Chapter 1563 - Lending A Helping Hand

MGA: Chapter 1563 - Lending A Helping Hand


Suddenly, that crab sea monster’s crimson eyes began to emit intense killing intent. It opened its large mouth and snarled at Chu Feng. Then, it moved its four enormous strong pincers and began to unleash attacks at Chu Feng.

Even though that crab was enormous, it was, nevertheless, a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Thus, its attack speed was extremely fast. In practically a flash, its attacks arrived at Chu Feng.

Furthermore, those strong pincers were no small matter. They contained enormous power. If one were to be struck by them, no matter how strong one’s body might be, they would likely be crushed into two by the pincers like tofu.


Suddenly, a crescent shaped blade of light flashed through the body of that crab sea monster. Then, that crab sea monster fell into two halves; it was actually split into two.

It was Chu Feng. Although Chu Feng was merely a rank eight Martial King, his true battle power was comparable to rank two Half Martial Emperors. Furthermore, he was holding the Infinity Edge in his hand, which further increased his battle power. Thus, a mere rank one Half Martial Emperor-level sea monster was naturally incapable of contending against him.


Right after Chu Feng killed that crab sea monster, that sea monster’s body actually turned into a strand of golden light and disappeared into the air.

“This is…”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. Then, he said, “It was actually created by a spirit formation?”

Chu Feng was incomparably shocked. This crab sea monster was so vivid and lifelike. He had actually thought that this crab sea monster was real.

It was only now that he discovered that this crab sea monster had been created by a spirit formation and was not a real living thing.

[1. Much like your gorillas.]

“The methods of a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist are powerful indeed,” Chu Feng praised. He was practically certain that everything here had been created by that Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

That was because it was impossible for anyone else other than that Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist to be capable of using spirit formations to such a degree where even Chu Feng failed to detect it.

At this moment, Chu Feng wanted to see that Weaponry Refinement Immortal even more. Merely, even he himself did not know whether he would have that opportunity or not. That was because he knew that the journey to the Immortal Island would be as difficult as reaching the heavens.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng would still not cower. Thus, he decided to continue onward.

“Big sister, save me~~~ That thing is so frightening!”

“Lil sis, don’t run all over the place. You’re too far away, I can’t reach you.”

“I can’t not run. It’s chasing me. Ahhh~~~~~~”

However, not long after Chu Feng continued onward, he suddenly heard screams. The voices were deliberately using martial power to send forth their sound. Thus, the voices could be heard from very far away. They were calling for help.

Chu Feng was also able to tell that the voices were the voice from that Nangong Imperial Clan’s genius little girl as well, as that woman who had declared him to be a bad example.

“To come across them so quickly, it is truly fate.”

“Seems like they encountered some trouble.”

After hearing those voices, Chu Feng did not choose to ignore them. Instead, he began to rapidly proceed toward the direction of the voices.

If it were only that woman, then perhaps Chu Feng would choose to ignore her screams for help. However, since that little girl was also present, Chu Feng would absolutely not choose to disregard her.

What Chu Feng could not bear to see the most were those that were children or elderly being bullied or encountering dangers. At this moment, the shouts for help from this little girl contained terror. It was evident that they had encountered danger.

After approaching them, it was as Chu Feng had expected. There was a rank one Half Martial Emperor-level octopus sea monster that was chasing after that little girl while unleashing fatal attacks at her. Furthermore, it was spraying out ink toward her nonstop. This ink was extremely poisonous; upon contact, even the seawater evaporated on the spot. If the little girl were to be hit by the ink, she would be melted away instantly.

As for that little girl, even though she was a rank six Martial King and possessed heaven defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, she was still unable to contend against a rank one Half Martial Emperor-level sea monster.

At this moment, the only thing she could do was to flee with her life on the line. Fortunately, she had grasped a pretty decent Earthen Taboo Movement Martial Skill. Running on the water, she was as fast as flying. Her movements were very sharp, and her perception was also very strong. Thus, she was able to predict the attacks of that octopus sea monster and evade them beforehand.

Unfortunately, it remained that she was a Martial King. Without the battle power of a Half Martial Emperor, it was simply impossible for a Martial King to contend against a Half Martial Emperor. Even if she could flee, it would only be something temporary. Sooner or later, she would be caught. At this moment, this little girl was on the verge of being caught.

At this moment, Chu Feng was able to hear the shouts from that Nangong Imperial Clan’s woman. However, he was unable to see her. Without even thinking, Chu Feng was able to tell that she had been tangled by another sea monster, and was unable to help the little girl because of that.

“Big brother, run away. That big octopus is not planning to eat people, it’s planning to kill people.”

Right at this moment, that little girl discovered Chu Feng. However, after she discovered Chu Feng, she did not run toward him. Rather, she decided to brace herself against the danger and suddenly turned her body around to run toward another direction.

“This little girl…”

When Chu Feng saw this scene, he felt a warmth in his heart. He knew why this little girl did that. She feared that the sea monster would harm Chu Feng, and decided to deliberately lure the sea monster away from him.

Even though she was so young, she had such a philanthropic heart. A little girl like this deserved to be saved, had to be saved.

“Woosh~~~ Woosh~~~ Woosh~~~”

When he thought of that, Chu Feng used his Earthen Taboo: Illusion Light Technique in succession. At this moment, Chu Feng was like a flash of white light that leapt on the sea as it surged forward. Soon, Chu Feng arrived before that sea monster.


He leapt again. The power behind Chu Feng’s leap was so strong that even the sea water exploded upwards, splattering everywhere. In an instant, a torrential rain covered this region.

Like a god of war that had just leaped out from the water, Chu Feng arrived on top of that sea monster. With the Infinity Edge in his hand, he waved it ruthlessly. “Woosh~” Without even being able to let out a cry of pain, that sea monster was sliced in two by Chu Feng.

“Wow! Big brother, you’re amazing!”

That little girl’s perception was very sharp. She had noticed when Chu Feng began to approach her and had turned her gaze around. Therefore, she saw with her own eyes how Chu Feng had killed that sea monster using a simple yet extremely powerful slash.

At this moment, the little girl ran over to Chu Feng. Her large clear eyes were filled with adoration. In fact, they were shining like the starry galaxy.

“Little girl, is your name Nangong Moli?” Chu Feng asked.

“Eh, big brother, how did you know my name?” The little girl had an expression of shock.

“Earlier, you said ‘oh, Moli's got it.’ Therefore, I assumed that your name was Moli,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Wow! Not only is big brother powerful, you’re also very smart!” The adoration the little girl had for Chu Feng grew even deeper.

“Moli! Moli!!!”

Right at this moment, shouts began to be heard. Soon, that Nangong Imperial Clan’s woman appeared in the distant water. She was running over on top of the water and was holding a curved blade that sparkled with silvery light.

Her curved blade was actually also an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Even though it was also a copy like Chu Feng’s weapon, it remained that it was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. From merely looking at that, Chu Feng understood how much wealth the Nangong Imperial Clan possessed.

“You saved my lil sis?” That woman was no fool. After she appeared, she took a glance at the surrounding situation and managed to guess that Chu Feng had saved the little girl. However, there was no gratefulness in her gaze. Furthermore, it was also not well-natured.