Chapter 1179 - I Insist On Killing

MGA: Chapter 1179 - I Insist On Killing

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was also startled. He lowered his head and looked at Lei Yao and discovered that Lei Yao was looking up at him.

At this moment, unwillingness and fear covered Lei Yao’s face. All kinds of emotions were contained within the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng.

While it was extremely complicated, the clearest emotion within his gaze was the fear of death, as well as his cowardice in not wanting to die. He had truly admitted his defeat.

“Ha, so you’re also afraid of death? In that case, what were you thinking when you signed the life and death agreement?” Chu Feng’s mouth curved into a smile. However, his smile was extremely cruel and disdainful.

Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of sympathy for Lei Yao. That was because he knew very well that if he had been the one that had lost, then Lei Yao would most definitely would not have let him live.

“Chu Feng, it’s enough. Lei Yao has already begged you for forgiveness. Could it be that you will still insist on killing him?”

“You are fellow disciples, why must you insist on killing each other? Youngster, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. Just let this matter go.” Seeing that Chu Feng was unwilling to let Lei Yao live, the elders from the Orion Monastery spoke once more.

Furthermore, the tones with which they spoke were extremely cold and firm, as if they were commanding Chu Feng, and telling him that a great catastrophe would befall him if he refused to comply.

“Elders, I understand your intentions. However, I wish to ask, if the person who was defeated right now were me, would you all have pleaded for leniency for me?” Chu Feng asked with a cold smile.

“....” None of the elders that pleaded leniency for Lei Yao earlier answered Chu Feng’s question. As they were elders from the Orion Monastery, they wished deeply for Chu Feng’s death. Thus, how could they possibly have pleaded for leniency for him?

“Elders, you all are from the Orion Monastery, right? To plead for Lei Yao in such a manner, could it be possible that you’re using your identities as elders to shield your own sect’s disciple?” Seeing that the elders grew quiet, Chu Feng continued to attack.

“Chu Feng, don’t continue to shoot off your mouth with nonsense.”

“In the Cyanwood Mountain, all of you are disciples of our Cyanwood Mountain. Even if it were you that had lost right now, we would have asked Lei Yao to let you go. That is because the two of you are the same, are both disciples of our Cyanwood Mountain.”

Hearing those words from Chu Feng, the elders from the Orion Monastery were immediately angered. However, as they were denouncing Chu Feng’s conspiracy theory, they did not forget to explain themselves. However, the more they acted in such a manner, the more it appeared that they were trying to shield Lei Yao.

After all, all of the people that had spoken to plead for Lei Yao had been elders from the Orion Monastery. Thus, their intention was truly too obvious.

“In that case, Elders, you all are truly people of high principles. Chu Feng admires you all, truly admires you all.”

“However, since you all cherish the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain in such a manner, then where did you all go when the two of us were signing the life and death agreement?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile on his face.

“This…” At this moment, the elders were speechless once again. They had all been present at that time. However, how could they, who wholeheartedly wanted to see Chu Feng’s humiliation, possibly stop him from signing the life and death agreement?

“Since, Elders, none of you stopped us when we were signing the life and death agreement, then I ask that all you highly principled and impartial elders not try to speak against my actions, is that fine?” Chu Feng asked in a mocking manner.

“Chu Feng, you…” Hearing those words from Chu Feng, not only the elders that were speaking earlier, practically the complexion of all the elders from the Orion Monastery turned black. They were truly enraged that Chu Feng was publicly humiliating them.

“Youngster, this is my advice to you. Do not be too impetuous in your actions,” said that Half Martial Emperor elder from the Orion Monastery with a cold voice. As he spoke those words, he was gnashing his teeth. One could clearly tell how angry he was.

“If one’s not impetuous, how could one be a youngster?” However, Chu Feng’s smile remained the same, and he remained incomparably calm. He had simply disregarded that elder.

“Creak.” Hearing those words, that Half Martial Emperor elder was so enraged that he clenched his fists tightly. The space that he occupied started to tremble violently.

However, Chu Feng completely disregarded the reactions of the Orion Monastery’s elders. Instead, he turned to Lei Yao and said, “Lei Yao, originally, I could have spared you. However, earlier, you had attacked me twice with the intention to kill me. If the person who was defeated right now was me, I believe that you would definitely not have let me off.”

“Since you have the courage to sign the life and death agreement, you must then have the courage to bet on the outcome. One’s path is walked by oneself. Regardless of whether the path is right or wrong, one must bear the consequences. If you wish to blame someone, you can only blame yourself.”

“Farewell, I will leave your corpse intact.”

Speaking till this point, a cold flash suddenly shone through Chu Feng’s eyes. Although the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand did not move, Chu Feng’s other hand was spread open, and patted down on Lei Yao’s head. This palm strike contained a fierce martial power, as well as another special power. Thus, it was sufficient to take away Lei Yao’s life.


Seeing that the situation was truly bad, Lei Yao bellowed and started to struggle violently. However, at this moment, he felt as if the Demon Sealing Sword on his shoulder was like an unshakable mountain, causing him to be incapable of moving a single inch, much less using martial power to free himself. At this moment, all he could do was kneel and wait for his death.

“Elders, save me!!!” In desperation, Lei Yao disregarded everything and shouted loudly. At this moment, the only thing he could do was to cry for help.

“Chu Feng, stay your hand immediately.” At this moment, the elders from the Orion Monastery were unable to sit by and watch anymore. Several Half Martial Emperor level elders all moved at the same time. Their violent power caused the sky to change color as it rushed toward Chu Feng to oppress him.


However, right at the moment when the violent energy was about to reach Chu Feng, several more powerful energies appeared and broke the attack from the elders of the Orion Monastery apart.

It was the Elders from the Ascension Sect. Not only did they block the attack, they even stood forward and landed around Chu Feng, protecting him within them. Furthermore, they were all displaying expressions of anger on their faces.

Especially Elder Xie who was in charge of this battle to the death. At this moment, fiery flames could be seen in her eyes. She looked at the elders from the Orion Monastery that had attacked earlier and ruthlessly berated them, “You all, this is a battle to the death that I am in charge of. What you’ve done here, are you not putting me in your eyes?”

Seeing the appearance of Elder Xie and the others, those elders from the Orion Monastery also did not dare to do as they wished. After all, a fight to the death possessed rules. For them to attack with disregard for the rules meant that they were in the wrong.

However, they did not want to watch as Lei Yao was killed right in front of them. Thus, another Half Martial Emperor pretended to be amiable, and spoke to Chu Feng with an insincerely courteous tone, “Little friend Chu Feng, this old one here only has a single sentence to say. Might you be able to give this old one face today and spare Lei Yao?”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s palm was only half an inch from Lei Yao’s head. During the moment when the elders from the two sides stood forth and confronted one another, Chu Feng had stayed his hand.

Seeing that the elder from the Orion Monastery not only possessed tyrannical strength, he even displayed an unusually friendly attitude when speaking with him, Chu Feng’s expression slightly changed. He first shook his head, then looked at that Elder and said, “I’m sorry, but this Lei Yao is someone that I insist on killing.”

“Woosh.” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s palm abruptly landed. With a low ‘thump,’ Chu Feng’s palm ruthlessly landed on Lei Yao’s head.