Chapter 1636 - Flatter

MGA: Chapter 1636 - Flatter


Suddenly, White-browed Immortal waved his sleeve. Then, many entrances appeared on that world spirit formation.

“Little friends, the legendary Water Immortal Profound Technique is located within. Go on in,” White-browed Immortal said.

After that, Chu Feng and the others all began to walk toward the spirit formation. Aunt Lian also followed Chu Feng toward the spirit formation.

“Nangong Lian, this is a matter concerning the young generation, you do not have to join them,” However, before Aunt Lian could enter the spirit formation, Nangong Huayi spoke to stop her.

“Aunt Lian, it’s alright. I can take care of this myself,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

After a moment of hesitation, Aunt Lian ended up stopping her footsteps. She did not follow the others in, and instead stood outside of the world spirit formation to guard the place.

After Chu Feng and the others entered the spirit formation, they were all able to see the blue stele located in the center of the spirit formation. Furthermore, they all knew that blue stele should be the item that sealed the secret skill, and that the closer they were to the stele, the higher the chance of them obtaining the secret skill.

Thus, at this moment, everyone rushed toward the stele. They all wanted to be closer to it. At this moment, it was naturally Nangong Tianlong and the others who were at the forefront of the crowd. The reason for that was because no one dared to fight against the princes and princess. One thing worthy of being mentioned was that Meng Xiaoyan was also standing at the frontmost place alongside Nangong Tianlong and the others.

A fascinating thing was that many people could tell that Nangong Tianlong and the other princes deeply disliked Chu Feng. They actually blocked Chu Feng’s path and refused to allow him to continue forward. Just like that, they forced Chu Feng to a corner of the crowd.

Chu Feng merely smiled at their actions and ignored them. The reason for that was because he had never planned to fight for the closest place to begin with.

As Chu Feng possessed four secret skills, he knew the characteristics of secret skills very well. In a space this size, regardless of which corner he hid in, the secret skill would still be able to sense him. Thus, trying to be the closest to the secret skill was simply meaningless.

At this moment, as Chu Feng watched the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan pushing one another to get closer to the blue stele, as he watched the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan on the verge of fighting one another to get a closer place, Chu Feng felt as if he were watching a group of clowns.

“Chu Feng, what you did last night was extremely spectacular. How did you accomplish that? Could you be a Divine Body? However, the power of your lightnings seemed to be different from other Divine Bodies. Exactly what is the skill that you grasp?” Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded by Chu Feng’s ears. As Chu Feng looked over, he saw that Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were walking toward him. Furthermore, Nangong Ya was following closely behind them.

“The secret skill is about to appear. It’s not beneficial for you all to stand here,” Chu Feng said jokingly.

“We never planned to obtain the secret skill to begin with. Furthermore, even if we wished to fight for it, we wouldn’t be able to obtain it. Isn’t it the secret skill that possesses the right to choose its master and not the other way around?”

“One can only force a secret skill into submission if one possesses absolute strength. Evidently, none of us possess the strength to force a secret skill into submission. Furthermore, it’s clear that the secret skill will not choose me. Thus, I decided to give up on it,” Nangong Baihe said with a smile.

“Lil sis Baihe, you should stop pretending. The way I see it, you knew that the secret skill would choose Chu Feng. That’s why you’ve come here so that you could admire the appearance of the secret skill at a close distance,” Nangong Ya said with a smile.

Nangong Baihe cast a side eye at Nangong Ya. Then, she said with a sweet smile, “You’re so smart, you’ve got it all right.”

“Big brother Chu Feng, the six lightnings in the sky last night, were they really caused by you? You’re so amazing!” Nangong Moli looked to Chu Feng with her eyes wide open. She had an expression of adoration on her face.

“Am I really amazing? You must know that your big brother Chu Feng is on the verge of losing his life here,” Chu Feng stroked Nangong Moli’s head while smiling.

Chu Feng had clearly said those words jokingly. However, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Ya’s expressions changed upon hearing those words. They began to feel upset in their hearts.

In fact, the two of them were forcing themselves to smile. They knew that a great catastrophe was likely going to befall Chu Feng. Yet, at such a time, there was nothing they could do. They felt extremely ashamed to be unable to help Chu Feng at all.


Right at this moment, the sealed spirit formation suddenly turned transparent like glass. At this moment, not only were the people inside the spirit formation capable of seeing the people outside, the people outside the spirit formation were also capable of seeing inside.

The reason for that was evidently so that the outsiders could see what was happening inside the spirit formation.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves. I am going to let the secret skill out,” White-browed Immortal shouted lightly. Then, he began to form hand seals nonstop. He was so fast that people were simply unable to see his actions. All they could see were the blurs of his hands.


At the same time, that blue stele began to sway left and right and give out trembling noises. As it started to tremble, the entire underground palace trembled alongside it.

Furthermore, a dazzling golden rune began to flicker nonstop on that blue stele. It was extremely beautiful.

At this moment, the mindset of the crowd all started to change. One by one, they became extremely nervous. Regardless of whether it was the people outside or the people inside, they all became very nervous.

None of them knew who the secret technique would choose. However, they all wished that it would be them who the secret technique chose.

However, there was a single exception. That was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was so calm and collected that it was strange. It was as if he was a bystander watching a show.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. The blue stele shattered. Following that, a blue body of light suddenly appeared.

It was a substance similar to a consciousness. It had an appearance similar to a person. However, water was flowing through its entire body. That’s right. It was a person formed of water.

It was several tens of meters tall. Standing there, it appeared extremely imposing. However, it had a very amiable appearance, and it was using a leisurely gaze to size up the crowd before it.

The Water Immortal Profound Technique was as its name implied. This secret skill was an existence akin to an Immortal. Even though it was very powerful, it looked extremely graceful.

However, there was one thing that no one could doubt. That was, the aura that it was emitting right now was extremely powerful and simply incomparable. It was an aura from the Ancient Era.

“We pay our respect to Lord Water Immortal.”

At this moment, Nangong Tianlong and the others tidied up their clothing and courteously bowed to the Water Immortal Profound Technique with smiles across their faces.

After them, many of the rest of the Nangong Imperial Clansmen began to imitate what they did and started to flatter the Water Immortal Profound Technique. The reason why they did this was naturally because they wanted to obtain the good graces of the Water Immortal Profound Technique so that it would choose them.

“Not bad, you are all quite courteous,” With a smile across its face, the Water Immortal Profound Technique nodded at Nangong Tianlong and the others.

Seeing that the Water Immortal Profound Technique was smiling, Nangong Tianlong and the others were overjoyed. They felt that they were extremely smart and had grasped the Water Immortal Profound Technique’s attention.

“Lord Water Immortal, I have heard of your great name before. I have heard that you are capable of seeing through the strength of our talents, and the intensity of our future accomplishments. Might Lord Water Immortal be willing to rate my talent?”

“If we can obtain the ratings of our talents from Lord Water Immortal, it would truly be a blessing of three lifetimes to us,” Nangong Tianlong said with a humble appearance.

His current attitude was extremely respectful, extremely servile. It was as if he had already forgotten that he was a prince. At this moment, he no longer possessed the noble pride he used to possess. Instead, he had become someone who bowed before another.

In order to obtain the Water Immortal Profound Technique, he had truly lowered himself.