Chapter 1564 - Nangong Baihe

MGA: Chapter 1564 - Nangong Baihe[1. Baihe → Lily]

“Since you already know, why bother asking?” Chu Feng said with a light smile. The way he saw it, the woman’s question was redundant.

“Big sister, this big brother is amazing. He killed that big sea monster using only a single slash,” Nangong Moli began to praise Chu Feng with an expression of adoration.

“Lil sis, that is merely a rank one Half Martial Emperor-level sea monster. Furthermore, it was created by a spirit formation, and was not real. That’s why it’s not hard to take care of it.”

“Right now, you’re a rank six Martial King. As long as your martial cultivation increases by another level to rank seven Martial King, you will also be able to easily take care of sea monsters like that one. Got it?”

Seeing how Nangong Moli praised Chu Feng, that woman was actually a bit annoyed, and began to indirectly tell Nangong Moli that what Chu Feng had done was nothing special.

“Oh?” Nangong Moli was skeptical. However, she did not refute her sister.

“What’s your name? Which sect or school are you from? You actually possess an Incomplete Imperial Armament? Even though it’s only a copy, it’s still something that is extremely valuable, something that one cannot purchase even if one possesses the money.”

The woman walked over to Chu Feng and began to question him. Her opinion of Chu Feng had changed slightly. However, this slight change was not because Chu Feng had saved her younger sister. Rather, it was because of the Infinity Edge in Chu Feng’s hand.

“I do not wish to say, may I not answer your questions?” Chu Feng did not answer. That was because he was in the Overlord Domain, a place with an enormous amount of powers.

If he were to say that he was disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain and show proof of it in other domains, then he might receive the people’s respect and even reverence.

However, in the Overlord Domain, that would not necessarily be the case. Furthermore, this would be especially true before this Nangong Imperial Clan’s arrogant young miss. If Chu Feng were to mention that he was from the Cyanwood Mountain, she would not have a whole new level of respect for him.

As for the main reason why Chu Feng did not wish to mention the Cyanwood Mountain, it was because he did not wish to implicate the Cyanwood Mountain.

Even though Chu Feng was not a person who was fond of creating trouble, it remained that he was in a place with a lot of arrogant individuals. Thus, there would definitely be a lot of people who would end up provoking him.

Chu Feng would tolerate it when possible. However, when it was not possible, he would disregard who they might be and would teach them a lesson.

In this place, there were a lot of people from prestigious families, schools and sects. It was inevitable that Chu Feng would get into conflict with them in the future. At that time, while Chu Feng would be able to escape, the Cyanwood Mountain would not.

Based on the way those sorts of people did things, if they could not find Chu Feng, they would definitely go and create trouble for the Cyanwood Mountain.

Chu Feng did not wish to make the Cyanwood Mountain the target of disaster aimed toward him. Thus, he had already come to a decision long ago. Even though he was still a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, he had decided to renounce that status and not tell anyone that he was a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“To not even dare to say your name, it would appear that you’re not from any upright school. It might even be that that Incomplete Imperial Armament is something of vile origin,” that woman said provocatively. She was trying to incite Chu Feng into declaring his identity.

“Heh…” However, facing that woman’s provocation, Chu Feng laughed disdainfully. He had decided to ignore her.

“You…” Seeing Chu Feng’s smile, the woman’s expression instantly changed. A trace of anger appeared in her gaze.

That was because Chu Feng’s smile was filled with contempt. That sort of contempt was as if he was saying, ‘Amatuer. Playing with me, you’re still too inexperienced.’

To that Nangong Imperial Clan’s woman, Chu Feng’s action was equivalent to ridiculing her, utter and naked ridicule. If it was before, she would’ve already attacked him to teach him a lesson. However, upon thinking about how he had, after all, saved her younger sister, she decided to endure his ridicule.

“No matter what, you saved my little sis. Thus, take this as your reward. From this point on, do not associate yourself with our Nangong Clan again,” As the woman spoke, she took out a Cosmos Sack and threw it at Chu Feng.

There were a lot of Martial Beads in that Cosmos Sack. Furthermore, there were ten top quality Royal Armaments. The quality of each and every one of them was on par with Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword.

Apart from them, there were several enormous pearls, gorgeous gems, precious medicinal herbs and all kinds of other rare treasures. Thus, the value of the items in this Cosmos Sack was truly significant.

Likely, this woman had prepared this sort of Cosmos Sack for the sake of hussing away people like Chu Feng. She did not wish to owe anyone any favors and be tangled with them nonstop.

Chu Feng was very blunt. He received the Cosmos Sack and then directly placed it into his own Cosmos Sack. As the saying goes, if one doesn’t accept a free gift, it would be a waste, much less a gift from someone like this Nangong Imperial Clanswoman.

Seeing that Chu Feng had accepted the Cosmos Sack, a mocking smile appeared on that woman’s face. It was as if she was saying ‘Sure enough, you only saved my lil sis for money and greed.’

“To give these bits of items, are you trying to huss away a beggar?” However, to her surprise, Chu Feng suddenly said those words.

“What? These bits of items? Those items in the Cosmos Sack, which one of them is not a precious treasure? You actually think that they’re not enough?” The smile on that woman’s face instantly changed to an expression of anger.

“Did you think that your younger sister’s life was only worth these few items?” Chu Feng asked.

“Fine. I’ll give you more, do you dare to accept?” The woman was unable to win the argument against Chu Feng. Thus, she handed the curved blade in her hand to Chu Feng.

“My thanks,” Chu Feng was extremely blunt. He extended his hand and grabbed onto the curved blade.

This scene came as an enormous shock to the woman. She did not expect for Chu Feng to be so daring to actually receive this Incomplete Imperial Armament. Even though it was only a copy, it was still a highly valuable treasure.

“Humph,” A bright idea came into that woman’s mind, and she snorted coldly. She secretly increased the resistance power of that Incomplete Imperial Armament.

Even though this power was not enough to cause Chu Feng harm, it should be enough to make it so that Chu Feng was unable to hold on to the Incomplete Imperial Armament. That was because at this moment, the resistance of this Incomplete Imperial Armament was a lot more intense than before it had recognized a master.

However, Chu Feng still grabbed that curved blade effortlessly. Even though that curved blade was giving its all to resist his grasp, and was trembling extremely intensely, Chu Feng had still managed to grab onto it. Not only did he grab the curved blade, he even directly snatched it from that woman’s hand.

“You, you, you give that back,” At this moment, the woman’s expression took a huge change. She was frightened. She never would’ve expected that her own Incomplete Imperial Armament was actually snatched away by this wretched beggar she despised.

“Ordinary quality, inferior to my Infinity Edge,” Chu Feng sneered, and then threw the curved blade back to the woman. He had never planned to really receive this Incomplete Imperial Armament. Not to mention that the woman would not truly hand it to him, even if she did, he would not accept it.

After the curved blade returned to her hand, that woman’s worried heart finally managed to calm down. She had thought that Chu Feng was really planning to snatch her curved blade from her.

However, when she looked back to Chu Feng again, her gaze became complicated. At this time, she had a whole new level of respect toward Chu Feng.

“You said earlier that your weapon is called the Infinity Edge? Isn’t that the Sword Crafting Villa’s Venerated Lord Sword Crafter’s weapon?” The woman suddenly asked. Her tone was no longer forceful. Instead, it had become mild. It was as if she was trying to alleviate her relationship with Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was extremely cold toward her. With an ice-cold tone, he said, “That does not concern you.”

“I’ll tell you this. My name is Nangong Baihe. I am the Nangong Clan’s sixth young miss. There has yet to be anyone who has dared to speak to me in the manner you have,” The woman was enraged. She announced her own name, as well as her status. She was planning to suppress Chu Feng with her status.

However, Chu Feng was not at all scared. He lightly smiled and said, “That’s because you haven’t met me before.”

“You…” Nangong Baihe began to gnash her teeth in anger. However, she did not know how to refute Chu Feng. She then grabbed onto Nangong Moli’s hand and prepared to leave. She truly did not wish to speak with Chu Feng anymore. Else, she felt that she would be angered to death by him.