Chapter 1150 - Another World

MGA: Chapter 1150 - Another World

As the four men were slapping themselves, Chu Feng walked over to the girl and began to treat her injuries.

Only then did he discover that this girl was truly young. From her appearance, she should only be fifteen or sixteen years old, around the same age as Chu Feng when he was an outer court disciple in the Azure Dragon School.

Originally, the girl was very fearful of Chu Feng. While Chu Feng was feeding her medicines and helping to treat her injuries, she would subconsciously move and dodge his hand. However, she did not dare to completely move aside.

However, after Chu Feng healed her from her injuries in the blink of an eye, she relaxed her guard toward Chu Feng.

“Thank you,” said the girl in a very sincere manner as she touched her completely recovered cheeks.

“Don’t mention it, this is something that I should do.” Chu Feng smiled amiably. Then, he asked, “what’s your name?”

“My name’s Yao’er.” The girl answered in a sincere manner. However, her gaze subconsciously drifted toward the four men that were kneeling on the ground and slapping themselves.

As she saw the bloodied faces of those men, not only did Yao’er not feel relieved, she instead began to feel sympathy for them. She turned to Chu Feng and said, “Senior brother, can you release them? Actually, they didn’t do much to me either.”

“They nearly messed up your face beyond repair, is that nothing?” Chu Feng asked in an astonished manner.

“That’s nothing.” Yao’er smiled brilliantly. Even though her appearance was only ordinary, her smile was extremely bright, giving off a very comfortable sensation to others.

When he saw this sort of smile, Chu Feng inevitably felt a sort of discomfort. From those words Yao’er said, he was able to tell that she must’ve been bullied by core disciples all the time. However, she did not bear any resentment toward those disciples and had instead grown accustomed to it.

“Yao’er, you’re truly a kindhearted girl.” Chu Feng sighed and then turned to the four men kneeling on the ground, “Scram.”

Hearing that word, the four men hurriedly stood back up and ran far, far away without even looking back. They truly wanted to leave this Firmament Medicine Garden immediately.

“Stop.” However, before they even had the chance to run a long distance, Chu Feng spoke once more.

When they heard Chu Feng’s word, the four men immediately started to shiver, and ceased all movement. They did not dare to take another step forward. Slowly, they turned their heads back and, with brilliant smiles on their faces, stuttered as they asked, “Sen...senior brother, there anything else you need?”

“You all have yet to apologize to Miss Yao’er here,” said Chu Feng.

“Yes, yes, yes. What senior brother said is right.” Immediately, the four men knelt onto the ground and began to kowtow toward Chu Feng and Yao’er. “Thank you Miss Yao’er for your benevolence! Thank you senior brother for being lenient!”

“That’s enough, you all can scram.” Chu Feng waved his hand to tell them to leave. He was truly disinclined to continue seeing the faces of these four men.

At this moment, those four men naturally did not dare to hesitate. One by one, they used their most powerful movement martial skills and, as if their lives were on the line, began to rapidly run away from this place.

“Yao’er, although you’re a garden watcher, it does not necessarily mean that you are a class lower than us disciples.”

“You must definitely not think that it is natural for them to bully you. You must take care of yourself. If even you do not respect yourself, then how could others possibly respect you?”

“You’re still young. I do not wish for you to live your entire life being trampled upon by others.” After Chu Feng said those words, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Although this girl was very pitiful, Chu Feng knew that he would not be able to help her all the time. While he managed to help her today, she might be bullied again tomorrow.

The only person that could help her was herself. She must become more intelligent. Even though she was only a garden watcher, she should not fall as low as to be bullied by others at will.

“Senior brother, I still do not know your name.” Right at this moment, Yao’er suddenly asked.

Chu Feng turned around and said, “My name’s Chu Feng.”

“Senior brother Chu Feng, if you have come to search for the Firmament Medicinal Herbs, Yao’er is able to tell you a place to find them,” said Yao’er.

“Mn? Girl, didn’t you tell those men that you didn’t know where to find Firmament Medicinal Herbs?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“I’m sorry. Earlier, Yao’er was lying to those senior brothers. However, the elder has told Yao’er that if she were to encounter kindhearted disciples, she could lead them to that place,” said Yao’er.

“That place? What sort of place is that?” asked Chu Feng.

“It is the place where the elder grows the Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Originally, it is a place that disciples are not allowed to enter. However, the elder has deliberately mentioned to Yao’er that if she is to encounter kindhearted disciples, she is allowed to bring them there.”

“However, elder has also said that the disciples who enter that place are not allowed to pluck a lot of Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Each time, they would only be allowed to gather a hundred Firmament Medicinal Herbs,” said Yao’er.

“Oh? There’s actually such a thing? In that case, the place that Yao’er mentions should be a place with a lot of Firmament Medicinal Herbs, right?” asked Chu Feng.

“Mn. However, senior brother Chu Feng, if Yao’er is to bring you there, you would only be allowed to gather a hundred Firmament Medicinal Herbs. If you are to gather too many, the elder would become angry,” replied Yao’er.

“Heh, Yao’er, how could you be this certain that I am a kindhearted person?” Chu Feng felt that Yao’er was truly an innocent girl.

“Someone who is willing to defend a garden watcher like myself, I believe that even if that person is bad, he would not be that bad,” Yao’er replied with a beaming smile.

“True. Since that’s the case, Yao’er, please lead me there. Although a hundred Firmament Medicinal Herbs is nowhere enough, it is still pretty good to have,” said Chu Feng.

“A hundred Firmament Medicinal Herbs is not enough? Senior brother Chu Feng, how many Firmament Medicinal Herbs did you wanted to harvest?”

“Senior brother Chu Feng seems to have a very powerful cultivation. If you have come here to obtain achievement points, then why didn’t you go and do higher level missions?” Yao’er asked in a puzzled manner.

“How should I explain it? What I’m after is not achievement points, nor is it the Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Actually, what I am after are the Firmament Medicinal Herb’s seeds,” said Chu Feng.

“Seeds? Senior brother Chu Feng, you really only need the Firmament Medicinal Herb’s seeds?” asked Yao’er.

“Mn.” Chu Feng nodded.

“If that’s the case, then I think I meet senior brother Chu Feng’s needs, because while the elder has restricted the number of Firmament Medicinal Herbs that can be plucked to a hundred, there was no restriction to the Firmament Medicinal Herb’s seeds. Thus, if senior brother Chu Feng only needs the seeds, you could get as many as you need,” said Yao’er.

“Truly? But the amount that I need is a bit numerous,” said Chu Feng.

“How many?” Yao’er asked with her eyes wide open.

“A hundred thousand,” replied Chu Feng.

“Hee hee, senior brother Chu Feng, please follow me.” As Yao’er said those words, she began to hop and skip as she walked forward. Although she was already a teenage girl, her temperament was more like that of a little girl. Her innocence was still present; it was truly a charming appearance.

“This girl, it couldn’t possibly be that the location that she spoke of truly has a hundred thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs growing there, right?” As soon as he saw the Yao’er’s confident expression, Chu Feng began to become excited.

If Yao’er was truly capable of giving Chu Feng a hundred thousand Firmament Medicinal Herb seeds, it would truly be an enormous help to Chu Feng.

After this, Chu Feng began to follow Yao’er. Ultimately, they stopped before the foot of a mountain. Turning his gaze to inspect his surrounding, this place appeared, no matter how Chu Feng looked at it, to be a dead end.

However, at this moment, Yao’er took out a jade stone and placed it on a large boulder at the foot of the mountain. When she did that, light began to illuminate everything as a spirit formation entrance gate was opened.

As the spirit formation gate opened, Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine. Even someone like him was dumbstruck by the scene before him and he breathed in a mouthful of cold air.