Chapter 2134 - Heavenly Lightning Bloodline

Chapter 2134 - Heavenly Lightning Bloodline

“Actually, we father and son were already expelled. It would’ve been fine should we have left the Chu Heavenly Clan. However… due to our clansmen attacking us, we ended up losing even our liberty, and ended up being put under house arrest.”

“It would be one thing if we were to be imprisoned in some other place. However, of all the places, they decided to imprison us here. This place… is our Chu Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area. In this place… when speaking of it pleasantly, we are imprisoned here. However, they are actually planning to dispose of us father and son,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Damn it! The people from the Chu Clan all deserve to die!” After knowing the truth, Chu Feng gnashed his teeth in anger. His killing intent was overflowing. At that moment, Chu Feng truly had an urge to eliminate everyone from the Chu Clan.

“Very well, it’s right to be furious. If you did not have staunchness and that temperament, you would not be a man, much less my, Chu Xuanyuan’s son, and Chu Hanxian’s grandson.”

“Feng’er, you must remember this humiliation. This humiliation was inflicted upon us by the Chu Clan. If we wish to erase this humiliation, we can only do it ourselves.”

“Back then, if you possessed outstanding talent, then even if I were to openly massacre others, our Chu Clan’s Clan Chief would consider the future, and not treat us father and son like this.”

“You must know that if I hadn’t sent you out back then, then, with the constitution of your body from back then, you would’ve definitely died in this forbidden area,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Father, what must I do?” Chu Feng asked.

“You must naturally prove yourself. You must prove yourself to the people of the Chu Heavenly Clan, to all the people in the world, and to yourself that you, Chu Feng, possess talent that is not inferior to anyone.”

“However, before that, you must understand your Inherited Bloodline,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Bloodline?” Hearing the word ‘bloodline,’ Chu Feng felt his blood start to flare up uncontrollably.

His Inherited Bloodline was something that Chu Feng had wanted to understand for a very long time. And now… he was finally going to obtain an understanding of it.

“Our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Inherited Bloodline is known as the Heavenly Bloodline. The Heavenly Bloodline is also known as the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline.”

“The Heavenly Lightning Bloodline is composed of nine enormous lightning beasts. It is a noble bloodline far superior to Imperial Bloodlines.”

“Possessors of the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline all possess a common trait. That is, from birth, they are destined to possess overwhelming talent superior to ordinary people.”

“Feng’er, I believe that you have already experienced that first-hand. The current you… as long as you possess sufficient cultivation resources, you will be able to increase your cultivation. Bottlenecks? You practically never experience any bottlenecks. Even if you are to experience any, you will soon break through them. Is what I said correct?” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“That is indeed the case,” Chu Feng nodded repeatedly.

“The possessors of the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline are destined to surpass ordinary people. However, they are not omnipotent either. If you are to continue like this, it would not be hard for you to become a Half Martial Ancestor. However, it is practically impossible for you to become a Martial Ancestor,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

Chu Feng’s eyes grew large. With a serious expression on his face, he asked, “Why?” After all, this matter concerned his future.

“That is the weakness of the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline. If one is to continue to use that talent nonstop, one’s future accomplishments are destined to be limited,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Father, is there a way to fix that?” Chu Feng asked.

“Feng’er, don’t worry. For our Chu Heavenly Clan to possess our current level of accomplishments, we most definitely possess a way to resolve that.”

“It is actually very simple. That is, we are to train in a special sort of mysterious technique. That sort of mysterious technique is capable of fusing with the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline. After training in that sort of mysterious technique, we will lose the overwhelming talent and meet bottlenecks with each breakthrough in cultivation. Only through using our own comprehension will we be able to make a break through the bottlenecks.”

“Furthermore, during the crucial moments of our breakthroughs, the mysterious technique will let out its distinct power and bring forth a calamity.”

“Only those that manage to withstand the calamity will be able to truly reach a breakthrough.”

“Precisely because of the special aspects of these mysterious techniques, they are collectively known as ‘Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques.’”

“Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques?” Chu Feng’s heart trembled.

“By self-punishing, it meant punishing oneself for not using one’s comprehension to obtain a cultivation that others obtained through painstaking effort,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques; never would I have imagined that our Inherited Bloodline would be this complicated,” Chu Feng only knew that his Inherited Bloodline was very powerful. However, he did not expect for it to possess so many characteristics.

Today, he felt as if he had greatly broadened his horizons, and obtained a whole new understanding of his Inherited Bloodline.

“There are no free lunches in this world. What one pays and what one obtains are directly proportional to one another. To try to obtain harvests without paying anything is simply a pipe dream.”

“Thus, even for the Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques, there are different levels to them. According to the difference in level, one’s future accomplishments will also be destined to be different.”

“From weak to strong, the Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques are respectively the Mortal Punishment, Earthen Punishment and Heaven Punishment.”

“The Mortal Punishment is the most common type of Self-punishing Mysterious Technique. With each breakthrough in cultivation, the mysterious technique will automatically draw out the enormous lightning beasts from one’s Heavenly Lightning Bloodline to bombard one’s body,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“It’s actually having the enormous lightning beasts attack oneself?” Chu Feng was extremely astonished. After all, he knew how powerful those enormous lightning beasts were.

He had rejoiced the entire time that those enormous lightning beasts were his bloodline, and not his opponents. However, if he were to train in that Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique, wouldn’t it be equivalent to having the frightening enormous lightning beasts become his opponents?

Merely thinking about it caused Chu Feng’s hair to stand on end.

“The Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique is the most ordinary. The majority of those who possess Heavenly Bloodlines in the Outer World all train in the Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“Above Mortal Punishment is Earthen Punishment.”

“Compared to those who train in Mortal Punishment Mysterious Techniques, those who train in Earthen Punishment Mysterious Techniques will be met with more difficult bottlenecks and more powerful calamities. At that time, one would no longer just be punished by one’s Inherited Bloodline. Instead… the Earthen Punishment Mysterious Technique will give rise to Divine Lightnings from the earth to strike your body.”

“No matter how powerful the enormous lightning beasts might be, it remains that they belong to you. Even if they are to punish you, they will not try to kill you. However, the Divine Lightnings from the earth are foreign to you. They will show no quarter when attacking you.”

“Precisely because of that, only those with superb talent and possessing a certain amount of confidence and courage dare to train in the Earthen Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“As for the Heaven Punishment that is above the Earthen Punishment, it is even more dreadful. Not only are the bottlenecks so difficult that it is akin to scaling the heavens, the Divine Lightnings from the depths of the Outer World are also not something that the Divine Lightnings from the earth could compare with.”

“Not to mention the cultivators themselves, when Divine Lightning strikes, everything around the cultivator will be destroyed.”

“Thus… very few people dare to cultivate the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique,” Chu Xuanyuan explained.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng expressed his approval. Merely by hearing it, he was able to tell how frightening the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique was.

“Furthermore, due to the fact that the three Self-punishing Mysterious Techniques have different levels, they possess different cultivation levels at which they can be trained.”

“For Mortal Punishment, one would be able to practice it in the Martial King realm.”

“For Earthen Punishment, the Half Martial Emperor realm.”

“For Heaven Punishment, the Martial Emperor realm,” Chu Xuanyuan explained.

“Father, I am already a rank seven Martial Emperor now. I can no longer train in Mortal Punishment or Earthen Punishment. Could it be… that father did not mention this matter to me for so long because you’ve already made preparations beforehand to have me train in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique?” While Chu Feng appeared to be calm, cold sweat had long since covered his brow.

Even though his father had not been with him the entire time, he was able to tell that his father had been observing him from the shadows the entire time. In other words, his father’s decision to let him be by himself was a kind of nurture.

His father had never given up on him. He had merely been nurturing him, nurturing his ability to survive with an even stricter method.

That said, his father still wished for him to obtain good accomplishments. For his father to mention these things to him now… meant that his father had already thought of the Self-punishing Mysterious Technique that he should practice--the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique.

He truly never expected for his father to be this ruthless toward him, for his father to actually plan to have him train in the most difficult Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Although Chu Feng also wished to obtain better accomplishments, when he thought about it from a different angle, how could his father not be afraid that he would be struck to death by the Divine Lightning?

However, Chu Xuanyuan smiled lightly at Chu Feng’s question.

Then, he said, “No, what you will be training is not the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“Instead, it’s Divine Punishment!!!”

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