Chapter 1629 - Chu Feng Breakthrough

MGA: Chapter 1629 - Chu Feng Breakthrough

“Big brother, please rest assured. I will definitely not let our Nangong Imperial Clan lose face. It’s time for them to experience how powerful our Nangong Imperial Clan is,” Nangong Tianshi had a very happy expression on his face. He was very quick-witted. Thus, he knew that this was a rare opportunity.

If his performance was good, then not only would he allow the White-browed Immortal to enjoy a feast with his eyes, he would also be able to obtain the good graces of his father. If he were to obtain the good graces of his father, he would be able to obtain even more cultivation resources, more than even his siblings. Thus, Nangong Tianshi knew that this was the opportunity to display himself that he must seize properly.

Just like that, Nangong Tianshi received the two precious medicinal pellets and returned to his own residence. He was preparing to refine the two medicinal pellets and attempt to breakthrough to rank four Half Martial Emperor.

Furthermore, he planned to successfully break through after the sky had darkened and before dawn arrived so that the abnormal sign caused by his breakthrough would be able to broaden White-browed Immortal and the others’ horizons.

It was as Nangong Tianlong had said. The abnormal sign was most spectacular at night. Thus, Nangong Tianshi felt that he would only be able to prove himself and make his father think more highly of him by breaking through at night.

However, it was unknown who it was that possessed such a loudmouth, but this matter was soon spread around instantly.

All of a sudden, many people from the Nangong Imperial Clan stopped what they were doing. They found places to sit, and some even prepared food, drinks, fruits, refreshments and such as they began to wait for Nangong Tianshi’s breakthrough. It was as if they were watching a show. They all wished to admire the magnificent sight of a golden dragon soaring into the sky.

After all, the abnormal sign of a golden dragon soaring into the sky was not something that everyone from the Nangong Imperial Clan could trigger. Thus, to them, this was also a feast for their eyes.

Time passed very quickly. In merely the blink of an eye, the sky had darkened. When night fell, the crowd became even more excited and possessed even more anticipation.

However, no one at Chu Feng’s residence knew about this matter. Nangong Ya and Nangong Baihe both felt guilty and ashamed for what had happened today. Thus, they had been accompanying Chu Feng the entire time, drinking wine and chatting with him so that they could make up to him.

They only left Chu Feng’s residence when night fell. After Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli left his place, Chu Feng took out that Natural Oddity.

As he looked at the Natural Oddity, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted into a smile. He first closed the doors to his room and then set up three layers of spirit formations around the room.

The first spirit formation layer was to prevent others from intruding.

The second spirit formation layer was a concealing formation. Even if someone were to break through the first spirit formation layer, they would not be able to see Chu Feng from the outside. Thus, they would naturally not be able to disturb Chu Feng.

As for the third spirit formation layer, it was set up by Chu Feng for the sake of guarding against the unexpected.

As for the use of this spirit formation, it was to prevent the abnormal sign that would be created by his breakthrough from rushing out of this place and into the sky.

Chu Feng felt that he should not be able to breakthrough by only refining this Natural Oddity. However, just in case, he still set up the spirit formation.

The reason for that was because he knew that if he were to accidently break through, he would definitely trigger an abnormal sign. As for this place, what sort of place was it? This was the Nangong Imperial Clan.

If the abnormal sign he triggered was to be discovered by the Nangong Imperial Clan, it would be fine if evil was not born in their hearts. However, if evil was to be born into their hearts, then Chu Feng would likely not be able to leave this place.

That was the reason why Chu Feng set up the third spirit formation. As long as he possessed this spirit formation, even if Chu Feng were to cause an abnormal sign, the abnormal sign would be sealed within his house. As long as outsiders didn’t see it, it would not matter.

After finishing his preparations, Chu Feng sat cross-legged on the floor and began to refine the Natural Oddity.

The Natural Oddity did not contain a lot of natural energy. However, if an ordinary person were to attempt to refine it, they would simply not be able to do so. After all, Natural Oddities were different from that Nangong Tianshi’s Coiling Dragon Golden Pellet. The energies contained within the Coiling Dragon Golden Pellet were pure and very gentle. Refining the energy within it would only be beneficial to one’s body and would not cause any harm.

However, the energy contained within Natural Oddities was extremely berserk. Not to mention ordinary people, even Martial Emperors would not dare to refine them. However, Chu Feng dared to do so. Furthermore, not only did he dare to do so, the speed at which he refined the energy was also extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, practically all of the natural energy contained within the Natural Oddity had been refined by Chu Feng. It was as Chu Feng had anticipated; after he refined the energy, his dantian felt a lot more full. Yet, he was still unable to reach a breakthrough.

“Sigh, you gluttonous fellows, can’t you all eat a bit less?”

Chu Feng opened his eyes and then sighed helplessly. Back then, Chu Feng had experienced the thrill of having his cultivation increase with rapid speed when his Divine Lightnings woke, but what he was experiencing now was the depression of the incomparable difficulty of increasing his cultivation by a single level.

“This sensation,” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. Immediately afterward, he closed his eyes and began to train.

Chu Feng had felt a trace of opportunity. It was actually the opportunity to break through. This was completely different from the way he had cultivated before. In the past, Chu Feng would be able to reach a breakthrough just by refining sufficient amounts of natural energy and sufficiently feeding the Divine Lightnings within his dantian. There was simply no need for anything like feeling for opportunities to break through.

However, it was different this time around. Chu Feng had managed to feel an opportunity to break through. Most importantly, if Chu Feng were able to capture this opportunity, he would be able to reach a breakthrough immediately. Even though the natural energy he refined had not yet reached the degree that would allow him to break through, Chu Feng would still be able to break through.

Coming quickly and going quickly. Ordinary people were simply unable to grasp this opportunity to break through, much less comprehend it.

However, with Chu Feng’s comprehension ability, he was able to easily capture this opportunity to break through. Furthermore, he managed to comprehend it in a flash, allowing himself to break through instantly.



In an instant, a bellow suddenly sounded. After that, Chu Feng’s gown started to flutter. Then, an orange bolt of lightning flew out from within him and tried to soar into the sky.

However, right after it left Chu Feng’s body, it was stopped by the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up beforehand, and it was knocked back. Then, like a trapped beast, it began to fly all over the place as it tried to open the spirit formation to leave Chu Feng’s residence.

Following that, five more consecutive bolts of lightning flew out from Chu Feng’s body. However, like the orange bolt of lightning before them, they were all stopped by Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

Chu Feng knew that the orange, purple, red, black, blue and gold lightnings were all not ordinary lightnings. Instead, they were six enormous lightning beasts.

Merely, due to the fact that they were trapped in such a small place, they were unable to reveal their true appearances. Even though they were unable to reveal their true appearances, Chu Feng was still able to sense their destructive power and imposing aura that disregarded all living things.

“Fortunately, this spirit formation worked, else… if you all were to escape outside, it would be extremely bad.”

Chu Feng laughed mischievously. He exclaimed in admiration for himself. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had decided to set up that spirit formation earlier in order to guard against the unexpected, he would likely have caused an enormous disaster now.

After all, if these six enormous lightning beasts were to escape outside and gallop in the sky above the Nangong Imperial Clan, they would definitely cause unrest in the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Chu Feng knew very well that what he possessed was also an Inherited Bloodline. Furthermore, it was an Inherited Bloodline which could suppress Imperial Bloodlines.

Thus, if these six enormous lightning beasts of his were to escape, it would not only be a visual shock to the Nangong Imperial Clan, but they would bring about oppression to the depths of the souls of the Nangong Imperial Clansmen.

Likely, the Nangong Imperial Clan would view Chu Feng as a threat. At that time, it would no longer be a dispute between members of the younger generation. Rather, Chu Feng would really be facing an imminent catastrophe.