Chapter 1114 - Alliance Declaration

MGA: Chapter 1114 - Alliance Declaration

“Senior brothers, if the two of you are truly fond of Bai Ruochen too, we can have a fair competition. However, I am certain that this Bai Ruochen is going to be mine.” Yuan Qing was filled with confidence. As he said those words, he unfolded a fan. Fanning the fan before his chest, he caused his hair to flutter in the wind. Not only did this make him appear very elegant and graceful, it also made it seem as if he was planning stratagems on how to obtain Bai Ruochen.

After he bewilderedly became known as the hero who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, his confidence had reached a frightening level. Although his pride had not reached a state where he looked down upon all beings, he had reached an extremely conceited state.

Toward the words spoken by Yuan Qing and his current behavior, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao merely smiled without saying anything. Only the two of them knew the intentions of their smiles.

“Huh? Who’s that fellow? Why is he so close to Bai Ruochen?” However, right at this moment, the expressions of Wang Yan and Jiang Hao took a huge change. Their previous smiles were replaced with looks of anger.

Turning his head to look, Yuan Qing’s expression also changed. That was because a young man appeared beside Bai Ruochen.

This young man was talking and laughing with Bai Ruochen; it appeared as if they were very intimate. Most importantly, this man only had the cultivation of a rank one Martial King. Furthermore, he was not wearing an Ascension Sect disciple’s outfit; it was evident that he was someone from a different power.

“It’s him?” When Yuan Qing recognized the man’s appearance, the anger on his face became even more pronounced. He even began to faintly emit a killing intent. That was because he managed to recognize that man with a single glance, it was the man who had placed him in an embarrassing state, a man that he hated deeply, Chu Feng.

Ever since what had happened earlier, Yuan Qing’s hatred for Chu Feng could be said to have reached bone deep. So, when he saw Chu Feng besides Bai Ruochen, making that icy cold Bai Ruochen smile, the hatred in his heart instantly rose dramatically. At the same time, envy emerged from his heart and at this moment, he truly wished to rip Chu Feng to pieces.

That was because the overly conceited him had, ever since the moment he laid eyes on Bai Ruochen, decided in his conceited heart that Bai Ruochen would be his future wife. Yet, at this moment, there was actually a man being so intimate with his wife. Naturally, he became boundlessly angry.

“Junior brother Yuan Qing, you know of that brat?” Hearing Yuan Qing’s exclamation, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao asked together. Actually, it was not only them who were interested in Chu Feng’s identity; the other disciples also lent their ears to listen to Yuan Qing’s reply. Even that Huang Juan looked over at Yuan Qing curiously.

“Humph. His name is Chu Feng. He is nothing but a trash disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.” Yuan Qing coldly smiled. He did not bother explaining much about Chu Feng.

However, both Wang Yan and Jiang Hao were able to sense that there seemed to be some sort of grievance between Yuan Qing and Chu Feng. Otherwise, it was unbefitting for Yuan Qing to act so hostile toward him. Thus, the two of them asked. “Junior brother Yuan Qing, could it be that you have some sort of grievance with that Chu Feng? Don’t worry, after you enter the Cyanwood Mountain, your older brothers here shall help you take revenge.”

“Him? How could such trash be worthy of having a grievance with me? Back then, he entered the southern region’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond alongside me. Overestimating himself, he insisted on entering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s deepest regions alongside me. I managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle there. And him? He ended up losing his way, and nearly died in that Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. He is simply unworthy of being mentioned alongside me,” said Yuan Qing in a cold manner.

“He actually lost his way in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond? In that case, he truly is trash. Hahaha…” Upon hearing those words, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao burst into loud laughter. However, soon, they asked with confused expressions. “In that case, why would such trash be flying alongside Bai Ruochen? Isn’t he a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest? How come he’s with the Ascension Sect?”

Right at this moment, the headmaster of the Eastern Cyanwood Forest sneered. “It would appear that the Ascension Sect and the Southern Cyanwood Forest have gotten quite close these days.”

As he said those words, his gaze shifted toward a direction. As the crowd looked toward the direction of his gaze, they saw that two aged silhouettes appeared from an Ascension Sect’s warship. As for those two aged silhouettes, they all recognized them; one was the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster Zhou Zhixian, and the other was Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster Sikong Zhaixing.

“When did those two get together?” Seeing this scene, not to mention the disciples like Yuan Qing and the rest, even the headmasters of the Western Cyanwood Forest, Northern Cyanwood Forest and the Orion Monastery frowned with confusion.

In fact, it was not only them. At this moment, the entire crowd’s expression changed. They were completely confused by what was happening.

Faced with the reaction of the crowd, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster seemed to have already prepared for it. Thus, not only was he not surprised, he was actually feeling that the crowd was not shocked enough. Thus, he turned his gaze to the crowd, cupped his first respectfully and, with a loud voice, said, “Since all the headmasters are present, it is a convenient timing for me to announce a matter.”

“Our Ascension Sect has entered an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. From today hence, we shall live and die together. I hope that headmasters will take care of us in the future.”

The words spoken by the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster were said with a very dull and ordinary tone. However, the moment it entered into the ears of the crowd, they became very shocking words. The Ascension Sect had entered an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest? This was truly shocking news.

One must know that before this, the Ascension Sect and the Southern Cyanwood Forest were two powers that could never be further apart from one another. Never have anyone heard that there was any sort of relationship between them. Yet, they suddenly entered into an alliance. Furthermore, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster publicly declared that they would live and die together, as if they will not let anyone off that dared to do anything to the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This was truly world-shocking news.

“The Ascension Sect actually entered into an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest? How did the Southern Cyanwood Forest accomplish such a feat? Exactly what sort of method did they use? Could it be a reversal of fortune?” Compared to the others, the one with the most complicated feeling at the present was not the Three Cyanwood Forests or the Orion Monastery; it was instead the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.

The Cloud Thunder Pavilion was once a power allied with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. They had once journeyed to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond together with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, because they determined that the Orion Monastery disliked the Southern Cyanwood Forest at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, they cut off their alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Ever since that day, not only did they disallow their disciples to enter the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond alongside the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, training together alongside them; they even suddenly declared that they would no longer have any dealings with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. It could be said that they had severed their relationship with the Southern Cyanwood Forest completely. As for the reason why the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster did such a thing, it was all because he had wanted to obtain the good graces of the Orion Monastery.

However, other than obtaining disdain and being cursed out by some other powers, his actions did not bring about any good graces from the Orion Monastery. This caused their Cloud Thunder Pavilion to be somewhat regretful, regretful in how decisive they had been in severing all relationships with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. And now that the Southern Cyanwood Forest actually managed to enter an alliance with the Ascension Sect, a first-rate subsidiary power, this caused them to become even more regretful.

After all, regardless of whether the Ascension Sect might or might not be the bottom feeder of the five first-rate subsidiary powers, it was still a first-rate subsidiary power. For second-rate subsidiary powers like themselves, if they could manage to get into a relationship with a first-rate subsidiary power, it meant that they would have an enormous protector. At the very least, among the second-rate subsidiary powers, there would barely be anyone daring enough to bully them.

“After this many years, the Ascension Sect and the Southern Cyanwood Forest have entered into an alliance again. This is truly a matter worthy of celebrations. Sectmaster and headmaster, congratulations.”

Right at this moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded. Turning their eyes toward the source, the crowd all felt a deep veneration. The elders of the Cyanwood Mountain had appeared on the stage.