Chapter 1178 - Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness

MGA: Chapter 1178 - Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness

Standing high above in the sky, Chu Feng and Lei Yao were each holding their respective Royal Armament. As flashes and silhouettes of blades and swords passed by, the two of them fought intensely.

Both of them were peak geniuses. At the very least, they both possessed quite some reputation in the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain.

The two of them were fighting each other head on with Royal Armaments in hand. Blade and sword rays were flying everywhere, and ripples from their collisions wreaked havoc all over. To say that this was a scene that overturned the sky and the earth would not be excessive.

The intensity of the battle naturally shook the crowd to the core. Yet, it was also an incomparably rejuvenating sensation.

However, as the saying goes, the uneducated ones watch for enjoyment, whereas the experts watch for the techniques. For those who were weak, they would only be able to grasp the general idea of what was happening in Chu Feng and Lei Yao’s confrontation, and enjoy the excitement and brilliant display of the battle.

Only those with strength equivalent or superior to the two people fighting were capable of understanding what was actually happening.

“What’s going on? Why is Lei Yao only defending and not attacking?”

At this moment, the elders from the Orion Monastery were all frowning. Their gazes were flickering with unease.

They who were very attentive toward the battle had noticed that Lei Yao had been on the defensive ever since he had hacked his large Royal Armament blade down at Chu Feng’s head.

Even though Lei Yao’s Royal Armament could be said to be moving in a dazzling manner without any loopholes as it was brandished in his hands, it had been on the defensive the entire time. It was only capable of blocking Chu Feng’s incoming attacks, and appeared to be incapable of striking back at all.

Furthermore, upon closer inspection, they noticed that Lei Yao would always, to a different degree every time, fall back upon receiving an attack from Chu Feng. What did this mean? This meant that Lei Yao’s strength was inferior to Chu Feng’s, and that he was truly in a disadvantaged state.

“Lei Yao is no match for Chu Feng, is this truly real?”

Thinking till this point, the elders from the Orion Monastery did not dare to believe their deductions. That was because Lei Yao was the current representative of their Orion Monastery’s disciples. If Lei Yao was to be defeated, then it would not only be Lei Yao who would lose face; nor would it be limited to even the Orion Division. Instead, their entire Orion Monastery would lose face.

“Lei Yao, what are you doing?! Quickly subdue that Chu Feng!”

“Lei Yao, do not lower your guard! Do not fool around anymore! Quickly use all your strength and kill that Chu Feng and end this battle that should not have continued for so long!” With their hearts overcome by fear and unease, some elders actually began to secretly send voice transmissions to Lei Yao to urge him to quickly defeat Chu Feng. They feared that Lei Yao might truly lose to Chu Feng.

However, when he heard the secret voice transmissions from those elders, Lei Yao’s complexion immediately turned even more ashen. Unable to contain his body’s reaction, layer upon layer of cold sweat began to fill his body.

He himself knew best why he had been on the defensive the entire time. It was not that he had been hiding his strength, nor was he trying to fool around with Chu Feng. Instead, he was truly unable to defeat Chu Feng.

At this very moment, it was already extremely difficult for him to defend himself. Yet they wanted him to kill Chu Feng? That was simply a pipe dream!

Right now, what he was thinking was no longer how to humiliate Chu Feng nor was it how to defeat Chu Feng. Rather, he had been thinking about how to save his little life. After all, this was a fight to the death.

However, Lei Yao did not dare to speak the truth to those elders. He did not dare to say that he was no match for Chu Feng. Thus, he was extremely anxious and extremely scared, as he had been forced between a rock and a hard place without any means to get away.


Right when Lei Yao entered a frenetic state, Chu Feng suddenly shook his wrist. The Demon Sealing Sword in his hand turned into a black ray and broke through Lei Yao’s defense. With a ‘puchi’ sound, everyone, both in the sky and on the ground was shocked.

“Heavens, this…” Seeing the scene in the sky, the expressions of practically everyone present changed. Following being struck dumb, they uncontrollably ‘hissed’ and sucked in a mouthful a cold air.

That was because at this moment, the battle between Chu Feng and Lei Yao in the sky had ceased. Merely, Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword had pierced through Lei Yao’s chest and through his back.

Lei Yao failed to defend against Chu Feng’s attack?

Lei Yao’s body had been pierced through by Chu Feng’s sword?

Lei Yao was defeated?!!!

In an instant, cries of surprise sounded nonstop. Not to mention those disciples that had never thought such an outcome might happen, even many of the elders who were able to clearly see the situation of the battle were unable to contain their shock.

That was because they truly had to admit that the sword strike from Chu Feng earlier had been extremely crafty. Not to mention Lei Yao, it was likely that there would barely be anyone at Lei Yao’s cultivation capable of blocking that sword strike.

Earlier, they had thought that Chu Feng was only very talented in his ability to use martial skills, and that his ability to use weapons might be much weaker. After all, it was impossible for even geniuses to be that perfect, possessing exceptional talent in all aspects.

Yet, at this moment, they knew that they were wrong. As it turned out… Chu Feng was not only extremely talented in using martial skills, he was also extremely skillful in using weapons; both of them were at the standards of demon-level characters.



Right when everyone was stunned, Chu Feng suddenly pulled out the enormous Demon Sealing Sword impaled into Lei Yao’s chest.

After he pulled out his sword, it was truly a frightening scene. That was because not only did it bring forth spraying blood, it also caused Lei Yao to let out a miserable shriek.

However, this was a scene that Chu Feng had anticipated. Furthermore, he felt this was greatly insufficient. Thus, Chu Feng directly took the Demon Sealing Sword that he had pulled out from Lei Yao’s chest, placed it on his neck and abruptly pressed down. A powerful pressure landed on Lei Yao’s right shoulder. Unable to withstand the pressure, Lei Yao half knelt in midair, kneeling to Chu Feng.


Seeing this scene, the expression of the crowd that were already shocked changed yet again. If Chu Feng’s defeat of Lei Yao with his sword strike earlier was still unclear to them, then Chu Feng’s current action completely dispelled all their misgivings.

Humiliation, a public humiliation.

This battle, Chu Feng had won and Lei Yao had lost.

Regardless of how difficult it was for the crowd to accept the result, regardless of how astonished they were by the result, it remained the truth.

The fact remained that Chu Feng had used his cultivation of a rank two Martial King to defeat Lei Yao, a rank six Martial King.

“Lei Yao, you should know now who it is that’s the fool, who it is that’s ignorant, right?” Chu Feng spoke to ask.

Hearing those words, not to mention Lei Yao, many of the spectators present also trembled. Unable to contain themselves, their mouths started to twitch.

That was because they couldn’t help but recall the words Chu Feng had said to Lei Yao before the battle.

At that time, many people had felt Chu Feng to be foolish, ignorant, arrogant and conceited to challenge Lei Yao.

There were even people who felt that Chu Feng was nothing more than a dumbass who did not know his own standing.

Yet… Chu Feng had used his actions to tell them the truth, and made them know who exactly it was that was ignorant and stupid!!!

The people that were truly foolish were not limited to only Lei Yao. Those people who had thought that Chu Feng would definitely be defeated and was bringing about his own destruction were also fools.

With his own strength, Chu Feng managed to give those people that had looked down upon him a soundless yet resounding slap to the face, engraving it into their hearts for all time.

“Chu Feng, it’s enough. There is no deep hatred or grievance between you and Lei Yao. Since you have already won, just let it go and stop.” Suddenly, an aged voice sounded from the boundless sea of clouds.

It was an elder that spoke. Furthermore, this elder was not weak, being a Half Martial Emperor. Naturally, he was an elder from the Orion Monastery.

Although Lei Yao had been defeated and lost their Orion Monastery’s face, it remained that Lei Yao was a genius. They did not wish for Lei Yao would lose his life in vain in such a manner.

However, Chu Feng did not concern himself with the words spoken by that elder at all. “Elder, this is a matter between Lei Yao and I, there shouldn’t be a need for you to meddle, no?”

“Chu Feng, you’ve won. It is I who is inferior and lost. Please, I beg you to take into consideration that we’re fellow disciples from the same sect, and spare my life. Give me another chance, don’t kill me.”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, a voice sounded from underneath his foot. It was Lei Yao’s voice. Lei Yao was actually begging for forgiveness.