Chapter 2148 - Departure Banquet

Chapter 2148 - Departure Banquet

“Father, regardless of what sort of cultivation I might have, I will always remain your son,” Chu Feng said to Chu Yuan.

“That’s right. You are my son. You will forever be my son,” Chu Yuan nodded his head repeatedly. He was truly feeling proud of Chu Feng.

“Big brother, father and the others have just woken up. They should properly rest themselves. You should bring them back to the Azure Dragon School first,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, we’ll be returning to the Azure Dragon School right away,” Chu Guyu said.

“Father, I forgot to mention this to you. Big brother is currently the Azure Dragon School’s headmaster,” Chu Feng said to Chu Yuan.

“Really? Guyu joined the Azure Dragon School? Furthermore, he became the headmaster?” Chu Yuan asked in astonishment.

“Yes, that’s right,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Great, this is great. My two sons truly make me proud,” Chu Yuan said happily.

While Chu Yuan knew that he had died, he had felt very muddleheaded in death, and did not manage to possess much of any awareness.

Over the years, he felt as if he had dreamed a long and hazy dream. However, there was no substance to that dream.

Thus, he did not know about the things that had happened over the years. As such, he would naturally be extremely happy to be met with this much good news right after being revived.

Afterward, Chu Feng, as well as everyone from the Chu Family and the many guests from the Eastern Sea Region and the Holy Land of Martialism, all proceeded toward the Azure Dragon School to rest there.

In order to celebrate the revival of the people from the Chu Family, as well as to welcome the many guests, the Azure Dragon School naturally held a grand banquet.

Furthermore, Chu Feng sent invitations to the Crippling Night Demon Sect, the Jiang Royal Dynasty and many other powers.

To Chu Feng, this might be his final banquet before entering the Outer World. Thus, he wished to see the people that had helped him before.

Finally, all of the guests from the Eastern Sea Region and the Nine Provinces Continent arrived. As such, the banquet officially began.

In the banquet, regardless of whether they were elders or disciples, grand characters or new disciples, everyone was filled with excitement and happiness.

Not to mention that the Azure Dragon School had managed to invite over this many legendary grand characters from the Holy Land of Martialism.

The pride of their Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng, was actually so heaven-defying that he could even resurrect his family members that were killed. He was simply omnipotent.

Most importantly, the important guests that came for Chu Feng were all extremely extravagant. They bestowed everyone from the Azure Dragon School grand gifts.

Regardless of whether they were elders or disciples, they all obtained many gifts. Naturally, this made them extremely overjoyed.

After all, treasures casually given by those grand characters were all capable of being things that they could not obtain in their entire lifetimes.

During the banquet, Chu Feng gave a general description of what had happened over the years to Chu Yuan.

Actually, Chu Feng was not the one who personally told Chu Yuan what had happened. Xian Miaomiao and the others were truly talkative.

When the people in the Nine Provinces Continent came to find out what Chu Feng had experienced and accomplished, they felt even greater admiration for Chu Feng.

The younger generation that once grew up alongside Chu Feng all realized that the distance between them and Chu Feng was truly growing further and further apart.

If they were to be said to have just learned how to run on the ground, then Chu Feng was already soaring in the ninth heaven.

Suddenly, Chu Yuan asked in a very shocked manner, “Feng’er, you’re going to the Outer World?” Reluctance to part filled his gaze.

He had already come to know that Chu Feng had become the overlord of this world. In this world, there was already no one capable of fighting against Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng carried a heavy responsibility, he was prepared to make for the vast and starry sky, the so-called Outer World.

“Yes father, I am going to the Outer World. However, I will one day return. I will return to see you and everyone else,” Chu Feng said.

“Feng’er, I know that I am unable to stop you. Thus, I will only tell you one thing. After entering the Outer World, you must be careful. There is nothing more important than your life,” Chu Yuan said with great reluctance.

“It’s enough, Feng’er is someone with great prospects. As his father, you should support him.”

“Come, Feng’er, grandfather will offer you a toast of wine. I hope that you will be able to accomplish what you have done here in the Outer World too,” Chu Yuanba raised his wine cup to toast Chu Feng.

Back then, Chu Yuanba had not thought highly of Chu Feng. It was only after Chu Feng gradually emerged in power and gained honor for the Chu Family that he started to think highly of Chu Feng.

And now, after knowing about Chu Feng’s various achievements, Chu Feng had already become the pride of the Chu Family in his heart.

He was very glad that he had decided to allow Chu Yuan to adopt Chu Feng in the end.

“If someone must offer a toast, it should be me offering grandfather a toast,” Even though Chu Yuanba had not treated Chu Feng well, Chu Feng did not blame Chu Yuanba, nor did he blame the others from the Chu Family. The only thing he felt toward them was deficiency. Thus, after Chu Feng finished drinking that cup of wine, he said to Chu Yuanba, “Grandfather, I was the one in the wrong back then. It was all because of me that caused you all to die.”

“Alas, Feng’er, what are you saying? Let the past be the past. Aren’t we all properly living now?” Chu Yuanba said indifferently with a smile on his face.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, no one blames you for what happened back then. After all, it was not your fault to begin with. It’s those vile people that were the ones at fault,” The others from the Chu Family also voiced their opinions.

In response, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Suddenly, he grabbed a large jug of wine, and swept his gaze over the crowd.

His family: Chu Yue, Chu Yuan, Chu Guyu and the others...

His masters: Zhuge Liuyun and Qiu Canfeng.

His seniors from the Nine Provinces Continent: the Azure Dragon Founder, Li Changqing, Monstrous Monkey Brother and the others...

Those from the Eastern Sea Region: Huangfu Haoyue, Qiushui Fuyan, Lady Piaomiao and the others...

From the Holy Land of Martialism: Baili Xuankong, Dugu Xingfeng and the others...

As well as the seniors from the various powers: the Azure Dragon School, the Jiang Royal Dynasty, Misty Peak, the Crippling Night Demon Sect, the Cyanwood Mountain, the King Monstrous Dragon Race, the World Spiritist Alliance, the Elf Kingdom and the others...

When Chu Feng saw those familiar faces, the scenes of what had happened back then seemed to flash before his eyes once again. Chu Feng’s mouth lifted into a smile.

He said, “Seniors, all of you are people that have helped me, all of you are benefactors to me. In fact, many among you are people that have saved me before.”

“I, Chu Feng, am only able to be here this day because of you all. Even thousands of words would not be able to express my gratitude toward you all.”

“Seniors, I, Chu Feng, shall offer you all a toast here,” After saying those words, Chu Feng gulped down the entire jug of wine.

In response, all of the seniors that had helped Chu Feng also grabbed a jug of wine each and gulped down the wine. They did not regret helping Chu Feng. The reason for that was because helping Chu Feng had been worth it in the end.

After gulping down that jug of wine, Chu Feng grabbed another jug of wine. He looked to Wang Qiang, Jiang Wushang, Zhang Tianyi, Xian Miaomiao, Bai Ruochen, Sima Ying, Tantai Xue and the many fellow members of the younger generation, “This toast is for my good brothers and friends. It is for the trials and tribulations that we all have endured together through the years.”

“Toast!” Xian Miaomiao and the others all stood up and toasted with Chu Feng.

On this night, the crowd drank all the way till dawn.

In fact, this banquet continued for ten days and ten nights straight.

Chu Feng knew that this was the final time that he had to accompany these friends and relatives. Thus, he cherished this moment even more.

However, there was no such thing as a never-ending banquet in this world. As such, even though the crowd was reluctant to part, even though there were people shedding tears, the banquet still ended up ending.

After the banquet ended, Chu Feng proceeded toward the Eastern Sea Region’s Misty Peak.

Chu Feng was prepared to leave. There were many people that followed him to see him off.

Practically all the people capable of following him went with him. They were all planning to see Chu Feng off personally.

However, not everyone was able to enter the Immortalization Road. After all, the path to the Stairway to Heaven on the Immortalization Road was very dangerous.

In the end, only a small portion of the people were able to see Chu Feng off in the Immortalization Road.

“Miaomiao, keep this. After entering the Outer World, if you do not wish to stay in the Hundred Refinements Stage, you can use this to escape from the binding of the Hundred Refinements Stage,” Chu Feng handed the world spirit key to Xian Miaomiao.

“Mn,” Xian Miaomiao accepted the key with a beaming smile.

“After reaching the Outer World, use this to contact me,” Chu Feng also handed her a Golden Flash Bird.

“Okay,” Xian Miaomiao nodded again. Then, she said to Chu Feng, “You must be well. Make sure to not die. Don’t make it so that there is no one in the Outer World for this princess after she arrives.”

“Definitely,” Chu Feng nodded with a smile.

“H-Hey, e-enough of the d-d-dillydally. A-A-Are we g-going or not?” Suddenly, a voice was heard. It was Wang Qiang.

Merely, the current Wang Qiang was already above the clouds and standing on the Stairway to Heaven. The Stairway to Heaven had been activated, and Wang Qiang had ascended onto it.

“Seniors, Chu Feng shall take his leave now,” Chu Feng clasped his fist toward the crowd.

“Safe journey,” The crowd also clasped their fists.

Chu Feng smiled again. Then, his body shifted, and he flew toward the Stairway to Heaven. With rapid steps, he began to ascend it. Soon, he caught up to Wang Qiang.

“D-D-Do you s-see that? If w-we g-go any f-f-further, this S-Stairway to Heaven w-will send us to the O-Outer World.”

“A-At that t-time, we will be completely l-leaving this place. A-Are you p-p-p-prepared?” Wang Qiang pointed toward the top of the Stairway to Heaven. The energy ripples in that place were somewhat different.

Chu Feng took a glance downward. He was filled with reluctance to part. However, in the end, he turned around and said, “Let’s go.”


Once Chu Feng said those words, the two men both soared ahead.


When the two men stepped onto that region, waves of power began to pound against them from below the Stairway to Heaven.


When the light coming from below covered Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, the two of them were quickly brought to the depths of the sky. Soon, their figures disappeared.

When the Stairway to Heaven calmed back down, all the people present knew that Chu Feng… had already entered Outer World.

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