Chapter 1115 - Half Martial Emperor White Ape

MGA: Chapter 1115 - Half Martial Emperor White Ape [1. Bai Yuan = White Ape]

Turning their gazes to the voice, twenty-six elders were standing in the air and walking toward the crowd.

While these elders consisted of both men and women, they were all old and gray-haired. Each and every one of them appeared to have the air of immortality, and their long gowns fluttered in the wind as they moved. It was truly a very extraordinary appearance. Furthermore, each and every one of them possessed the cultivation of a Half Martial Emperor.

The grandeur of their unified arrival, as they walked toward the crowd from the sky, was truly incomparable. Although, there were tens of thousands of individuals on the plaza right now, in terms of overall strength, they were inferior to these twenty-six Cyanwood Mountain elders.

Especially, the white-bearded old man that lead the twenty-six elders. His strength was a profound mystery. Likely, he would be able to defeat all of the headmasters present by himself.

The old man did not possess a tall height. As for his build, it was also very skinny and shriveled; and his appearance was also extremely ugly. Furthermore, he displayed a hunchback as he walked with bent waist. From a single glance, he appeared like an old, dying, white haired monkey. However, not a single person dared to be disrespectful toward him. Even the Three Cyanwood Forest’s headmasters did not dare to disrespect him.

That was because he was one of the Cyanwood Mountain’s management elders. Furthermore, because his appearance was like that of an ape or monkey, the people nicknamed him as Half Martial Emperor White Ape. This Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s reputation was not only limited to the Cyanwood Domain. He possessed fame even in the entire Holy Land of Martialism. As for his strength, it was extremely frightening. Furthermore, the person who had spoken earlier was precisely this man.

“We pay our respects to Elder White Ape. We pay our respect to the other elders.”

At this moment, the headmasters, elders and disciples of all the powers cupped their fists and respectfully paid their respects toward the twenty-six elders. Their voices were filled with reverence and resounded through the horizon like thunder, echoing for thousands of miles.

“Enough, enough, we’re all old acquaintances already. There is no need for you all to be this modest. Furthermore, these people behind me all used to be your old subordinates. The reason I brought them over is precisely so that we can talk about former times. So there is no need for you to pay such grand respects toward them, as this would only make a mess out of the seniority.” Half Martial Emperor White Ape opened his large mouth and displayed a relatively ugly and somewhat vulgar-looking smile. However, one must admit that the laughter from his mouth was truly cheerful and lighthearted.

Seeing this, the headmasters present also started laughing. Indeed, other than Half Martial Emperor White Ape, all of the other elders behind him were people that they recognized. Furthermore, they had all originated from the five first-rate subsidiary powers.

All of them used to be disciples of the five first-rate subsidiary powers. Furthermore, they were the most outstanding disciples. After entering the Cyanwood Mountain, their fame and reputations had only continued to rise. After they passed the time limit of being disciples, during the moment when they were given the choice to either leave the Cyanwood Mountain or stay and become elders, they had chosen to stay and become elders.

Although they had decided to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain, they still considered themselves to be part of their respective powers from before they had come to the Cyanwood Mountain. Their purpose in remaining in the Cyanwood Mountain was so that they could assist their respective powers, and obtain benefits for the younger generations of their respective powers, in the Cyanwood Mountain. In fact, even though they carried the names of being elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, they still belonged to the five first-rate subsidiary powers. The only difference was that they were stationed in the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Enough with the foolish smiles. It’s a great difficulty for you all to see them again, go over and talk about former times with your headmasters.” Half Martial Emperor White Ape waved his hand. Seeing this, the twenty-five elders behind him bowed respectfully, then flew over to their respective powers. Although it was only a simple action, everyone could tell how high of a status Half Martial Emperor White Ape possessed. His imposingness made it so that no one dared to speak ill of him.

However, the twenty-five Half Martial Emperors were all separated into the five first-rate subsidiary powers. As for the other subsidiary powers, none of them possessed any relationship with these twenty-five Half Martial Emperors.

Furthermore, of the twenty-five, eighteen of them were people from the Three Cyanwood Forests. As for the remaining seven, three were from the Orion Monastery and four were from the Ascension Sect. Although these twenty-five elders were most definitely not all of the strength the five first-rate subsidiary powers had stationed on the Cyanwood Mountain, one could still indirectly tell the difference in strength between the five subsidiary powers on the Cyanwood Mountain.

“It is more or less time now. The rules remain the same, those who wish to participate may follow me. Those who do not, you may stay here. There will be elders coming to make arrangements for you all later.” Suddenly, Half Martial Emperor White Ape soared to the sky. With his hands behind his back and his waist bent, he walked slowly toward the deepest region of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Seeing this, the elders and disciples of the five first-rate subsidiary powers all moved forward and followed him. There were also many people from the other subsidiary powers that followed.

As for what they were going to do, it was to participate in a so called ‘Commander Competition.’

As disciples brought over by the subsidiary powers, all of them possessed the qualification of becoming core disciples. Thus, they were able to become core disciples without going through any test.

However, this ‘Commander Competition’ was there as a tool to reward excellent disciples. Anyone could participate in this. At the same time, they could choose to not participate.

As for what exactly this ‘graceful pageant’ was, it was actually just searching for some flags in a very vast formation.

These flags were respectively the Commander Flag, the General Flag and the Soldier Flag.

There was only a single Commander Flag, but there were three General Flags and ninety Soldier Flags. Based on the type of flag that one obtained, a different sort of sign would appear. Furthermore, they were able to exchange the flags that they had obtained for different rewards in the Cyanwood Mountain.

As for the rewards, they were all predetermined. As the Commander Flag was the hardest to find, it was deemed the most supreme. Whoever it was that obtained the Commander Flag would obtain a monastery in the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain. The monastery would contain several luxurious palaces and be waited upon by excellent quality servants provided by the Cyanwood Mountain. They would also be able to train in Earthen Taboo Martial Skills without any restrictions. On top of that, they would be given a single top quality Royal Armament and ten thousand Martial Beads, as well as a thousand achievement points.

For those who managed to obtain General Flags, their rewards would be much more inferior. While they would be able to obtain servants to serve them, the servants would not be of the most excellent quality. While they would be able to obtain a Royal Armament, it would only be high quality, and not a top quality one. While they would be allowed to learn Earthen Taboo Martial Skills, they would be limited to learning only a single one. As for the Martial Beads, they would only be given five hundred of them. For achievement points, they would only obtain a hundred.

As for those who managed to obtain Soldier Flags, they would only obtain ten achievement points, without any other added benefits.

As for the achievement points, they could be considered to be a currency within the Cyanwood Mountain. While they could only be used in the Cyanwood Mountain, they could not be saved and not used. That was because in the Cyanwood Mountain, regardless of whether it might be trying to learn a Martial Skill, obtain cultivation resources, or even the ability to train in special places, they were all required to be purchased with achievement points.

As for how to obtain these achievement points, other than being rewarded by the Cyanwood Mountain, one could only obtain them by completing missions. By completing missions of different difficulties, one would be able to obtain different amount of achievement points. Essentially, the achievement points were extremely important to disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, and could be said to be absolutely essential, where the more one possessed, the better it would be.

To disciples that had just entered the Cyanwood Mountain, ten achievement points was a very good amount. As for the reward of a thousand achievement points for the person who obtained the Commander Flag, it could be said to be an enormous amount.

However, the most important matter was that being able to obtain the Commander Flag was a great glory. Furthermore, ever since ancient times, the person who managed to obtain the Commander Flag every year would always become a powerful individual in the core region filled with geniuses, and become a grand character of history.

Thus, the disciples of all the powers, especially those famed geniuses, had all set their goal to be the Commander Flag. That was because, if they obtained the Commander Flag, not only would it be a glory to them, they would also be valued by the elders and disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain. In short, it would be equivalent to laying down a very good headstart for their future.

After all, regardless of what they had accomplished in the past, or how famous they now were, it was all unrelated to the Cyanwood Mountain. Only by obtaining glories in the Cyanwood Mountain could they truly be acknowledged by those in the Cyanwood Mountain