Chapter 1105 - She’s Plotting Something

MGA: Chapter 1105 - She’s Plotting Something

“Sectmaster Zhou, what do you mean by those words?” Sikong Zhaixing was frowning slightly. He felt that there was a hidden meaning behind the words spoken by the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

“Not only does little friend Chu Feng possess outstanding talent, he is also surpassingly quick-witted and courageous. Moreover, with his young age, he has already obtained an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. This means that his family of origin should also be extraordinary.”

“Headmaster Sikong, may I know where exactly little friend Chu Feng came from, for him to be this extraordinary?” asked the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

“This…” Sikong Zhaixing was a bit hesitant to answer the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s question. However, in the end, he decided to answer honestly. “Chu Feng is not a person from the Holy Land of Martialism. He is from the Southern Sea Region.”

“What? He’s actually from the Southern Sea Region?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen’s mother cried in shock. The surprise in her charming eyes was simply uncontainable.

Actually, even the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was acting in such a surprised manner. Merely, at this moment, other than shock, there was also a trace of envy and admiration on his face.

He said, “The Southern Cyanwood Forest has guarded the exit to the Southern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road and was faced with mockery by others for all these years. Finally, the bitter times for your Southern Cyanwood Forest are over and the sweet times began. Senior Baili truly possessed a great foresight.”

“However, although this child Chu Feng’s talent is extraordinary, he appears to be a bit of a show-off. Adding on the techniques and skills that he possessed, after he enters the Cyanwood Mountain, even if he does not take the initiative to provoke others, he will still create many enemies there.”

“Sigh.” When mentioning this matter, Sikong Zhaixing heaved a long sigh. He was also extremely worried about Chu Feng. As the saying goes, ‘the intentions of others should be feared.’ In Cyanwood Mountain, this holds even more truth.

Although the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were said to be fellow disciples, they all contained their own selfish motives. During Sikong Zhaixing’s youth, he had also trained in Cyanwood Mountain, and was one of its excellent core disciples. Thus, he knew very well how intense the open battles and shadowy battles in the Cyanwood Mountain were. Most importantly, Cyanwood Mountain would prohibit battles between disciples on the surface, but do nothing about it in actuality.

There was nothing that they could do about it. The disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, especially the core disciples, were all crucial candidates to succeed in the great undertaking of the Cyanwood Mountain. Even the Headmaster and the management elders that possessed great powers would have to be selected from the core disciples.

However, this made it so that the disciples, especially among powerful disciples, would rarely possess the characteristics and emotions of people from the same sect. On the surface, they appeared to be harmonious with one another. However, beneath the surface, they treated each other as enemies.

It was so much so, that if there were someone who possessed a certain treasure on them, they would be focused upon by other disciples and killed when they left the Cyanwood Mountain to go on missions. Killing and stealing another’s possessions was something that would occur every year.

Even the ones that were caught and heavily punished numbered in the several hundreds every year. And what about those that were not caught? They were simply uncountable, and unimaginably numerous.

As for this, this was precisely what Sikong Zhaixing was worried about. Chu Feng’s talent was outstanding; not only did he possess extraordinary techniques and skills, he also possessed a peak quality Royal Armament. Yet, he does not have any powerful backing and was instead someone from the Southern Sea Region. On top of that, he possessed the temperament of someone who refuses to acknowledge losses.

Thus, after he entered the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng’s enemies would likely not be limited to only the Orion Monastery. Not to mention disciples, it was even possible for elders to fix their eyes upon Chu Feng’s property.

This naturally caused Sikong Zhaixing to become worried. Before, he only knew that Chu Feng possessed extraordinary talent, and did not know that Chu Feng possessed so many techniques, an invaluable king of Royal Armaments and even an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill that ordinary powers did not possess. If this was to be known after he entered the Cyanwood Mountain, it would likely incite the desires of many powers.

As if he had seen through the worries that clouded Sikong Zhaixing, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster said, “Brother Sikong, you do not have to be too worried about it. Our two powers have already entered an alliance now. Not only is Chu Feng your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple, he is also equivalent to being a disciple of our Ascension Sect. Our Ascension Sect will spare no effort to protect him.”

“That’s right, of course…” Hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing nodded repeatedly. The worry in his heart immediately lessened greatly. He was an experienced individual, and knew that the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was showing his sincerity, the sincerity of becoming allies with his Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Sigh, in my opinion, these two children are very well matched. Don’t you think so, Headmaster Sikong?” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen’s mother said those words smilingly.

“Eh, this…” At this moment, Sikong Zhaixing’s expression stiffened. He was caught off-guard by the words suddenly spoken by Bai Ruochen’s mother, and did not know how to respond.

In fact, it was not limited to Sikong Zhaixing, as even the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was opening his mouth wide in shock.

“Hehe, I’m just joking. Look at how shocked the two of you became.”

“I advocate the free love of youngsters, and would most definitely arrange a marriage for them.” Seeing their reactions, Bai Ruochen’s mother covered her mouth and laughed. Only then did Sikong Zhaixing and the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster heaved a breath of relief.

To be honest, Sikong Zhaixing truly felt that they were a perfect match too. Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s cultivations were truly well-matched. However, for two people to be together, they must be harmonious. As for Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, they did not appear to have any passion for the other party at all. If the two of them were to be put together, it would not go too well.

However, after Bai Ruochen’s mother said those words, Sikong Zhaixing began to have an idea of secretly playing the matchmaker and putting the two of them together. After all, the Ascension Sect and their Southern Cyanwood Forest had now become allies. If the two of them were able to have a connection through marriage, it would be an even happier occasion.

However, when he looked to Bai Ruochen’s mother, he felt a bit of unrest. He do not dare to determine whether this woman was joking as she said those words, or whether she truly has the intention, because she was truly too difficult to see through.

Even though Bai Ruochen’s mother’s age was way younger than his and the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s, and she was truly of the younger generation when compared to them, she gave Sikong Zhaixing an extremely incomprehensible sensation. It was so much so that he felt a trace of danger from her, causing him to fear her heartily.

As for Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, neither of them knew about the scheme that Sikong Zhaixing had. At this moment, the two of them had reached the deepest part of the tunnel.

The tunnel was no longer going straight down. Instead, it began to go across. Furthermore, the square-shaped tunnel was extremely spacious and carefully decorated. Even the illuminating stones on the either wall were especially bright and white in color, as opposed to the ordinary green, and illuminated the tunnel as if they were out in daylight.

Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen walked within the bright tunnel. They did not try to run to the end because there were paintings carved on the sides of the tunnel. They were paintings of people, beasts and battles. It seemed as if they were there to tell the story of an individual, and of that individual’s life.

Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were involuntarily attracted to these paintings. This was a rare moment of tranquility for them. That was because the two of them knew that if they continued onward, they would likely not meet such a tranquil place, and dangers and difficulties would definitely welcome them ahead.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Miss Bai, why did you lie?”

“What are you talking about?” Bai Ruochen cast a glance at Chu Feng. She displayed an expression of bewilderment.

“You clearly reached the ninth floor in the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. Why did you say that you’ve only reached the sixth floor?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“What does this have to do with you?” Bai Ruochen once again cast Chu Feng a glance. After that, she quickened her speed.

Chu Feng remained calm after the two side glances from Bai Ruochen. He was already accustomed to this. Although this girl’s age was younger than his own, she was totally an ice beauty. For Chu Feng, among the women that he knew, likely only Tantai Xue was as cold as this Bai Ruochen.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng was laughing in his heart. Although Bai Ruochen did not tell him the reason why, she had indirectly admitted that she had reached the ninth floor of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.

Suddenly, Bai Ruochen turned around and said, “how about this, you promise me one thing, and I’ll tell you why.” Moreover, a rare glittering smile appeared on her ice-cold face.

When this girl smiled like this, she was truly beautiful. It was like a blooming lotus flower within a field of ice, fascinatingly beautiful.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng cursed in his heart. That was because three words were clearly written within her smile - she’s plotting something.[1.RB01: ...she’s gonna make him eat the seafood fellaz =’\ :)]