Chapter 1630 - Soaring Golden Dragon

MGA: Chapter 1630 - Soaring Golden Dragon

“Sigh, speaking of it, this sort of sensation is extremely good.”

As Chu Feng watched the six enormous lightning beasts struggle in his spirit formation without being able to do anything to it, Chu Feng felt a sense of satisfaction at being able to control them.

This sort of sense of satisfaction made Chu Feng feel extremely comfortable. Furthermore, he was also looking forward to the time when these six enormous lightning beasts would return to his body and fuse with his blood.

At that time, not only would Chu Feng’s cultivation officially step into that of a Half Martial Emperor, becoming a rank one Half Martial Emperor and gaining control of Emperor-level martial power...

Chu Feng was also looking forward to whether or not he would be able to obtain a new ability on par with the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings.

If he were able to obtain a new ability, would his cultivation be able to increase by another level?

Would he be able to instantly increase his cultivation to rank four Half Martial Emperor from rank one Half Martial Emperor with the assistance from the Thunder Armor, Thunder Wings and that potential new ability?

When thinking about this, the expression of anticipation on Chu Feng’s face grew more and more intense. If everything were to happen as he wished, then it would mean that Chu Feng would become even stronger.

Afterward, Chu Feng suddenly laid down on the ground and placed his hands behind his head like a pillow. He began to admire the six different colored bolts of lightning that were surging all over the place with the desire to rush out of his spirit formation.

Chu Feng’s current appearance was truly one of leisure.

Right at this moment, Eggy’s voice sounded. “Let this Queen out. This Queen also wants to see.”

After hearing Eggy’s voice, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, with a thought, he opened his world spirit gate. Differently from how Her Lady Queen usually walked out gracefully from the world spirit gate, this time around, she actually hopped out. From this, it could be seen how excited she was.

“Wow, I finally get to see your Inherited Bloodline at a close distance. This is quite extraordinary.”

After Eggy came out, her beautiful pair of eyes were blinking non-stop… they were on the verge of shining. When she saw Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline, she was even more excited than Chu Feng. Like a mischievous little girl, Eggy actually began to run around the limited space. She was actually trying to catch the six enormous lightning beasts.

While the might displayed by the six enormous lightning beasts was extremely frightening, they did not possess any actual power. Otherwise, how could Chu Feng’s spirit formation possibly contain them? After all, their actual powers were capable of destroying the world.

In other words, while they were Divine Lightnings, they were not the real Divine Lightnings. Rather, they were empty facades. Thus, they were naturally unable to cause harm to Her Lady Queen.

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen asked, “Chu Feng, can you open the spirit formation?”

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“I want to have them go out so that I can see the appearance of the crowd from the Nangong Imperial Clan after they see your Inherited Bloodline,” As Eggy said these words, she closed her eyes. Her trembling eyelashes seemed to be telling Chu Feng that she was imagining the appearances of the crowd from the Nangong Imperial Clan when that happened.

“Milady Queen, do you wish to kill me?” Chu Feng asked helplessly.

“Haha, I was merely joking. Look at how scared you’ve become, scaredy cat.” Her Lady Queen suddenly opened her eyes and arrived before Chu Feng while jumping and hopping. She actually extended her lily-white hand and ruthlessly flicked Chu Feng’s forehead.

Faced with such a mischievous Queen, instead of feeling fed up, Chu Feng felt very fond of her. He patted the ground beside him and said, “Come, let’s lie down and watch them together.”

“No can do. This Queen is such a noble person, how could I lie on the filthy ground like you?” Not only did Her Lady Queen lift her little head up proudly, she even placed her hands around her waist mischievously.

Chu Feng waved his palm. Then, a layer of golden spirit power formed a golden world spirit blanket. As if it were an actual blanket, that world spirit blanket covered the ground beside Chu Feng.

“Milady Queen, please,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s more like it,” Seeing that, Eggy smiled, satisfied. Then, she lay down beside Chu Feng and took the same posture as him, with her hands behind her head as she watched the six Divine Lightnings. In fact, her posture was even more exaggerated than Chu Feng’s She actually lifted her legs and crossed them one over the other. Her appearance was truly unrestrained.

“Eggy, which color of these six different Divine Lightnings do you like the most?” Chu Feng asked.

“The black one,” Eggy said without the slightest hesitation.

“Why is that?” Chu Feng was confused. Generally, girls would be fond of bright colors. The black color was definitely not a bright color at all. His Lady Queen was truly different from the masses.

“That’s because black is vicious. It resembles this Queen,” Eggy smiled sweetly. Then, she asked, “What about you? Which color do you like the most?”

“Me? I also like black the most,” Chu Feng said.

“Why’s that?” Her Lady Queen asked.


Chu Feng did not answer her and suddenly got up. He caught up to the black bolt of lightning and gently caressed it. His appearance simply did not look like that of someone caressing a bolt of lightning. Rather, it was more like the appearance of someone caressing a beautiful woman. He caressed it with many strokes and only stopped when the black lightning galloped faster. Then, with a mischievous smile, he turned around and said, “Because black is vicious and resembles you.”

“Damn you, you’ve truly grown courageous to actually dare to take advantage of this Queen,” Her Lady Queen managed to react. With a thought, boundless Asura Power surged forth from her body.

“Milady Queen, I was wrong,” Chu Feng’s voice begging for forgiveness immediately sounded in the spirit formation.


While Chu Feng had sealed himself in his room, he did not know what was happening outside. At this moment, Nangong Tianshi had reached a breakthrough. Furthermore, at the moment when he broke through, a golden dragon had also soared into the sky and reached the horizon from the location where he was training.

Once that golden dragon appeared, the entire night sky was illuminated by it. Golden light illuminated everything. It was as if the sun had appeared in the sky. It was extremely dazzling.

Not only was this golden dragon enormous, it also emitted a very powerful might. As it traveled through the horizon, it gave off the imposing might of looking down on all living things. One would feel reverence for it just by looking at it.

“It appeared. It finally appeared. Our Nangong Imperial Clan’s Imperial Bloodline, the Soaring Golden Dragon appeared.”

At this moment, the entire Nangong Imperial Clan was filled with matchless excitement. As they saw that dazzling golden dragon, their blood began to boil.

After all, that dragon was the sign of their pride, their Imperial Bloodline that they considered to be even more powerful than Divine Bodies.






It was unknown who started to shout the clan name of the Nangong Imperial Clan. However, after that first person shouted ‘Nangong’, more and more Nangong Imperial Clansmen began to shout it too. In an instant, cries of ‘Nangong!’ began to resonate through the entire Nangong Imperial Clan.

At the moment when the crowd from the Nangong Imperial Clan were all cheering excitedly for the abnormal sign of the soaring golden dragon, Chu Feng was starting to feel distressed.

“Eggy, something’s wrong,” Chu Feng stared at the six surging bolts of lightning and frowned deeply.