Chapter 2147 - Overwhelming Emotions

Chapter 2147 - Overwhelming Emotions

“Heavens, t-t-that’s my father!”

Suddenly, someone among the Chu Family’s younger generation shouted and began to jump in excitement. Silent tears began to roll down that person’s eyes.

Following that moment, more and more bodies of light began to appear. Each and every one of them were people from the Chu Family that died back then.

In fact, even Chu Feng’s adopted father, Chu Yuan, his big uncle, Chu Renyi, and the former Family Head, Chu Yuanba, appeared.

One by one, familiar silhouettes began to appear.

“It actually worked. It actually worked!”

Seeing their family members that had died all appearing, all of the Chu Family’s younger generation started to shiver and were all overwhelmed with emotions.

Not to mention them, even the bystanders revealed expressions of astonishment. They had seen many things. However, they had truly never seen anything like resurrecting the dead.

At that moment, the person that was the most emotional was none other than Chu Feng. However, he had to suppress his excitement.

Although the souls of these people had been gathered, they were in a state of unconsciousness.

At that moment, Chu Feng was continuing to activate the formation his father gave him while forming physical bodies for everyone. Only by having the souls enter the bodies would he be able to resurrect them.

In fact, with Chu Feng’s current strength, forming bodies for others was something extremely simple for him. In merely a moment, he would be able to form several hundred bodies.

However, due to the fact that they were all people from the Chu Family, Chu Feng was extremely attentive when forming bodies for them, which made it so that it took him a long time to form a single body.

“Chu Feng, if you do not mind, may I help you?” The Heaven Reaching Immortal stepped forward and said to Chu Feng.

“I’ll trouble you, senior,” Chu Feng said with a nod. The Heaven Reaching Immortal was, after all, the number one world spiritist in the Holy Land of martialism. Thus, Chu Feng was confident in his abilities.

“We’ll help too,” Following that, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Snow-haired Immortal, Compass Immortal and World Spiritist Immortal, these Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, also stepped forward to assist Chu Feng.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that they knew what Chu Feng wanted, but it took them much longer to form physical bodies than Chu Feng. Of course… in exchange for their slow speed, they were able to form even more exquisite bodies.

In the end, all of the bodies were completed, and all of the souls were instilled into the bodies.

Merely, after the souls and bodies were fused, the bodies were still not breathing. They had yet to be truly resurrected.

The reason for that was because regardless of what sort of technique Chu Feng might use, he would not be able to restore their pulse.

“Chu Feng, what are we to do now?” The Heaven Reaching Immortal asked Chu Feng. Although the Heavening Reaching Immortal, according to his name, should possess heaven reaching abilities, he was powerless when faced with such a situation.

At that moment, Chu Feng frowned and said, “I also don’t know.”

He truly didn’t know. After all, Chu Feng’s father only told him to form bodies and place the souls into the bodies to resurrect the people of the Chu Family.

He had done all that now. Furthermore, each and every body was formed so perfectly. Yet, none of these people showed any signs of reviving.

For the sake of letting them revive sooner, Chu Feng attempted several methods. However, they were all useless.

As of now, Chu Feng had exhausted all of his abilities. However, these people remained dead. This caused Chu Feng to feel that he was powerless.

“But, the souls have already been gathered. Could it be that even this will not suffice?” At that moment, the people from the Chu Family started to panic. Some of the females were so worried that they started to tear up.

Earlier, they had not believed that the resurrection technique would work. However, after actually seeing their family members’ souls, and how their souls had entered their newly formed physical bodies, they all felt that their family members would be able to be revived.

Yet, after reaching this point, their family members had yet to be revived. This caused them to be filled with anxiety.


Right at that moment, the spirit formation that Chu Xuanyuan had given Chu Feng suddenly exploded. It turned into silvery light that soared into the sky, covering it.

Then, the silvery light began to sprinkle down from the air before gently falling onto the bodies of the people from the Chu Family.


After the silvery light entered their bodies, the previously-motionless Chu Family members started to breath. In fact, they even started to emit sounds.

Finally, all of the people from the Chu Family opened their tightly closed eyes, and woke up.

“They’re alive, they’re alive!!!”

Seeing that, everyone present started to shout emotionally.

Resurrection, something that surpassed one’s imagination, was actually possible.




“Little brother!!!”

“Little sister!!!”

At that moment, all of the Chu Family’s younger generation that were alive were unable to contain themselves. While wailing with tears, they threw themselves at their newly revived relatives and tightly embraced them.

Tears were falling down like rain. At that moment, their longing for their family members was all unleashed.


As for Chu Feng, he immediately arrived before his adoptive father Chu Yuan’s side. Chu Guyu had also followed him.

“Guyu, Feng’er.”

“What is going on? I… didn’t I die?”

“Or, could it be that I was muddleheaded, and ended up dreaming all of that?” Chu Yuan was confused by the situation before him.

“Father, you indeed died. However, you were resurrected. It was Chu Feng, my little brother Chu Feng, that resurrected you all,” Chu Guyu said.

“Resurrected? Everyone from our Chu Family was resurrected?” After hearing what Chu Guyu said, Chu Yuan began to survey his surroundings. It was only then that he discovered that the people that had been massacred back then, including those that he saw being killed before his very eyes, were all standing there.

Merely, like him, those people all had perplexed and confused expressions on their faces.

“Who are those people? They…”

Suddenly, Chu Yuan revealed a frightened gaze. He had discovered the people from the Eastern Sea Region and the Holy Land of Martialism.

Even though those people had all concealed their cultivations, Chu Yuan was able to determine that they were extremely powerful merely by looking at them. After all, after one’s cultivation reached a certain level, one would emit an aura that surpassed that of ordinary people.

“Father, please don’t be afraid. Those people are all Chu Feng’s friends. They were brought here by Chu Feng,” Chu Guyu explained.

“Feng’er, they are truly your friends?” Chu Yuan had an astonished expression on his face. He did not dare to believe his ears.

Even though his son Chu Feng was indeed very powerful in his memories, it should be impossible for him to be that powerful, no?

How could he possibly become acquaintances with so many powerful people? In Chu Yuan’s eyes, those people were simply akin to gods. They were most definitely not existences that belonged to the Nine Provinces Continent.

“No, it’s greater than friends. Chu Feng is a benefactor to all of us. We all owe our lives to him,” Xian Miaomiao said with a smile.

While Xian Miaomiao spoke those words jokingly, they were the truth. Thus, many people nodded their heads upon hearing her words.

In fact, the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Clan Chief even added, “My dear friend, you have truly adopted an amazing son. Your son is currently the most powerful existence in this world.”

“Most powerful?”

“Heavens! Exactly how powerful did my Feng’er become?” Chu Yuan looked to Chu Feng. Excitement filled his gaze.

He had come to believe all this, come to believe that it was Chu Feng that had brought them all back to life. Merely, how powerful must one be in order to resurrect the dead?

Although Chu Yuan was incapable of determining Chu Feng’s strength, he knew that the current Chu Feng was so powerful that he had most definitely surpassed his imagination.

“Chu Feng, he…”

The conversation between Chu Yuan and Xian Miaomiao was also heard by the others from the Chu Family. When they realized that it was truly Chu Feng that had resurrected them, the gazes from the people of the Chu Family all became extremely complicated.

Back when Chu Feng was young, no one in the Chu Family other than Chu Yuan and Chu Guyu thought highly of Chu Feng. Even the Family Head, Chu Yuanba, had been like that.

Back then, a great majority of them beat and cursed Chu Feng. Regardless of whether they were adults or children, they all bullied Chu Feng.

Even though Chu Feng proved his talent with his strength later on and started to gradually obtain the acknowledgement and respect of the Chu Family, none of them expected that Chu Feng would become so powerful.

None of them expected that he would actually become the most powerful expert in the world!

At that moment, they were filled with overwhelming emotions.

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