Chapter 1213 - Come Right Ahead And Give It A Try

MGA: Chapter 1213 - Come Right Ahead And Give It A Try

Although Chu Feng’s sword had pierced deep into Wang Haoxuan’s body, it was not lethal.

However, even though this was the case, the crowd was still scared by what they were seeing. Those with good eyesight were able to discover that Chu Feng’s sword was only a millimeter away from Wang Haoxuan’s dantian. With merely a slight movement from Chu Feng, he would be able to pierce Wang Haoxuan’s dantian and cripple his cultivation.

“There was originally no hatred between us. Yet, for no reason, you decided to provoke me.”

“There are medicines in your body, ones that increase your strength.”

“Speak, who is it that prompted you to do this? Who is it that gave you all these preparations before coming to fight me?”

Chu Feng said those words through a voice transmission. He knew that Wang Haoxuan would not try to attack him for no reason, and he also knew that he would not brazenly speak of the truth before all these people. Thus, his actions made it easier for Wang Haoxuan to tell him the truth.

“No one prompted me. It is merely I who disapproved of your arrogance and wanted to teach you a lesson,” Wang Haoxuan replied, also through voice transmission.

“Very well, you have backbone. However, you should know that I, Chu Feng, am capable of crippling your cultivation in an instant.” Chu Feng laughed coldly. As he said those words, he prepared to move the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand.

“Don’t! Chu Feng, stop!” Sensing that the Demon Sealing Sword was about to move, Wang Haoxuan started to panic. He hurriedly said, “It’s, it’s the Punishment Department.”

When Wang Haoxuan said those two words, he immediately closed his mouth. Regret and fear filled his face. He had made an enormous blunder that would lead to a calamity.

As for Chu Feng, he did not bother to ask anymore. In fact, Chu Feng had already anticipated that it was the Punishment Department. However, as the saying goes, for every grievance someone is responsible and for every debt there is a debtor. As such, Chu Feng needed to make sure that his guess was correct so that he could make reprisals against the right targets in the future.

After ascertaining that, Chu Feng did not bother to ask any other questions, nor did he disclose the truth. That was because it was not the time for him to fight against the Punishment Department just yet.

Chu Feng pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword, turned to Bai Ruochen, smiled lightly and prepared to leave.

“Wang Haoxuan, trash like you actually dared to challenge me?” However, right at this moment, a figure walked over through the air.

It was a man. While his appearance was ordinary, his aura was extraordinary, enough for people to feel that this man was not someone to be trifled with from a single glance.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes also shone. That was because the man that arrived did not hide his aura. His cultivation was the same as Wang Haoxuan and Long Chenyi, a rank six Martial King. However, the sensation that this man gave Chu Feng was extremely powerful, so powerful that even Chu Feng felt a faint sense of oppression.

“Wang Jingzhi?” When they saw this man, the eyes of all the disciples shone. Expressions of reverence emerged in their eyes. This sort of reverence that they displayed was not at all inferior to the one that they had toward Chu Feng. In fact, it was even a bit more intense.

That was because this man was not only also declared to be a demon-level character like Chu Feng, he was also currently ranked ninth on the Cyanwood Succession List.

“Wang Jingzhi, the martial contest between us today is canceled. I’ll fight you another day.” When he saw Wang Jingzhi, Wang Haoxuan spoke those words with a very frail voice.

“Ha, you are already no longer qualified to fight me.” Wang Jingzhi cast a glance at Wang Haoxuan. His gaze was filled with derision.

Then, he turned to the crowd and said, “I have come here today because Wang Haoxuan requested me to come. He wished to fight me, and said that he would take back the ninth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List.”

“However, as he is severely injured now, I will naturally not take advantage of his situation. That said, I also know that other than this Wang Haoxuan here, many other people are thinking about my position as the ninth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List.”

“In that case, I might as well make those people give up today.” When he finished saying those words, Wang Jingzhi suddenly turned his sharp gaze toward Long Chenyi. “Long Chenyi, go ahead.”

“What?” When they heard what Wang Jingzhi said, the expressions of all the crowd from the Ascension Sect changed. Fear emerged in their hearts. Never had they imagined that because Wang Jingzhi was incapable of doing anything to Wang Haoxuan, he decided to attack Long Chenyi.

However, to their surprise, Long Chenyi actually did not avoid Wang Jingzhi’s provocation. Instead, he calmly smiled and said, “I have heard that junior brother Wang Jingzhi possesses outstanding strength. For such an opportunity to present itself to me today, I, Long Chenyi, am actually quite willing to experience junior Wang’s skills.”

“Woosh.” As he said those words, Long Chenyi flipped his wrist, and a fan-shaped Royal Armament appeared in his hand. At the moment when he arrived before Wang Jingzhi after walking through the skies, his aura reached the optimal state.

One could tell that although Long Chenyi appeared very calm, he was actually very serious. Facing Wang Jingzhi, he did not dare to underestimate his opponent in the slightest.

“Long Chenyi, there is no need for you to be this serious, for you are doomed to be defeated,” said Wang Jingzhi with a disdainful smile.

Hearing those words, even though the crowd knew that Wang Jingzhi was very powerful, they still felt that he was overly arrogant. After all, no matter what, Long Chenyi was not a nobody. He was a genius who had managed to single-handedly raise the Ascension Division to the tenth rank among the branch power organizations.

“Woosh.” To everyone’s surprise, right after Wang Jingzhi said those words, he suddenly moved. His movement was so fast that not the slightest air ripple formed; it was as if he had simply disappeared from where he had been previously standing.

When Wang Jingzhi reappeared, he was already standing behind Long Chenyi. Furthermore, his palm was already in a claw shape and on Long Chenyi’s neck.

“Wuu~~~” With his neck seized, Long Chenyi immediately howled. In an instant, his complexion turned red. Even his hand that was firmly holding onto his Royal Armament lost its grip.

As the Royal Armament fell from his hand, Long Chenyi’s power had also fled. He was simply incapable of resisting at all. Like a captured rabbit, he was held with one hand by Wang Jingzhi.

Defeated. Long Chenyi was defeated by Wang Jingzhi with a single strike.

At this moment, not to mention ordinary disciples, even Bai Ruochen was frowning. A shocked expression emerged in her eyes.

“So powerful, is this what being on the Cyanwood Succession List means?”

“This Wang Jingzhi’s progress is truly too fast. When he had first challenged Wang Haoxuan, he fought Wang Haoxuan in a long battle. Never would I have imagined that he had become this powerful. With a single strike, he managed to defeat Long Chenyi.”

In an instant, the crowd began to discuss the matter spiritedly. Gasps of surprise were being heard repeatedly. That was because no one doubted Long Chenyi’s strength. It was so much so that many people felt that even though Long Chenyi’s reputation was inferior, in terms of personal strength, he was actually on par with Wang Haoxuan.

Yet, it was precisely because of this that the crowd managed to realize how powerful Wang Jingzhi really was, and how frightening the Cyanwood Succession List was.

Wang Jingzhi, who ranked ninth on the list, was already like so. In that case, how frightening would those demon-level characters who ranked even higher than Wang Jingzhi be?

“Junior brother Wang, it’s my defeat.” At this moment, Wang Jingzhi released Long Chenyi. As for Long Chenyi, he did not bother to try to fight Wang Jingzhi again, and instead tactfully admitted his defeat on the spot. Earlier, he was able to clearly sense how powerful Wang Jingzhi was, and knew that he was no match for him.

However, Wang Jingzhi did not bother with Long Chenyi at all. Instead, he turned his gaze toward Chu Feng and said, “Your gaze is not right. Could it be that you also wish to challenge my ninth position on the Cyanwood Succession List?”

“This…” Hearing those words, the expressions of all the members of the Asura Division changed greatly, and their complexions turned pale. That was because Wang Jingzhi was different from Wang Haoxuan. If Wang Jingzhi was to challenge Chu Feng, then it would likely be dangerous for Chu Feng.

“I am not interested in the ninth position on the Cyanwood Succession List.” However, Chu Feng only smiled lightly at Wang Jingzhi’s provocation. He then said, “However, if you wish to fight me, then there is no need to bother with all these superfluous words. You can come right ahead and give it a try.”