Chapter 1151 - A Ruthless Scene

MGA: Chapter 1151 - A Ruthless Scene

At this moment, what appeared before Chu Feng was not an ordinary spirit formation tunnel. Instead, it was a completely different world.

It turned out that this mountain was actually not a mountain at all. Instead, it was actually a very high level concealment spirit formation. It was simultaneously real and fake. However, one thing was certain, the inside of this mountain was empty.

That was because, at this very moment, Chu Feng was inside the mountain, and was able to clearly see all that was inside it.

When he turned his head up, he could see the blue sky and white clouds. There was simply nothing that blocked his view to the sky. It was as if the stones and trees that covered the mountain were not there at all.

When he looked forward, what appeared before him was a vast boundless land filled with Firmament Medicinal Herbs. The quantity was so speechlessly numerous. An initial estimation would be at least several tens of millions.

This place was simply an ocean filled with Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Chu Feng finally knew why Yao’er was that confident. It turned out that the hundred thousand Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds that he needed was merely a small portion compared to all the Firmament Medicinal Herbs present here.

Faced with this scene, it was impossible for Chu Feng to not become excited. That was because it meant that the Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds that he formerly needed to spend a long period of time gathering could now be gathered in a very short period of time.

After his surprise passed, Chu Feng curiously asked, “Yao’er, what is the name of that elder that you spoke of? How come he grew this many Firmament Medicinal Herbs in this place?”

Chu Feng had inspected the Firmament Medicinal Herbs before. From that, he knew that they contained special energies and possessed special usages. However, as they possessed intelligence, while free-range growing might be possible, it was extremely difficult for one to be able to grow a whole bunch at a single place.

Yet, before Chu Feng’s eyes were countless Firmament Medicinal Herbs that were grown by a single person. From this, Chu Feng felt that this elder was extraordinary.

“The elder did not allow Yao’er to mention anything regarding him. Actually, even Yao’er does not know the elder’s name. All Yao’er knows is that the elder is very nice to her and is a very kindhearted person,” Yao’er replied with a beaming smile. When she started to talk about the elder, the already brilliant smile on her face became quite a bit brighter.

“Oh? In that case, Yao’er, do all of the garden watchers know of this place? Or is it only you?” Chu Feng asked once more.

“Eh… only Yao’er knows of this place. This is a place that the elder told Yao’er about. Among the garden watchers, only Yao’er is allowed to come here.” Yao’er did not hide anything.

“So that’s the case.” As he heard what Yao’er said, Chu Feng felt even more certain that this was a hidden location. As for the elder that was in charge of this place, he was most definitely not an ordinary person.

“Senior brother Chu Feng, go ahead and gather the seeds here. The elder has said that the seeds of the Firmament Medicinal Herbs are useless. Thus, there shouldn’t be any problem even if you are to take away all of the seeds here. However, if you are to pluck the Firmament Medicinal Herbs, then it would be limited to a hundred,” Yao’er reminded him. It could be seen that she was very meticulous.

Seeing Yao’er’s appearance, Chu Feng asked, “Yao’er, are you going to go out?”

“Mn, Yao’er needs to return to watch over the medicine garden and remove the weeds. That is Yao’er’s job, so she cannot delay.” As Yao’er responded to Chu Feng, she was moving toward the entrance that they came in from.

“That girl is truly too innocent. She actually believed in me this wholeheartedly. Now that she has left, and there are this many Firmament Medicinal Herbs here, how could she know how many I have plucked?” As he looked at the entrance that Yao’er had walked out of, Chu Feng smiled and shook his head.

Then, Chu Feng placed his palms against each other and, with a thought, created countless rays of light that flew out of his body like blooming flowers.

Initially, those rays of light soared into the sky like reverse meteors. However, soon, the rays of light began to scatter. One turned into ten; ten turned into a hundred. In the end, the rays of light turned into little hands that accurately and ingeniously landed on top of different Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

However, under Chu Feng’s control, these little hands of light only landed on the Firmament Medicinal Herbs, and did not pluck them. The only thing that they did was grab onto the Firmament Medicinal Herbs’ seeds, gathering them and then proceeding toward the other Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

At this moment, Chu Feng was extremely excited. However, never would he imagine that while he was excitedly plucking the seeds of the Firmament Medicinal Herbs, a scene was occurring in a different region of the Firmament Medicine Garden.

At a corner of the Firmament Medicine Garden. Layer upon layer of purple colored gases were fluttering in this region, like bats covering the sky.

At the same time, a boundlessly powerful aura was wreaking havoc among the gases. “Jijijiji.” Strange sounds were being emitted by the gases. At the same time, countless crimson colored gazes could be seen from the gases.

Those were no ordinary gases. Instead, they were gases that possessed life. Like blood-sucking demons, they would devour the entire world with their terrifying might.

At this moment, four people were actually kneeling in the center of the gases. These four people were none other than the four that were previously bullying Yao’er and then were driven away by Chu Feng.

At this moment, the four of them were all kneeling on the ground with flustered expressions and faced covered with sweat and tears. And, as if they have been placed in an ice-cold cellar for many days, the four of them were trembling uncontrollably.

“Please spare us, we beg of you, please spare us.” The four of them were loudly begging. It was evident that they were completely frightened.

“Jijijiji.” Suddenly, the purple colored gases were explosively shot forward. Like a demon’s mouth, it directly devoured the four men.

“Eaah~~~~~~~” At this moment, heart-tearing and lung-splitting screams began to sound from the purple gases nonstop. However, the only response those screams obtained was the strange sound of the gases as well as the sound of their muscles being ripped apart, their bones being snapped apart, their organs being hollowed out and their blood being sucked dry.

After a long while, the screams finally stopped. At the same time, the purple colored gases began to disperse and disappear.

As for those four men, only four sets of bloody clothes remained. Other than that, nothing else remained. They had died completely, but more so in a incomparably painful manner.

Chu Feng did not know about what had happened to those four men. Using his extraordinary methods, Chu Feng managed to gather a hundred thousand Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds in no time at all.

However, while Chu Feng managed to gather the seeds that he needed, he had no way of leaving this place. That was because the concealment spirit formation of this place was extremely powerful. Not only did it seal off the people outside, even the people inside would not be able to get out without a key like the one that Yao’er possessed.

Thus, Chu Feng could only wait. Fortunately, he only had to wait for four hours before Yao’er reappeared. Merely, this time around, it was not only Yao’er, as another person was with her.

It was a female. From her outfit, Chu Feng was able to tell that she was also a Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciple.

This woman possessed a very good figure and nice curves; it was extremely enchanting. Especially the distinctive aroma on her body, it was enough to cause one’s eyes to brighten. Even someone like Chu Feng was enticed by the aroma and started to take a couple more glances at that woman.