Chapter 1106 - Formation Space

MGA: Chapter 1106 - Formation Space

Even though the words ‘there’s a conspiracy’ were clearly written on Bai Ruochen’s beautiful face, how would Chu Feng, as a man, possibly fear a feeble girl like her?

Thus, Chu Feng stuck his chest out and raised his head. With a smile on his face and a grandeur of taking on risk despite knowing dangers, he calmly asked. “Miss Bai, what is it that you might want?”

“That door ahead, you go and open it. After you open it, you are to lead the way. Can you do that?” Bai Ruochen pointed her hand to the front of the tunnel.

Turning his head to look, Chu Feng discovered that a large door had actually appeared at the front of the tunnel. That door was not a spirit formation door, it was an ordinary wooden door. However, the wooden door was instilled with a spirit formation that caused one to be unable to see through it with spirit power. Thus, they did not know what awaited them behind the door; whether it might be good or bad.

At this moment, Chu Feng cursed in his heart. This girl was truly not someone easy to deal with. She feared that there would be danger behind the door, and wanted Chu Feng to be her shield. However, it remained that Chu Feng was a man. As a man, protecting a woman is a matter of course. Thus, even if Bai Ruochen had not requested for him to walk in the front, he would still have done so.

“Come come come, step aside, let a man do this kind of dangerous thing.” Chu Feng patted his chest and stepped forward. His body suddenly shifted and disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already arrived before the wooden door. Most importantly, when Chu Feng appeared, a ‘bang’ sound was heard; the wooden door was open.

At the moment when the wooden door was opened, a dazzling light shone from the door. As the dazzling light slowly dissipated, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen discovered that what was behind the door was a vast whiteness.

It was an extremely vast space where one could not see the boundary, the peak, the ground nor anything dangerous. However, in the distance of that vast space floated a chest.

It was a wooden chest. An ancient and shabby wooden chest that appeared to have gone through countless years. Even the wood was about to be completely decomposed. However, even though it was extremely shabby-looking, the wooden chest was not truly decomposing. Just like that, it floated on, there in the distance, giving off a boundless amount of enticement.

“If my guess is correct, then Senior Ouyang’s remains should be in that wooden chest.”

“Miss Bai, I fear that the remains will not be that easily obtainable. Wait for me here, I’ll go and get it for you.” As Chu Feng said those words, he directly walked into the space.

“Woosh.” However, who would’ve thought that right after Chu Feng entered that space, a figure flew over and landed before Chu Feng. It was Bai Ruochen.

“Miss Bai, you…” To discover that Bai Ruochen had actually followed him and even stood before him, Chu Feng was somewhat surprised.

“Do not be moved, this lady here is merely afraid that you will snatch away the remains left behind by our Ascension Sect’s ancestor.” Bai Ruochen cast a glance at Chu Feng.

“Truly a stubborn girl.” Chu Feng curled his lips at Bai Ruochen’s actions. He was able to tell that while Bai Ruochen feared that there might be dangers, she also did not trust him.

However, Chu Feng still asked. “It’s you who wanted me to open the door and walk in the front. But now that you walked ahead of me, what should we do about this matter then? Miss Bai, are you to go back on your word and not keep your promise?”

“I have indeed only reached the ninth floor. As for the reason why I said I only reached the sixth floor, it is because I do not want to bother with those human remains.” Bai Ruochen answered.

“Is that truly it?” Chu Feng questioned.

“To believe me or not is up to you.” Bai Ruochen refused to explain. With a movement of her body, she flew directly toward the wooden chest. Her speed was extremely fast; she was planning to use her rapid speed to quickly approach the wooden box and obtain it.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh.” However, right after Bai Ruochen moved, the space before the wooden chest began to wiggle. Immediately after, several tens of figures appeared before the wooden chest.

Those figures were human shaped figures of lights. However, they gave off extremely powerful auras. A total of fifty six human-shaped figures of light; they were actually all rank five Martial Kings. Furthermore, the weapons that they held in their hands, the long spears made out of light, were also emitting an aura similar to that of Royal Armaments.

Most importantly, after these fifty six human-shaped figures of light appeared, they all emitted fierce killing intent and began to directly attack Bai Ruochen.

Furthermore, their attacks were not ordinary either. They did not attack blindly, but instead intertwined their attacks with one another in perfect coordination. Their attacks surrounded Bai Ruochen like a large formation. Moreover, due to the fact that the two parties were close to one another, and the opponents’ attacks were too fast, Bai Ruochen and the figures of light entered battle in an instant.

While those human-shaped figures of light were not living things, and appeared more like killing machines, the battle power that they possessed was not something to be looked down upon. They were definitely not as simple as being ordinary rank five Martial Kings. If there were only one or two of them, then that would be alright. However, to be surrounded and attacked by a total of fifty-six human shaped figures of light caused even Bai Ruochen to express an expression of alarm and hastily take out her Platinum Dragon Whip to counterattack.

“Miss Bai, do you need my assistance?” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng smiled. He was in no rush to join the battle.

“Who cares if you help or not.” Who would’ve thought, Bai Ruochen was extremely stubborn. Not only did she not request Chu Feng’s help, she even glared at him ferociously. However, from her words, one could tell that she actually hoped that Chu Feng would help her.

While it was true that with Bai Ruochen’s strength, she was able to completely handle this bunch of human-shaped figures of light if she was to go all out, it was evident that she did not want to exhaust too much of her strength to deal with these figures of light.

“Girl, you truly do not know how to speak. However, taking your father into consideration, I’ll help you.” Chu Feng laughed mischievously. He took out his Demon Sealing Sword and joined the battle.

From the beginning, Chu Feng had no plan of watching without helping. Earlier, the reason why he asked that question was all so that he could tease this goddess-like yet uncommunicative little beauty.

After all, her age was the perfect age for one to be happy and bright. Yet, no such things could be seen on Bai Ruochen. This caused Chu Feng to feel regret for her and have an urge to provoke her.

However, everyone was different. Especially something like one’s temperament was something that could not be forcibly changed. That was the reason why Chu Feng decided to stop teasing her and join the battle. Once Chu Feng joined the battle, he was like a God of War that brought about massacre within a specific range.

At this moment, the pressure on Bai Ruochen immediately lessened. Although the two of them were killing without communicating and bothering with one another, and it could be said that there was no coordination between them, they managed to rapidly kill all of these figures of light.

After eliminating the human shaped figures of light, Bai Ruochen asked, “what did you say earlier? My father? Who is my father?”

“The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Senior Zhou. Is he not your father?” Chu Feng replied.

“Listen carefully, he is not my father. If you dare to speak about relationships randomly, do not blame me for teaching you a lesson.” Bai Ruochen’s gaze flashed. With a very serious expression, she said those words. Furthermore, as she said those words, a very dense killing intent emerged in her eyes.

At this moment, Chu Feng was startled. Although he knew for certain that Bai Ruochen was not the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s biological daughter, it remained that Bai Ruochen’s mother had married the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster. Logically, Bai Ruochen should be calling the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster ‘father’.

However, not only did she not call him father, she instead denied the father-daughter relationship flatly. Furthermore, her attitude toward it was very vile. This inevitably caused Chu Feng to doubt in his heart. “This Bai Ruochen’s reaction is off.”