, they believed Bai Ruochen to be a demon-level character.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, you must not be impulsive. This Wang Jingzhi is not like Wang Haoxuan.”

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly advised Bai Ruochen against it. That was because he had fought Bai Ruochen before and knew her strength. Even though Bai Ruochen was very powerful, and even more powerful than Wang Haoxuan, if she were to fight Wang Jingzhi, she would most definitely lose.

“Chu Feng, Long Chenyi is the strongest desciple of our Ascension Sect. His defeat is a humiliation to our Ascension Sect.”

“I would not care if it was anyone else that was humiliated. However, as my mother is the Madam Sectmaster of the Ascension Sect right now, I cannot allow any disgrace to fall on her. Please give me this opportunity, I shall personally put this Wang Jingzhi in his place.”


“There’s nothing to ‘but’ about. Believe me. I, Bai Ruochen, am not that weak. At least, I am not as weak as you think me to be.” When Bai Ruochen finished saying these words, she displayed a sweet smile at Chu Feng.

This smile was not only extremely graceful and charming, it also startled Chu Feng.

Chu Feng appeared as if he understood something from the smile. Could it be that Bai Ruochen was not going all out when she had fought him before?

“Little girl, you truly have the courage. However, I do not wish to ruin your pretty face,” Wang Jingzhi said with a smile. The gaze with which he looked at Bai Ruochen with was filled with contempt.

“Ruin my face? That would depend on whether you have the strength to do so.” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen attacked. The Platinum Dragon Whip in her hand thrashed toward Wang Jingzhi’s body like a fierce dragon.

“Heh.” However, when faced with Bai Ruochen’s attack, Wang Jingzhi only laughed. As his eyes flickered, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might swept forth from his body.

“Boom~~~~~~~” The fierce oppressive might could topple mountains and overturn seas. Not only did it repel Bai Ruochen’s attack, it even turned into a violent maelstrom which engulfed Bai Ruochen.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen was lashing the Platinum Dragon Whip in her hand nonstop. She was resisting the oppressive might with all her power. However, she was only able to barely escape being devoured by the oppressive might, and still ended up drifting and rotating in the maelstrom formed by the oppressive might.

“Haha, little girl, you’re pretty good. For you to actually be able to resist my oppressive might, you have some strength.”

“However, I wish to see how long you can continue to resist it.” Wang Jingzhi laughed an extremely vile laugh. However, he who was capable of suppressing Bai Ruochen with only his oppressive might did indeed possess the means to laugh such a vile laugh.

“Damn it.” Seeing Bai Ruochen being humiliated before him, Chu Feng was naturally unable to endure it. He clenched his fists and prepared to step forward to help Bai Ruochen.


However, right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to act, an extremely ferocious energy ripple exploded out from Bai Ruochen’s body.

That energy ripple was truly too powerful; it actually managed to instantly disintegrate Wang Jingzhi’s oppressive might. At the same time, a very powerful aura that was very difficult to describe also emerged from Bai Ruochen’s ripple.

“This sensation, so powerful.”

When they sensed the aura within the ripple, everyone’s eyes shone. Even the elders present were startled by it. That was because that aura was simply too unusual. If one must describe it, then it would be the sensation of an emperor.

That’s right, it was the sensation of an emperor. The ruler of all living things, standing above all other things, that sort of sensation of an emperor.

“What’s going on with this girl?”

In fact, it was not limited to the others. Even Wang Jingzhi, who was completely overpowering Bai Ruochen earlier, was frowning deeply at this moment. His gaze turned serious as he was able to sense how powerful the aura of the current Bai Ruochen was.

Finally, that ripple gradually disappeared, and Bai Ruochen’s beautiful appearance once again emerged before the crowd.

“Heavens, that is…” However, when they saw the current Bai Ruochen, practically everyone was astonished. They were unable to help themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. There were even some people that were so afraid that they started to shiver.

That was because, at this very moment, not only did Bai Ruochen’s aura increase to that of a rank six Martial King, her body was also emitting a faint radiance. Most importantly, a golden-bright and dazzling character appeared on Bai Ruochen’s forehead.


“Imperial Bloodline! This girl actually possesses an Imperial Bloodline!” Suddenly, an elder cried out in alarm.

“Heavens, it’s really an Imperial Bloodline! Exactly what sort of origins does this Bai Ruochen have? Could it be that she is a descendant of those clans?”

At this moment, the crowd completely burst into an uproar. When they saw the current Bai Ruochen, they were truly unable to keep their calm.

Imperial Bloodline, that was no small matter at all. One must know that only four powers in the entire Holy Land of Martialism possessed Imperial Bloodlines, the Four Imperial Clans.

As for the Four Imperial Clans, they were colossi even more powerful than the Nine Powers. They were the clans with the longest history in the Holy Land of Martialism.

For Bai Ruochen to actually possess an Imperial Bloodline, it meant that she was likely a member of the Four Imperial Clans. Thus, how could the crowd not be shocked?

“So this is the true you?”

“It seemed that you had indeed not gone all out against me that time.”

At this moment, even Chu Feng was extremely shocked by Bai Ruochen. However, his shock only remained in his eyes. As for his face, it held a joyous smile.

Bai Ruochen being powerful was not a bad thing for him. Instead, it was a good thing. Not mentioning other things, just by the fact that he was Bai Ruochen’s friend, he would naturally wish for her to be more powerful.