Chapter 1153 - Extraordinary Origin

MGA: Chapter 1153 - Extraordinary Origin

Chu Feng had left the ocean of Firmament Medicinal Herbs. However, in his heart, he was thinking about two things the entire time.

The first thing was senior sister Furong. He wanted to know exactly what she was training with the Firmament Medicinal Herbs, whether it was a martial skill or a mysterious technique. Or perhaps, it might be something else?

As for the second thing that he wanted to know, it was to know who exactly was the elder that grew that ocean of Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought the Firmament Medicinal Herbs to merely be medicinal herbs. However, after what had happened with senior sister Furong, Chu Feng was certain that the Firmament Medicinal Herbs were most definitely not mere medicinal herbs.

“This is truly strange. How come I only sense that the Firmament Medicinal Herbs only contain medicinal properties within them and no natural spiritual energy at all?” Chu Feng was sitting on the ground holding an Firmament Medicinal Herb and mumbling to himself.

Chu Feng possessed extraordinary spirit energy. It was so powerful that he could sense things that ordinary people could not. As for his Heaven’s Eyes, they were even sharper, and capable of allowing him to see what other ordinary people could not.

However, when faced with this Firmament Medicinal Herb in his hand, Chu Feng was completely powerless. Even though he knew that there was a special property hidden within this Firmament Medicinal Herb, he was unable to determine what it was.

“Chu Feng, for you to find me this urgently, did something happen?” Right at this moment, a voice sounded. It turned out that it was Bai Ruochen.

After Chu Feng left the ocean of Firmament Medicinal Herbs, he had arrived at the preset location that he had determined with Bai Ruochen. Using the communication talisman, Chu Feng called out for Bai Ruochen.

However, because Bai Ruochen was busy collecting Firmament Medicinal Herbs, she was surprised to be suddenly summoned by Chu Feng, and even thought that something had happened to him. But, after she arrived at this place, not only did she discover that Chu Feng was safe and sound, he was even displaying a carefree expression. This inevitably led her to resenting her worries, as she felt that she had been played with by Chu Feng.

“Naturally, the reason I called for you is so that we could open this gate,” said Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

“Don’t we need a hundred thousand seeds in order to open this gate? Could it be that you’ve already collected a hundred thousand seeds?” said Bai Ruochen with a tone of disdain.

That was because she, who had only managed to gather a thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs in the past three days, did not believe that Chu Feng would be able to gather a hundred thousand. Even though she knew that Chu Feng’s proficiency in spirit formation techniques surpassed her’s, she still firmly believed that he would not be able to accomplish such a feat.

“Heh, just look for yourself.” Chu Feng pointed to the gate.

“Heavens! This….” When she looked to the gate, Bai Ruochen’s expression instantly took a huge change. She was surprised to discover that the hundred thousand keyholes on the gate were all filled with Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds.

“You, you really managed to gather all these? How could this be? This...this is truly too inconceivable.” Bai Ruochen was completely stunned. When the truth was laid right before her, even if she did not want to believe it, she had no choice but to believe it. However, this truth, this reality, was truly too shocking.

“You could say that I encountered a benefactor…” Chu Feng smiled lightly. He did not conceal anything, and began to tell Bai Ruochen about his encounter with Yao’er, and even his meeting with senior sister Furong.

“Such a thing actually happened? Your luck is truly too enormous!” After hearing Chu Feng’s explaination, the shocked expression on Bai Ruochen’s face was lessened by quite a bit.

“There’s nothing that can be done about my good moral quality.” Chu Feng smiled complacently. Then, he asked, “Oh, that’s right, Lil Sis Ruochen, have you ever heard about this senior sister Furong?”

“Based on your description, this senior sister Furong resembles a person. However, if she really was her, then it would truly be disastrous,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Who?” asked Chu Feng.

“There is a woman on the Cyanwood Succession List. Her name is Jiang Furong.”

“Jiang Furong is not a simple person. She was born to a family of influential cultivators. Furthermore, she is a Divine Body.”

“When Divine Bodies are born, they create strange occurrences that would alarm a lot of people. Not long after she was born, she was immediately sought after by the Cyanwood Mountain. In the end, she was accepted as a disciple by one of the Cyanwood Mountain’s management elders, and brought to the Cyanwood Mountain. It could be said that she has grown up in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“A Divine Body and a disciple of a management elder, Jiang Furong could be said to have many rings of lights[1.hope] on her body. At the same time, she was also placed under enormous pressure.”

“However, Jiang Furong did not disappoint. At the mere age of twelve, she became a core disciple. At thirteen, she established the Princess Division. Currently, the Princess Division that she created is ranked third among the core division’s branch power organizations.”

“Not only was the branch power organization she created very powerful, her personal strength was also undoubtedly powerful. As of now, she is ranked third on the Cyanwood Succession List, and the strongest female disciple among the hundreds of millions of Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples.”

Bai Ruochen explained in a serious manner. It could be seen that she was very knowledgeable about this Jiang Furong. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that when Bai Ruochen mentioned Jiang Furong, a hard-to-detect radiance appeared in her eyes.

That radiance merely lasted for a flash. However, Chu Feng managed to notice it. It was no ordinary radiance of one’s eyes, it was a kind of determination, a kind of ambition.

Even though it was merely his guess, Chu Feng was certain that Bai Ruochen was a person unwilling to be mediocre. If she wanted to become renowned in the Cyanwood Mountain and reach the apex, then the greatest enemy that she would face would be a fellow female demon-level character, Jiang Furong.

“I truly never expected senior sister Furong to be that powerful,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

“Chu Feng, are you certain that the woman that you met was Jiang Furong?” Bai Ruochen asked.

“I could sense that her cultivation was greatly superior to Long Chenyi, and she possessed enough strength to be listed on the Cyanwood Succession List. Unless there was something unusual, then I am almost completely certain that she would be that Jiang Furong,” answered Chu Feng.

“She is already a Divine Body, why would she still need to train in something special? Exactly what other usage does this Firmament Medicinal Herb have?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Bai Ruochen had also taken out an Firmament Medicinal Herb and began to inspect it meaningfully.

“It’s enough, don’t bother trying to study it anymore. I have already examined the Firmament Medicinal Herbs for a very long time. However, I was unable to find anything special regarding them. As for what exactly the usefulness of the Firmament Medicinal Herbs is, I presume that only Jiang Furong and a couple elders in the Cyanwood Mountain would know.” As Chu Feng said those words, he took the seed off the Firmament Medicinal Herb that he was holding in his hand.

Even though the majority of the key holes on this door had been filled with seeds by Chu Feng, there was actually one hole that Chu Feng had purposely left empty.

That was because Chu Feng believed that as long as all of the holes were filled with Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds, then the gate would likely open.

“Thump.” Sure enough, when Chu Feng placed the seed in his hand into the final keyhole, the gate began to emit a low noise.

Immediately after, numerous noises that sounded like metal colliding began to emit from the gate. As this sort of noise continued, an irregular chink appeared in the center of that gate. Furthermore, at this very moment, that irregular chink was slowly growing in size.

As Chu Feng looked to the gate that was opening before them, he said, “Heh, I hope that your Ascension Sect’s ancestor will stop playing with us.”

“Mn, I also hope that the things left behind by the ancestor will be what lies behind this gate. I truly do not wish to undergo more trials.” Bai Ruochen knew the meaning behind Chu Feng’s words.

Regardless, at this very moment, emotions and anticipation filled their eyes.