Chapter 1637 - Secret Skill Inheritance

MGA: Chapter 1637 - Secret Skill Inheritance

“You all possess quite decent talents. You are the ones with the comparably more outstanding talent among the crowd,” The Water Immortal Profound Technique said with a smile.

“In that case, Lord Water Immortal, could you possibly tell us which among us possesses the best talent?” Nangong Tianshi asked.

“Among you all, the person with the best talent would be him,” the Water Immortal Profound Technique pointed at Nangong Tianhu and asked, “What is your name?”

Hearing those words, the expressions of Nangong Tianlong, Nangong Tianshi, Nangong Tianfeng and even Meng Xiaoyan changed.

Even though their relationship was extremely good, none of them were willing to have inferior talent to another. Even if it was their own blood brother, they were still not willing to accept it.

However, Nangong Tianhu was overjoyed. He hurriedly said, “Lord Water Immortal, in that case, would you be willing to choose me? I dare to guarantee to you that if you are to choose me, I will definitely not disappoint you. I will definitely bring fame to your power.”

“Hahaha…” After hearing what Nangong Tianhu said, the Water Immortal Profound Technique actually burst into a loud laugh.

Its laughter caused everyone to be stunned. They did not understand what the Water Immortal Profound Technique’s laughter meant.

“While it is true that there are a lot of geniuses here, there is only one among you who is capable of making this Immortal serve him,” After saying all this, the Water Immortal Profound Technique’s body suddenly shifted. Then, he arrived before Chu Feng and said while looking at him, “It is this child.”

“It’s actually him?” Seeing this, the expressions of everyone from the Nangong Imperial Clan changed enormously. This was especially true for Nangong Tianlong, Nangong Tianhu and the others. Their expressions and reactions were simply as if their wives had slept with a beggar.

They truly never expected that the Water Immortal Profound Technique would choose Chu Feng. One must know that, in their minds, they felt that regardless of how powerful Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques might be, his talent for martial cultivation was simply incomparable with theirs.

Why did the Water Immortal Profound Technique choose Chu Feng and not them? This was simply unreasonable!

“How could this be?! Why would it be him?! Which part of him is stronger than us?! He is nothing more than a mere rank one Half Martial Emperor!”

“Why did you choose him? You cannot choose him! You belong to our Nangong Imperial Clan! You must choose someone from our Nangong Imperial Clan!” Unwilling to accept the fact, Nangong Tianhu and the others started to shout.


However, right at this moment, the Water Immortal Profound Technique’s body trembled. Then, water splashed all over, and a boundlessly powerful oppressive might came crushing down. At the same time, a gale also swept forth. Nangong Tianhu and the others who had questioned its decision were all blown away. They all crashed ferociously into the wall of the spirit formation.

“Since when has this Immortal’s decision been something that you all could question?” The Water Immortal Profound Technique lost the amiable appearance it used to have. Anger was evident within its tone.

At this moment, Nangong Tianlong and the others were frowning deeply. Right now, the Water Immortal Profound Technique possessed freedom. Its strength was extremely strong. They were simply no match for it.

Thus, feeling helpless, Nangong Tianlong and the others turned their gazes to White-browed Immortal and Nangong Huayi. They wanted them to help. After all, they couldn’t watch as the Water Immortal Profound Technique became Chu Feng’s possession before their eyes.

However, to their surprise, White-browed Immortal and Nangong Huayi both stood there motionlessly. It was as if they could not see the signaling gazes that they were sending them.


Right at this moment, the Water Immortal Profound Technique suddenly moved. It turned into a small bead of water. Then, as light flickered, it shot directly into Chu Feng’s forehead.

After the Water Immortal Profound Technique entered his body, Chu Feng immediately felt a surge of boundless power fusing with him. At the same time, a voice sounded in his mind.

“Child, what is your name?” This was the Water Immortal Profound Technique’s voice.

“Senior, I am called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied respectfully.

“Chu Feng, I will not bother with superfluous words. This Immortal was created by the Five Elements Old Ancestor. Now, I will serve you. When fighting against others, you can summon me to fight alongside you. Furthermore, unless you die, I will possess an indestructible body.”

“Furthermore, my strength will all depend on your strength. Regardless of what cultivation you have, my cultivation will be one level above yours. That is my ability.”

“Furthermore, there is a very important matter that you must remember. Back then, when the Five Elements Old Ancestor created me, he also created four other secret skills. If you are able to make the other four secret skills serve you, you will come to know of a secret and obtain a treasure deposit,” After the Water Immortal Profound Technique told Chu Feng these things, its voice disappeared completely.

When its voice no longer sounded, Chu Feng knew that the Water Immortal Profound Technique had completely fused with him.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that Nangong Tianlong and the others were looking at him with gazes filled with killing intent, it was as if they wanted to eat him alive. Evidently, they were extremely angered by Chu Feng obtaining the Water Immortal Profound Technique.

Right at this moment, the White-browed Immortal spoke. “Little friend Chu Feng, you’re truly extraordinary. You actually managed to obtain the good graces of the Water Immortal Profound Technique.” However, even though he seemed to be praising Chu Feng on the surface, his words contained hidden implications.

“Senior, this should be the first time that we have met. How did you know my name?” Chu Feng asked with a smile. His words contained hidden implications too.

No one noticed that Chu Feng’s hands were placed behind his back. Furthermore, his two palms were facing one another. Even though he had not clasped them together, they were only a small distance away from being clasped together.

Even though Chu Feng had a very relaxed appearance, he had actually adjusted his mental state to the peak. If there was any movement, if anyone were to attack him, he would immediately clasp his hands to activate the Taboo Formation Techniques and release the other Asura World Spirit in his body.

“Heh…” The White-browed Immortal laughed lightly. However, he did not say anything.

“Since the Water Immortal Profound Technique has chosen its master, the Inheritance Assembly today shall end at this point,” the White-browed Immortal said.

“End like this?! How could we allow our Nangong Imperial Clan’s secret skill to end up in the hands of another?!” At this moment, Nangong Tianlong and the others were unwilling to accept this.

However, immediately afterward, they shut their mouths. Not only did they stop talking, the angry expressions on their faces also instantly lessened, and were replaced by cold smiles. Evidently, someone had said something to them through a voice transmission.

Just like this, Chu Feng returned to his own residence. Aunt Lian also returned to his residence with him.

At this moment, Aunt Lian’s expression was very ugly. Evidently, she knew how dire the current situation was.

The reason for that was because she had been paying attention to the expressions on White-browed Immortal and Nangong Huayi’s faces the entire time. When the Water Immortal Profound Technique chose Chu Feng, even though they did not say anything and did not try to stop it from happening, killing intent had flashed through their eyes. This killing intent was most evident in Nangong Huayi’s eyes.

Thus, Aunt Lian knew that murderous intentions were present in Nangong Huayi’s heart. Chu Feng would likely be met with an imminent catastrophe.

Suddenly, Aunt Lian said, “Chu Feng, let’s go. I’ll take you to see a person.”

“See who?” Chu Feng asked.

“A person capable of taking you away from here,” As Aunt Lian spoke, she grabbed Chu Feng and prepared to leave.

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

However, right at this moment, two figures suddenly appeared and blocked Aunt Lian’s path. These two people were precisely Nangong Beidou’s trusted aides, Nangong Huayi and Nangong Rongsheng.

“Nangong Lian, where are you planning to go?” Nangong Huayi asked.

“Where I plan to go does not concern you,” Aunt Lian snorted coldly. Then, she tried to leave.

“While where you plan to go does not concern me, where Chu Feng goes does concern me,” As Nangong Huayi spoke, he released his boundless oppressive might and sealed this region. He had completely blocked Nangong Lian’s path out.

Furthermore, it was not only Nangong Huayi who unleashed an attack, Nangong Rongsheng had also unleashed an attack.